Is it good for drinking a small amount?The latest statement of the World Heart Alliance issued: dripping wine is healthy

The World Heart Alliance issued a statement

Drinking in moderation is not good for health

Reporter reporter Yan Sheng

Just after the Spring Festival holiday,

Push the cup and change the cup during the festival …

Still lingering in our minds.

In fact, behind this unforgettable joy, the body has undergone too much pressure.Recently, the World Heart Alliance stated in a statement that drinking does not have a "safety quantity" and criticized a small and appropriate amount of drinking for cardiovascular health.In the past few decades, cardiovascular patients have continued to rise, and drinking has played the role of "pushing hands" in it.

Drinking is related to the birth defects of infants and young children, cognitive disorders, etc.

The perspective of pregnant women and not drinking during breastfeeding can be said to have become popular. Any responsible parents will not allow their children to be exposed to health risks from the embryo and infanting stage.However, for some alcoholic mothers, it may be difficult to bear to drink for a long time, and occasionally a few drinks, so the phenomenon of drinking for pregnant women and lactating women still exist.

The statement of the World Heart Alliance pointed out that drinking alcohol during pregnancy is related to the fetal alcohol syndrome (the mother’s alcoholism during pregnancy is related to the permanent birth defect caused by the fetus). Fetal alcohol syndrome is a syndrome of the body, behavior and learning abnormal of neonatal.For breastfeeding mothers, any drinking is not safe for babies.

Earlier, the research published by the American Medical Association’s Pediatric Science reminded that as long as you consume alcohol during pregnancy, no matter how much, whether the first three months of pregnancy or the whole pregnancy, it is related to the abnormal development of the craniotomy of the newborn.The difference is reflected in the middle of the face and the movement of the nose, especially the tip of the nose, which shows the shortening of the nose and the tip of the nose.

In addition, research by British and Australian scholars shows that there are three dynamic changes in the brain, especially for the neurotoxicity of alcohol, which is the fetal period, adolescence (15-19 years old), and senior periods (over 65 years old).During the fetus, the brain develops faster.Drinking a large amount of alcohol during pregnancy can cause the fetal alcohol to disorders, and is accompanied by a widespread reduction in brain capacity and cognitive impairment.Moreover, even a small amount of drinking during this period is significantly related to the bad psychological and behavioral results of the sub -dynasty.

Not only that, the study of the Xiangya School of Public Health of Central South University shows that

Men drank alcohol three months before my wife’s pregnancy,

Children are susceptible to congenital heart disease.

Therefore, controlling drinking must have a "long -term vision", and in the early days of life, you should refuse to contact with alcohol.

Drinking can cause health and poor academic performance

Although parents, schools, and relevant departments are emphasizing that minors cannot drink alcohol, they do not feel the harm of drinking for ignorant teenagers. On the contrary, drinking allows them to make many friends.trouble.

In fact, before the age of 25, it was a period of brain development. During this period, drinking would have a negative impact on the brain.Adolescence and adolescence alcoholism is related to low neurop awareness function, especially attention and visual space skills.Premature drinking will increase risks such as poor health and poor academic performance during adolescence.

Young people are in a critical period of growth and development, and drinking will cause great harm to the body and mind.Studies from Ma Jun, Xu Rongbin, etc. of the School of Public Health of the Ministry of Medicine of Peking University found that drinking, occupational damage and drug use are the top three risk factor for young people’s death.Qin Ying, the director of the Interested Medical Center of the Second People’s Hospital of Guizhou Province, introduced,

Studies have found that the use and abuse of alcohol under 16 years of age may cause permanent damage to the development of the brain, which will affect behavior and emotional management.

Drinking can also damage the cognitive maturity of teenagers. The earlier the age of an individual drinking behavior, the greater the possibility of alcohol dependence.Studies by British and Australian scholars show that a large amount of alcohol in adolescence is related to decreased brain capacity, reduced white quality, and light moderate defects of a series of cognitive functions.

Drinking the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease is overdrawn "health value"

For adults, wine seems to be indispensable. Promotion and salary increase requires drinking. Downships need to drink friends. Entertainment and leisure also need to have wine.In fact, wine is overdrawing our "life value".

Drinking will have a negative impact on physical and mental health, and will also lead to a decline in quality of life.The World Heart Alliance pointed out that even a small amount of drinking will increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, including coronary heart disease, stroke, heart failure, hypertension, myocardial disease, atrial fibrillation and aneurysm.

The World Heart Alliance also stated that drinking can cause cancer and digestive diseases.Drinking is related to about 230 diseases, of which 40 diseases are only related to drinking.Studies have also found that the risk of increasing diseases with more alcohol has increased by four times.Drinking also leads to huge economic losses and social harm.

People often say that "small wine raises the heart", but it is not.

The World Heart Alliance said that "moderate drinking can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease" is not established.Because most of these evidences are based on observation research, and rarely further studies have confirmed that drinking is good for health, and the existence of unknown factors has further weakened the reliability of evidence, and most of the evidence is limited to white people.In addition, some research that shows that drinking is good for health is often supported by the wine industry, which is not credible.

Drinking aggravates the burden of the body, causing a heart disease recurrence

Many patients with chronic diseases have diseases because of drinking.Alcohol increases the risk of hypertension, heart disease, cardiomyopathy, heart tremor/fluttering, and stroke.Alcohol can also lead to many other infectious diseases and non -infectious diseases.According to the information of the International Cancer Research Institution, the same as that of alcohol and tobacco is a carcinogenic substance I, which can cause a variety of cancers, especially breast cancer.Moreover, drinking at any degree is harmful to health.

Some patients with chronic diseases cannot abstain from alcohol even if they are sick.Studies have shown that patients with chronic diseases have a greater chance of drinking too much than healthy people.Patients with chronic diseases themselves are already unhealthy, and intake of alcohol will further increase the burden on the organs and accelerate the progress of chronic diseases.

Patients with heart disease should be banned.Researchers from Yao Yan and other researchers from Fuwai Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences have found that drinking has increased the risk of recurrence of paroxysmal atrial fibrillation by 60%, and drinking is an independent risk factors for recurrence of atrial fibrillation.The recurrence rates of atrial fibrillation of non -drinking, drinking alcohol, and a large amount of alcoholics were 18.7%, 30.8%, and 63.9%, respectively.A moderate amount of alcohol refers to drinking alcohol ≤ 2 units (1 unit is equivalent to 15 grams of ethanol), and a large amount of alcohol is two units.Researchers further analyzed that the toxic effect of alcohol and its metabolites may cause necrosis and fibrosis of atrial muscles, which will affect the effect of their treatment.

(Health Times)

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