Is dizziness reaction after pregnancy?The reason may be more serious than you think. Don’t take it seriously for pregnant mothers

After six months, An Xinhuai felt dizzy every day. She told her mother -in -law that she said that she was too agitated. Any woman was dizzy after pregnancy, and forbearance passed.However, An Xin thought about that he was not dizzy when he was Huai Dabao. When he thought he was 26 years old when he was Huai Dabao, Huai Erbao was now 33. An Xin also felt that he was old, so he became dizzy.

An Xin adjusted the schedule, so that he went to bed early and got up early every day, but he insisted that dizziness was more serious than before.An Xin persuaded the hospital to the hospital. However, he did not expect to check that An Xin found that Anxin’s blood pressure was a bit high.Fortunately, I went to the hospital in time, the blood pressure was controlled, and finally gave birth to the baby with peace of mind, and the child was healthy.

Dizziness during pregnancy may feel that it may be a pregnancy reaction. The dizziness during pregnancy is indeed related to the pregnancy reaction, but the dizziness is not necessarily the early pregnancy reaction, and it may be other factors.For example, pregnant mothers can’t eat or eat less because of pregnancy reactions, so that they cause hypoglycemia, dizziness and other symptoms.The dizziness of pregnant mothers may also be related to weather or climate, or do not pay attention to nutrition that causes anemia, and may also be a problem with the blood pressure of pregnant mothers.The dizziness of pregnant mothers may also be compressed by the fetal development of the fetus after growing up, especially the compression of the blood vessels, causing dizziness for pregnant mothers.

Of course, women are pregnant and dizzy, or they may also be caused by bad habits. It is better to stay up late to sleep, or lie in bed to play with mobile phones.The blood flow in the expectant mother increases, and the blood of the body is concentrated on the leg when sitting for a long time. If the blood stands suddenly and the blood cannot flow into the heart, it will land quickly, which will cause hypotension to cause dizziness and headache.Dizziness.

So, women should go to bed early and get up early after pregnancy. Do not always lower their heads to play mobile phones. When they are sitting up, they should be slowly.It is best to go to the hospital for treatment if you are severe during pregnancy. Do not let yourself be malnourished. If you have a long dizziness, you can go to the hospital for examination.

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