Is it too late to supplement folic acid after pregnancy?When is the best period?Tell you

Every woman will supplement folic acid after pregnancy.The purpose of supplementing folic acid is to prevent fetal nerve tube deformity. Once pregnant women have folic acid deficiency, the risk of neuroplasma deformity is prone to occur, and it can even be reduced to about 85%.

Especially for the groups of people, it is more likely to have folic acid deficiency than people in the south.Therefore, if women need to supplement folic acid, do not start to replenish folic acid after pregnancy, it may be too late at this time.

When should I replenish the most?

In fact, the correct approach requires 3 months before pregnancy, and it is necessary to start supplementing folic acid.According to the amount of physical needs, before the woman is pregnant, that is, when you plan to prepare for a child, you can supplement folic acid every day according to 0.4 mg.

Such replenishment is more conducive to preventing the fetal tube deformity.If you know when you are pregnant, it is just a short -term plan, you can add more in moderation, and the amount of folic acid can be 5mg.

If the body lacks folic acid for a long time, it is also easy to cause anemia in giant cells. Especially for pregnant women, you should pay attention to replenish the body in advance.

In the usual diet, spinach can also be added in moderation. Spinach is relatively high in vegetables in vegetables.As for people who are worried about the folic acid in spinach, you don’t need to avoid it.Even for people with gout, when you eat spinach, you can simply treat spinach.

The purine content in spinach is high, but it has the characteristics of soluble water. For such spinach pregnant women, they can eat it every day.

According to the standard of healthy adults, the amount of green leafy vegetables is 250g every day. You can eat spinach in moderation.

In addition, mothers of Baoma need to pay attention to the balance of diet during pregnancy.Do not eat excessive high protein and high -fat foods. Although such foods are delicious, there are high fat inside. In addition, some merchants will add more salt and other condiments to the taste.

It is not recommended that everyone eat this in the diet of pregnant women. It is not conducive to women’s health. Instead, it is easy to increase the burden on the stomach and intestines, which is not good for the health of themselves and the baby.

Therefore, pregnant women should also pay attention to lightness, and the principle of diversity of food can provide a variety of nutrients to the body and maintain normal physiological function of the body.

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