Is it normal for fear of cold during pregnancy?Obstetricians: early pregnancy and third trimester are different

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Some time ago, I rare everyone had time. Sister Sister organized a girlfriend party. When I chose the local cafe, when everyone was eating, drinking and chatting, the Wenwen on the side gently dragged my clothes and said that she could turn the air -conditioning.She feels cold.Sister Xian remembered that Wenwen was pregnant, and was busy greeted people to turn off the air conditioner. Other sisters were surprised. Do you say that it is easy to feel hot after pregnancy?How do I feel cold?Sister Xian smiled and answered everyone. Wenwen was still in the early pregnancy, and the phenomenon of fear of coldness was normal.There were questions around that the physique would still change after pregnancy. It seems that it is normal to be afraid of cold during pregnancy?Sister Xian was busy denied her words, and an obstetrician she met said that she was different in the early pregnancy and the third trimester.

I’m afraid of cold in early pregnancy

I remember that when Sister Xian was pregnant, because she was pregnant, she was pregnant, so she was shocked by every signal of the fetus. She especially knew that the body and emotions of the pregnant mother would affect the baby in the belly and became more and more nervous.I remember in the early three months of pregnancy, because the body temperature rose a little bit, I often felt cold, and the air conditioner was not allowed in summer.One of the obstetricians in a friend was also entangled by Sister Sister, and asked if the physical fitness was too poor, so he was afraid of cold. The other party had to give me a science lecture.

The reason why pregnant women feel cold in the early pregnancy is because after pregnancy, the various functions of the pregnant mother’s body will change. For exampleWith all, if you have no appetite at this time, it will be easy to feel cold.This is a normal phenomenon. Pregnant mothers do not need to worry too much. They can soak their feet with hot water, but don’t take too long.Of course, if you are particularly afraid of cold, you still have to go to the hospital to consult a doctor. Do not rule out that your physique is too poor and you need to supplement nutrition.

During the third trimester of pregnancy, fears hot

Most pregnant mothers must feel very much. By the third trimester, pregnant mothers can easily feel hot and sweat a lot.The obstetrician said that this is because after pregnancy, the hormone secretion in women will change, the body temperature will rise, and it will become particularly hot itself. As the fetus becomes larger and larger, the metabolism of the pregnant mother will increase.The heat will become more and more, and the natural pregnant mother is easier to get hot, which is a normal phenomenon.In contrast, if the pregnant mother feels cold during the third trimester, it may also be a problem of cold constitution. The pregnant mother in this situation should take more rest, pay attention to keep warm, keep the habit of soaking feet with hot water every day, and avoid the wind and cold in the wind and cold.If you exercise, your physique will gradually become stronger. Be careful not to catch a cold.

Are you afraid of cold after pregnancy?


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