Is it impact if you have not replenished folic acid?Eat folic acid during pregnancy!The baby is smart?

Both mothers who prepare for pregnancy and early pregnancy know the importance of folic acid, so it is no stranger to folic acid.

Folic acid is a type of vitamin, also known as butterflyl glutamate.Folic acid plays a great role in the development of fetal development, which can prevent neural tube malformations, highly same cysteinemia, promote the maturity of red blood cells, and synthesis of hemoglobin.

Vinius provided by folic acid is particularly important to Baoma and baby in the belly, so how to eat folic acid during pregnancy is very important.

Suggestions of "Guidelines for Chinese Resident Diet Nutrition Innocele":

① The expectant mothers during pregnancy are recommended to supplement 400ug (0.4 mg) folic acid per day.

② It is recommended to supplement 600Ug folic acid per day of pregnancy.

③ It is recommended to supplement 550Ug folic acid per day.

Note: The maximum tolerant intake of folic acid is 1000ug, that is, adult women do not recommend more than 1000ug daily. For specific amounts of use, please follow the doctor’s guidance.

The doctor who prepare for pregnancy is generally recommended to supplement folic acid in the first three months of pregnancy. The amount of consumption does not exceed 0.4 mg per day, which is conducive to the first 3 to 4 weeks of the baby’s brain development.The neural tube on the axis, the growth of the head of the neural tube to form a brain, and the rest remain to form spinal cord.

Therefore, it is best for Baoma to start eating folic acid three months in advance, so that folic acid in the body has been maintained at the standard level.And for the mother who prepares, supplementing folic acid can also increase the chance of conception.

After pregnancy, Baoma folic acid needs 4 times more than normal people, and in the early stages of pregnancy is the Guanjian period of fetal cell growth in the belly.Slow, deformity, or natural abortion with poor early embryo quality.

Folic acid supplement must be appropriate, too much or less intake.In addition to the above -mentioned phenomenon, the mothers will also cause anemia, cardiovascular disease, hypertension of pregnancy, hypertension, delayed development, premature birth, and low birth weight of newborn.

If there are too many folic acid, the content of folic acid in the mother’s body is too high, it will interfere with the metabolism of zinc in the body, affect the absorption of zinc, and cause zinc deficiency.The lack of zinc element will make fetal development slowly and increase the probability of birth of low weight.

It may also lead to the deficiency of vitamin B12, which will damage the nervous system of the fetus, increasing the risk of obese and diabetes in the future life of Baoma’s descendants.

If Baoma adds too much folic acid, there will be adverse symptoms such as anorexia, nausea, and abdominal distension.These symptoms are easily confused with the pregnancy reaction during pregnancy, making this uncomfortable symptoms continue to increase, affecting the health of pregnant mothers and fetuses.

When choosing folic acid, Baoma is best to consult a doctor to choose the content of folic acid suitable for you. It is best to eat it half an hour before breakfast to one hour.In addition to supplement folic acid, vitamin B12 must be supplemented at the same time.

Due to the fierce pregnancy reaction in the early pregnancy, many foods containing folic acid cannot be absorbed well. Therefore, Baoma takes quantitative folic acid tablets daily in the early stages of pregnancy. By the end of pregnancy, you can consider eating the following foods containing folic acid:

① Green vegetables: lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, carrots, greens, dragon beards, broccoli, rapeseed, cabbage, lentils, pods, mushrooms, etc.

② Fresh fruit: orange, strawberry, cherry, banana, lemon, peach, Li, apricot, bayberry, begonia, jujube, hawthorn, pomegranate, grape, kiwi, pear, walnut, etc.;

③ Animal poultry meat and eggs, such as pork liver, chicken, beef, lamb, etc.;

④ Beans, nut food soybeans, soy products, walnuts, cashews, chestnuts, almonds, pine nuts, etc.;

⑤ Grain -type barley, rice bran, wheat germ, brown rice, etc.;

Question 1: I suddenly learned that I had been pregnant for two months, and I remembered that I did n’t eat folic acid. Does it have an impact on the fetus?

In fact, there are many examples in life, depending on the specific impact, depending on the folic acid reserve in the mother’s body.

If pregnant women usually pay more attention to the intake of vegetables, it will naturally have no effect on the growth and development of the fetus.If the partial eclipse is usually serious, then continue to replenish folic acid immediately after finding pregnancy, and pay attention to the B -ultrasound monitoring of the fetus.

After all, prevailing is more important than everything.It is recommended that women who need to prepare for pregnancy take folic acid early.But you can’t say that there must be a problem if you don’t take folic acid, so you don’t have to worry too much.If the fetus has problems such as neural tube malformations, it can be learned through Tang’s screening and B -ultrasound abnormal examination.

Question 2. Do men take folic acid during pregnancy?


Folic acid is not a matter of one person, and the prospective dad must also participate.If the prospective father lacks folic acid, it will cause abnormal semen concentration and weaken sperm vitality.

In addition, people’s pressure is now relatively large. Frequent smoking and drinking, etc., will cause sperm mass to deteriorate. Take folic acid in appropriate amounts. The risk of sperm abnormalities will be reduced by about 30%.

Therefore, in order to raise high -quality babies, it is recommended that men still need to supplement folic acid during pregnancy, and the specific amount should be obeyed by the doctor’s guidance.

Question three: I heard that more folic acid is supplemented by more than the fetus. Is it true?


Taking folic acid correctly and regulating will not cause fetal stops.There are many common causes of fetal stops, such as abnormal embryos itself, insufficient luteal function, lack of folic acid in the body.Multiple fetal stops should be treated in a timely manner for comprehensive examinations, such as the genes and chromosomes of both parties and other projects related to abortion.

Finally, the expectant mothers who want the baby must be scientifically supplemented with folic acid, not to eat random, and should be taken in the correct guidance of the doctor in order to have a healthy and smart baby.

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