Is it difficult for pregnant mothers to be constipated?Obstetricians teach you 4 tricks to get it easy!

Editor’s note: What experience of constipation?In a word from Mrs. Xiaobian: "People who ship the smooth shipments every day will not understand the suffering of the people in our way!" The translation is probably "difficult to say."So Xiaobian developed a "habit", rubbing his wife before going to bed every day.

That’s right, just rubbing his belly and gently rubbing on your stomach (counterclockwise, most people "stool").It can effectively help bowel movement, which has magical help for people who have difficulty in exhausting and defecation.Of course, the relationship between husband and wife is also very helpful.

However, although this trick is easy to use, it still belongs to the cure of the next strategy. If you want to be relaxed, you still have to cure the root cause after all.(Little masters, pig teammates may fall asleep in rubbing their stomachs, and may not have a stable effect. If they are not rubbed, they may not be comfortable.It’s better to rely on yourself


Since pregnancy, bowel movements have become many unspeakable sorrows of pregnant mothers.When constipation occurs, pregnant mothers will feel that the defecation volume is reduced, the defecation is difficult, the abdominal pain and abdominal distension, and some pregnant mothers even become irritable and anxious.

There are many reasons for constipation during pregnancy,

To sum up, there are the following points:

1. The role of hormones during pregnancy

After pregnancy, a large amount of progesterone will be secreted, causing the gastrointestinal muscle tension and slowing intestinal motility.

2. The enlarged uterus

The increasing uterine compress the gastrointestinal tract, especially in the late pregnancy, the mechanical pressure of the gastrointestinal tract, especially the rectum, is getting greater and more, and hemorrhoids often occur.

3. Diet

After pregnancy, many expectant mothers are worried about insufficient nutrition, eating a large amount of high -protein, high -fat foods, and ignoring the intake of vegetables.At the same time, most expectant mothers will take calcium, iron, etc., and will cause constipation to varying degrees.

4. Exercise

After pregnancy, pregnant mothers have decreased, sitting and lying all day, which has reduced the indigestion of the gastrointestinal gastrointestinal and intestines that the peristaltic essential, which aggravate the occurrence of abdominal distension and constipation.

So, what should I do during pregnancy constipation?

1. Dietary

Add foods rich in cellulose and vitamins, such as apples, radishes, celery and other vegetables.

These foods are conducive to promoting muscle peristalsis of the intestine, softening feces, and thus playing the intestinal and smoothing role, helping pregnant women to stool.At the same time, avoid eating spicy foods, such as chili, hot pot, etc.

2. Develop good bowel habits

It is best to develop the habit of timely defecation every day. Whether there is any intention or not, you can try defecation every morning, after each meal, or before going to bed. Among them, wake up in the morning to defecate.

After getting up, drink a cup of warm water or honey water on an empty stomach, and then eat breakfast to promote the upright reflection and gastrointestinal reflection after getting up.In this way, you will soon have a good intention, and long -term persistence will form a good habit of defecation in the morning.In addition, do not look at mobile phones, newspapers, etc. during bowel movements to avoid dispersing attention and reduce external interference.

3. Appropriate exercise

It is not recommended that everyone "bed in bed" is not recommended.Evidence -based medicine has confirmed that the absolute bed cannot be preserved.Secondly, long -term bed is not only easy to cause constipation, but also increases the risk of venous thrombosis.

4. Drug treatment

The most commonly used laxative during pregnancy is lactose.Compared with other laxatives, it is relatively gentle and small on side effects, which will not cause blood sugar fluctuations, that is, "sugar mother" can also take medicine.

In addition, Kaiseru can also help to defecate and solve the "urgent need of eyebrows."However, if the dose is large, it may induce contractions and cause premature birth.

❤Tips ❤

Although constipation is a small problem, it often brings great trouble, and even causes tremendous psychological pressure on some pregnant mothers.In general, constipation during pregnancy should still be diet and exercise, adjust the mentality, and solve the problem by various efforts.

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