Is it necessary for the body to be infertility for many years?No, you will be pregnant soon if you do these points

No children have been married for many years, and pregnancy is not difficult. As long as prepare for pregnancy

Lili has been distressed recently. She has been married to her husband for many years, but she has not been pregnant and has children.I wanted to have a two -person world when I first got married, so I didn’t think about children, but as time passed year by year, seeing that she was about to break the 30s, but she was still not pregnant. She and her husband arrivedThe hospital’s examination of everything is normal, but it is not pregnant, which makes her urgent all night and all night. Even if she is asleep, she dreamed that she was pregnant. When she woke up, she found that everything was fake.When can you think of things.

In fact, it is not difficult to get pregnant. As long as you are preparing for pregnancy, you will be able to conceive your baby soon. Let me introduce the method of helping to conceive when preparing for pregnancy:

1. Maintain the law of life

When it comes to the laws of life, many people can’t do it now. It can be said that everyone is a night owl, and they can not sleep at twelve o’clock every day. They can always see large dark circles on their faces.He is healthy, and you want to conceive your child as soon as possible, and your health is important.And healthy mothers can give birth to healthy babies. How can I conceive if they are not healthy?Therefore, if you want to get pregnant, you must ensure the laws of life. You should eat during dinner, sleep when you sleep, and add a little nutrition. When your body is well -raised, you can naturally conceive successfully.

2. Keep your mood happy

There is such a story. Since a cancer patient knows that he is suffering from cancer, he has not been full of despair of life. Instead, he has regarded every day after the last day in life. She is optimistic about life.Those who do not make trouble because of cancer are such a state of life that allows this patient to die naturally instead of being killed by cancer, which shows the impact of emotions on the body.If you are not pregnant at the time you expect, please don’t be disappointed, keep your mood happily, I believe it will soon be a expectant mother.

3. If you don’t change your habit

Smoking and drinking are the hobbies of many people. Some people may not know that smoking and drinking can reduce women’s fertility, and of course reduce men’s fertility. Therefore, if you smoke and drink for a long time, but if you want to get pregnant, please please, please, pleaseChange these bad problems.It is also worth mentioning that it is best not to make up for women during pregnancy, because there are many chemical components in cosmetics, which is not very good for women’s health. In shortNot far away.

4. Calculate the ovulation time

Women’s ovulation period is easy to conceive, so it is very important to calculate the ovulation time.So how to calculate the ovulation period?If the regular menstruation, the first 5 days before menstruation and the after 4 days of menstruation are ovulation time. Let her husband work hard during this time.The baby is.

From preparing for pregnancy to pregnancy, everyone has different physical fitness and the chance of conception is different, so don’t worry too much. Even if you have no pregnancy at one time, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. After all, as long as you are healthyThe pressure of the maternal conception will also be reduced. Therefore, don’t be too nervous and keep your mood happy.

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