Is it really not recommended to keep fetal below 15ng / ml?

Modernone, also known as progesterone, is the main elegance of ovarian secretion of biological activity.It is an important criterion to judge whether embryonic development is normal. Of course, it is not an absolute standard.

I believe that many expectant mothers are worried about the data seen during the early pregnancy testing. In fact, it is the best way to go to the hospital for examination and obey the doctor’s advice in a timely manner.

Come on, who is not recommended to keep tires?When you come out, I promise not to kill you.

Although the progesterone value is a very important data, don’t be too sensitive to this data.

Say the real situation of a daughter -in -law, my daughter -in -law testing and B -ultrasound for the first pregnancy test and B -ultrasound.

△ This is the first detection data (the seventh week of pregnancy)

When I saw this data scaring her, I said to her not to be afraid, and told her that there would be no problem with fetal heart buds (to be honest, I don’t understand, just to comfort her.A batch) I don’t know what to do. I can only obey the doctor’s suggestion to open some ground alter tablets to go home. After eating for a week, check the progesterone value.

△ This is the second test data (the eighth week of pregnancy)

After the doctor asked my daughter -in -law’s situation, I opened the luteum capsule capsule and took her to do the third test. This time I saw my daughter -in -law entered the clinic, and I checked it on a certain degree."What should I do if the progesterone value is low?" As a result, there is a variety of words, and there is also a entry that scares me, that is, the progesterone value is lower than 15ng/ml, it is not recommended to keep the fetus, and I scare me sweat.After a while I saw my daughter -in -law came out of the clinic with a smile, and my hanging heart was put down, and it turned out that everything was normal.

△ This is the third detection data (week tenth week of pregnancy)

Now that my daughter -in -law has been pregnant for 22 weeks, I am also a prospective father.

1. Go to the hospital to check in time

The birth check -in during pregnancy is very important. It is best to do it for examinations that can be done. This can ensure the safety and health of the baby and pregnant mothers. Once there is a problem, you can treat it in time.

2. Pay more attention to rest usual

Specific mothers with low progesterone should not do some rough lives, fully rest to regulate progesterone, and maintain a good mentality while rest, so as to better return to a normal level.

The height of progesterone is related to everyone’s physique. Some of them are insufficient luteal function, but no matter what causes the progesterone is low, they must obey the doctor’s advice. At the same timeMom does something that he can do. Finally, all expectant mothers can successfully pass the production inspection and have a healthy baby.

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