Is gynecological disease only done B -ultrasound?These two diseases cannot be diagnosed with B ultrasound

Women over 20 years old should go to the hospital for gynecological examination or cancer screening every year. However, many women do not pay enough attention, so that patients with gynecological diseases are growing.With the improvement of living standards, people’s lifestyle changes, and the incidence of gynecological tumors has gradually become younger, especially breast cancer and cervical cancer.For many women, they believe that the B -ultrasound examination is equivalent to a universal examination. It is believed that the test results are normal, which means that there is no gynecological disease. Is this really the case?Let’s find out.

It is undeniable that B -ultrasound examination in the diagnosis of gynecological diseases is of great significance. It can understand the conditions of pelvic cavity, uterus, accessories, and ovarian.EssenceWomen who are preparing for pregnancy can monitor ovulation time through B -ultrasound and increase the chance of conception.

However, the B -ultrasound inspection cannot replace gynecological examinations. Generally, medical equipment is required to check the organs of the bureau, understand the physical development, conduct a comprehensive inspection of local organs, take out the secretions to screen, so as to diagnose inflammation and cervical diseases, but through the B -ultrasound,The inspection cannot be checked.It is worth reminding that gynecological examinations are only suitable for women who have already lived in husband and wife; women who have never lived in husband and wife cannot do this to do this, so as not to do inspection, it will affect physical health.

1. Gynecological inflammation examination

Once you find that your body is discomfort, you need to check the organs of the bureau to determine whether the inflammatory disease occurs. Doctors will use medical equipment to check and take out the secretions for further examination and clear diagnosis.

2. Cervical disease

Some cervical diseases such as cervical polyps or cervicitis are required to observe cervical diseases. It is meaningless to pass B -ultrasound.

1. Pay attention to local cleaning

In the first three days of the examination, the local organs cannot be irrigated, and the cancer cells that can be obtained through sliced examination may be rinsed out to reduce the accuracy of the examination; avoid strenuous exercise one week before the inspection.

2. Do not take the medicine casually

Whether it is the treatment of skin infection, or other agents or ointment, it cannot be used 3 days before the examination, because the above drugs can affect sample samples and cover abnormal cells.In addition, you cannot see the situation inside when doing gynecological examinations.

3. Pay attention to diet

Three days before the gynecological examination, you should pay attention to the light diet. Do not eat too much food that is difficult to digest and greasy.Do not eat breakfast on the day of gynecological examination, especially when taking blood and abdominal B -ultrasound examination, you need to take urine at the time of gynecological B; at the same time, you should pay more attention to rest, avoid too excited emotions and do severe exercise to ensure sufficient sleep. Otherwise, otherwise you have enough sleep. OtherwiseIt will affect the results of the medical examination.

Kind tips

Women cannot do any gynecological examination during menstruation, nor can they do urine inspections in the laboratory, so as not to affect the results of the examination.Preparing for uterine cavity radiography or hysteroscopic examination, cervical treatment, and tubal unblocked examination should be arranged for 3 to 7 days after menstruation, and severe exercise before menstruation to avoid severe exercise before examination to avoid infection.In addition, you should answer the questions asked by the doctor truthfully during the examination, and you cannot conceal it.

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