Is insomnia and irritability during pregnancy?Expectant mothers can improve through these 5 things.

After pregnancy, the prospective mother not only feels tired, but also feels more stressful psychologically.And after pregnancy, the hormones in the expectant mother’s body have changed, and when the fetus grows day by day, it will put a lot of pressure on the body and psychology of the expectant mother, so sometimes it will easily affect it.Sleeping of expectant mothers.Poor mothers’ sleep during pregnancy will affect the healthy development of the fetus, and the sleep time during pregnancy is also very important for the health of the expectant mother.The body development of the fetus is related to the expectant mother. If the situation of the expectant mother is not very good, then naturally it will affect the fetus.If a person has a bad rest for a long time, it will cause your emotions to change. When your emotions are uneasy and restless, your heartbeat frequency will become faster and blood pressure rises.So this is relatively bad for the expectant mother’s body, and during the pregnancy of the expectant mothers, the hormone level in the body has changed, that is, it is already in a state of unbalanced state.Then at this time, the long -term sleep of expectant mothers will cause the inner environment of the body to become more disordered, and the levels of various types of hormones will become disordered.Although this situation is not very unfavorable to the physical and mental development of the fetus, and it is not conducive to the life of expectant mothers.

However, generally speaking, if you have a bad sleep, you can adjust it through some behaviors of daily life or changes in diet.The sleeping mothers during pregnancy can effectively alleviate a pressure and mental tension.Enough sleep state can make your mental state better in a day, avoid some fatigue in the body, and effectively restore your physical strength. If the expectant mother feels very unstoppable when sleeping, then sleepHow long is it effective.Therefore, when the expectant mother sleeps, keep her physical and mental soothing as much as possible, and avoid falling asleep with some doubts or troublesome things. In this wayEssenceTherefore, it is best to keep the expectant sleeping time every day for about 8 hours, and then take another hour of rest at noon.Of course, expectant mothers should be formulated based on one of her own situations, which is more suitable for her sleep time.

(1) You can drink a glass of milk before going to bed

When you have poor sleep, you can eat some diet or adjust your diet to help you improve your sleep.It is different in the food, so when we use it, the role of our human body is also different.And it is not so serious (that is, drinking milk will not cause pregnancy), you can drink a glass of milk before going to bed late.Because the two substances contained in milk can help expectant mothers improve their sleep.The milk contains two types of hypnotic substances. One is that the substance that can promote human sleep is aineticine synthesized by serotonin.The other is a natural morphine with a anesthesia and calm effect.Therefore, these two types of substances contained in milk, expectant mothers to eat milk during pregnancy can help expectant mothers improve their sleep.However, because the chromine in milk is difficult to enter the human brain, you can add some sugar when drinking milk when you drink milk before going to bed, but do not add too much.Enough.Do not add too much sugar to avoid long -term use of a large amount of sugar on it on itself.Add some white sugar to milk, which can increase the effect of two types of hypnotic substances contained in milk.Make expectant mothers easier to sleep at night.Expectant mothers can add sugar to milk according to what I said below.There are about 5 to 8 grams of sugar per 100 ml of milk, which is about 5%to 8%concentration.It can also be calculated according to 500 ml of milk and about 25 grams of sugar.When adding sugar, the expectant mothers should try to add sugar as much as possible. Do not add brown sugar, because brown sugar contains some oxalic acid ingredients, which will affect the body’s protein absorption in milk.So avoid eating brown sugar when drinking milk.

(2) Eat millet porridge at dinner

Not good sleeping situations will affect the healthy development of the fetus, as well as the mood and mental state of expectant mothers.Therefore, you must pay attention to your sleep during pregnancy.When the expectant mothers have insomnia during pregnancy, they can use some millet porridge during dinner.It is mentioned above that color picots can help the human body regulate sleep.The content of color picots contained in Xiaomi is also relatively high, so Xiaomi it can help the human body to play a soothing role, about 202 mg of miidine content per 100 grams.Therefore, it contains picots with very high content and has the effect of hypnotic human body.At the same time, it is also rich in a lot of starch. After eating millet porridge, it can help the human body to promote the secretion of insulin, thereby increasing the number of sprints into the human brain.Boil Xiaomi into porridge, and then take about half an hour before going to bed. Eating properly can effectively help expectant mothers to adjust to sleep.In particular, some expectant mothers insist on adhering to the pregnancy and vomiting reaction. This is what can be adjusted to use some millet trends before going to bed.In this way, it will not be said that the sleep situation caused by a pregnancy reaction will be poor.This will help the sleeping mother’s sleep.

(3) Eat more copper -containing food

During pregnancy, expectant mothers can use some foods such as squid, squid, shrimp, animal liver, pea, and corn during pregnancy.Because these foods contain copper.The reason why during pregnancy should eat more copper -containing foods because the normal activity of mineral copper and the normal activity of the human nervous system is closely related.When the human body lacks copper, it will cause disorders in the inhibitory process of the nervous system.It will cause inhibitory imbalance to cause the nervous system to be excited.When the human body is going to sleep, if you are too excited, it will affect your sleep.If the human body does not perform a nervous system inhibitory before going to bed, then the mood of the prospective mother is too excited or excited, which will affect the sleeping situation of the expectant mother, which will lead to insomnia.Therefore, in pregnancy, properly consumption of copper -containing foods can help the human body for nerve suppression, thereby promoting expectant mothers to sleep.

(4) Flowing sunflower seeds

When I was pregnant, some expectant mothers stayed at home.Then when you are free, you can harsh melon seeds right. It contains a variety of amino acids and vitamins in the sunflower seeds. It can help the human body regulate brain cells for metabolism and improve the inhibitory function of brain cells.In this way, the human body will be more easily suppressed to the nervous system before going to bed. In this case, the expectant mother will not be so emotionally excited, and it is relatively easy to sleep.And at night, some sunflower seeds can promote the secretion of digestive juice, which is very conducive to eliminating food and stagnation, calming the gods, and promoting sleep.There are also some similar foods such as lotus seeds, walnuts, red dates, etc. Appropriate use before going to bed can improve the sleeping situation of expectant mothers.

(5) Keep a pleasant and cheerful mood

The mood during pregnancy is very important, you must pay attention to maintaining a pleasant and happy mood.If the expectant mother’s mood is very depressed for a day, maybe some unhappy things have not been in her heart, so when the expectant mother sleeps, she will always think of these things in her mind.My sleep.It can affect the physical and mental development of the fetus and the life of expectant mothers during pregnancy.Specific mothers can listen to music or do something else, such as walking, doing embroidery, folding lucky stars can effectively alleviate the anxiety of mothers, so that the emotions of anxiety slowly disappear.Maintaining some happy and happy mood is very conducive to resting mothers at night.

Generally, slight insomnia during pregnancy is a change in the eyes or diet, or the use of some foods can help expectant mothers to improve.If you are in a bad mood, you must pay attention to adjusting your mood. In addition, if you do n’t have a good mood, it will also affect your sleep.If the insomnia is serious during pregnancy, then you must go to the hospital to check it to see if it is caused by the disease, or what is caused by the physical discomfort, you must be treated with a targeted treatment.To avoid long -term insomnia, long -term insomnia will affect the health of the expectant mother, thereby affecting the fetus.Well, this is the end of the sharing content.I hope you can help you after reading this article, and thank you for your watching.

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