Is it normal to have panic and chest tightness during pregnancy?Expert: Prevents this disease

In modern life, radiation can be said to be ubiquitous. Various intelligent electronic equipment, security checkpoints, microwave oven, WiFi, and hospital X -rays in public transportation venues have radiation.As we all know, X -ray is a kind of ionizing radiation. When the amount of X -ray reaching a certain extent, it will cause harm to the human body, especially pregnant women, children, and people who have reproductive pregnancy.However, in traditional RFC surgery, X -rays must be provided with visual conditions for surgery through X -rays.In other words, the radio frequency melted surgery without X -ray is equivalent to allowing the aircraft to blindly drop without incurable.

During pregnancy, heart panic and chest tightness, beware of this disease!

One month ago, Yan Yi, an associate professor of Cardiovascular Department of the Third Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, received a pregnant mother. Ms. Chen, 36, who lived in Guangzhou, began to appear frequent panic and chest tightness after 8 weeks of pregnancy.Relieve it after inhalation.At the beginning, she thought it was a normal phenomenon of pregnancy. It would be nice to take a break. By 16 weeks of pregnancy, this discomfort still did not improve.Through the dynamic ECG test, Ms. Chen frequently split the single-source ventricular premature battle (41385 times appeared within 23 hours, and normal people were less than 300-500 times).

Yan Yi said that if drug treatment is performed or under the guidance of X -ray, it may affect the development of the fetus. If it is not treated, it cannot effectively control the arrhythmia, which will bring greater danger to the fetus and pregnant women in the third trimester.In view of the small pregnancy week of Ms. Chen, for the sake of safety, Yanyi arranged for Ms. Chen to return to the hospital for 20 weeks of pregnancy. Ms. Chen gladly received the treatment plan.

It is reported that there have been zero -ray radio frequency discharge for many years ago, and provided a safe and effective treatment plan for women with recent pregnancy needs and pregnancy.All are healthy.

Pregnancy is abnormal during pregnancy, which can cause fetal hypoxia

Yan Yi pointed out that the blood capacity of pregnant women starts at 6 weeks of pregnancy, and changes in peripheral vascular resistance will lead to increased heart rate, increased arrhythmia, and arrhythmia during pregnancy depending on the degree of severity and whether the heart disease is combined, which has different impact on pregnancy.The heart rate of pregnant women> 150 times/minute, which affects the fetus; the heart rate of pregnant women> 180 times/minute, which has serious consequences on pregnant women and fetuses; fetal heart rate> 180 times/min is the initial manifestation of fetal hypoxia.In the past, for this kind of pregnant women, we generally take close observations, surgical treatment after childbirth, or use drugs to suppress the frequency of seizures of arrhythmia, but the effect is not necessarily ideal, and some patients will still become dangerous in the third trimester of pregnancy.

Yan Yi introduced that many drugs that treat arrhythmia have side effects on pregnant women, which can easily cause congenital malformations, inhibit fetal growth and development, and affect fetal heart rhythm and contractions. In view of no absolute safety of drugs, it is best to avoid medication during pregnancy.However, Ms. Chen has frequently occur. If she continues to be conservative, pregnant women and fetal health are also risky.

"The preferred treatment plan used to treat arrhythmia in the past is the X -ray perspective performed radio frequency discharge. The surgical trauma is small and the success rate is high." Yan Yi said that Ms. Chen is a pregnant woman.Cause adverse effects, and it is difficult to estimate the consequences according to the traditional surgical method.

Green electro -physiological technology, the "wireless" in the real sense

Since 2016, many domestic hospitals have rushed to carry out green electro -physiological technology, and technology iterative iteration has occurred quietly.

At present, the three -dimensional system based on the new generation of electric field or magnetic field navigation has high accuracy, high model reduction, flexible ablation catheter, and high safety guarantee coefficients., Can accurately present an electrical electrical in the heart cavity to the surgeon. In general, it is to install a radar device for the aircraft to replace the pilot’s eyes and allow the aircraft to achieve accurate "blind drop".

"This technology has achieved zero -rays in the true sense for most patients with radio frequency discharge.Sexuality, efficiency and success are not lower than traditional methods, "Yan Yi said.

Early intervention is very important. Related examinations should be done during pregnancy

Under normal circumstances, the frequent frequent occurrence of arrhythmia in the middle and late pregnancy increases, the condition is easy to deteriorate, and severe cases can endanger life.The often used test method is dynamic ECG, which records the time, type, quantity, nature, and duration of arrhythmia.Potential malignant arrhythmia can be found early.

Yanyi suggested that the recent pregnancy -prone women who prepare for pregnancy and women with birth desire should conduct relevant cardiology examinations, early discovery, early treatment, so as not to drag to pregnancy, resulting in increased abortion rate and increased maternal and infant risks.At the same time, there are men who need to take surgery, as well as other patients with high risk of cancer, or patients with early cancers that have been diagnosed with early in situ cancer. Patients with arrhythmias of these patients should prefer green electricity.physiological.

At present, there are fewer units that can carry out no ray green electro -physiology in China. The Third Hospital of Guangyi is one of them. It has senior experts such as Li Wenjie and Cai Yuyu, and has a mature experience in carrying out this technology.It is reported that this new technology has obtained a characteristic innovation plan supported by the Guangzhou Health and Health Commission, hoping to further promote clinical clinical clinical, benefiting more patients with demand.

Writing: Nandu reporter Li Chunhua Correspondent Huang Cuizheng

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