Is it normal for girls to have a hairy belly?

Doctor Chen, my daughter was 19 years old and had some hair on my stomach. Is it normal?

The body surface of our bodies will grow some hair, including hair, eyebrows, beard, armpit hair, pubic hair, etc., and other parts of the body can also be distributed with a small amount of hair.Human ethnicity, age, gender, nutritional status, and emotions and climate can affect the growth of hair.

When girls have hair on the belly, they need to analyze the specific reasons.There are some hereditary families, such as the parents’ body hair is relatively thick, and the child’s belly may also appear thick and small hair or hair, which is normal.

The phenomenon of a small number of hair on the belly of girls must first observe the hair.If it is slim and furry, if you don’t see it clearly, it is normal physiological phenomenon.After pregnancy, the level of hormone in the body increases and stimulates the growth of hair. Therefore, many pregnant women will increase the abdominal wall hair after pregnancy. This is the physiological reaction of increased hormone levels during pregnancy.After giving birth, these hairs will fall off and return to normal.

If the hair on the belly of the girl is relatively thick and darker, it is more than 2 cm, especially in the position of the middle of the navel and the pubic bone, the long hair will be more obvious, which is an abnormal phenomenon.It is often caused by hormone levels in the body, and endocrine directly affects the growth of hair.The increase in hair is often related to the rise of androgen levels.Because androgen can promote the growth of hair in the hair follicles, which can lead to local skin long hair.

Any hormone with androgen activity has a stimulating effect on hair follicles.For example, the polycystic ovary syndrome or the level ofrogen is high, which may cause long hairs on the belly of girls. It is necessary to confirm the diagnosis of endocrine -related examinations.

In addition, if it is oral glucocorticoids or local external hormone ointments, or using some cosmetics with high hormone content, hormone disorders may also induce local hairy.Also excessive mental stress may also lead to endocrine disorders, leading to imbalance of hormone secretion in the human body.

Therefore, there are many reasons for the long hair on the belly of girls. It is necessary to carefully analyze comprehensive evaluations to diagnose.

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