Is bleeding in early pregnancy?Do you need to keep your fetus?Take you to re -understand abortion!

Many expectant mothers who are new to pregnancy will encounter vaginal bleeding early, and they have jumped out of signs of abortion through online search.So there are always all kinds of panic. I can’t calm down for a long time, and sleep and food are difficult to rest.The more you look at the symptoms on the Internet, the more you feel like you have a miscarriage.Today, let me take you to re -understand abortion.

Old rules, what is abortion?How is it medical?Abortion refers to abortions that are less than 28 weeks of pregnancy caused by various reasons and less than 1,000 g.It is said that the pregnancy of pregnancy has been discharged before seven months.Clinically, it can be divided into early abortion (less than 12 weeks of pregnancy at the time of pregnancy) and late abortion (the pregnancy has been pregnant for 12 weeks but less than 28 weeks).It is divided into four categories: threatened abortion, inevitable abortion, incomplete abortion, and complete abortion.

The most common thing in our clinic is a threatened miscarriage. This is the earliest abortion. It is usually manifested as a small amount of vaginal bleeding.The pregnancy time is consistent, and there is no gestation.To put it bluntly, it is a bit of vaginal dark brown -color secretion of logistics blood or accompanied by abdominal pain. It has not developed a large amount of bleeding or severe abdominal pain in the vagina, and there is a pregnancy.Therefore, there is a little vaginal dark brown secretion in the early pregnancy. As long as it does not continue to increase, you don’t need to be too nervous.

Then why are vaginal bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy?It is because the embryo bed is not stable before the placenta is completely formed, so many factors during this period may cause vaginal bleeding.The embryo is attached to the endometrium, so when there is a miscarriage, the embryo and the endometrium will be separated to varying degrees. Once the blood vessels that are separated, the symptoms of vaginal hemorrhage will cause the symptoms of vaginal hemorrhage.Some medical research statistics, more than 50%of pregnant women can survive the bleeding level in the early stages of pregnancy and successfully continue pregnancy; about 30%of pregnant women may have abortion; in addition, nearly 10%of pregnant women may be ectopic pregnancy or other problems.Therefore, many pregnant women will have fetal protection in the early days, and some pregnant women are worried that there are abnormal vaginal bleeding during early pregnancy. Will it affect the baby’s health and even intelligence after success?More than half of the abortion of clinical research statistics is caused by abnormal embryo itself. This is a natural phenomenon of survival of the fittest. If you can continue your pregnancy, you are the best, generally normal.After vaginal bleeding in the early pregnancy, if you can continue to be produced successfully, the proportion of congenital abnormalities in the fetus will not increase due to early bleeding.Therefore, expectant mothers do not need to be too anxious, and early pregnancy and fetal protection are normal. It will not cause abnormal fetal development or even affect intelligence due to early fetal protection.It is the best among them.

What are the causes of bleeding abortion in the early pregnancy?It can be divided into the following situations according to the source of bleeding: 1. Bleeding during pregnancy caused by the condition of the maternal body: maternal systemic diseases (infection, anemia, chronic nephritis, severe malnutrition, etc.)Ovarian dysfunction), immune function defects (systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid, etc.), bad habits (smoking, alcoholism, excessive drinking coffee or drug use), serious nutritional deficiencies of the mother, emotional trauma (over -fear, sadness, anger, anger, angerWait) and the impact of the external environment on the mother.2. The bleeding during pregnancy caused by embryo itself is mainly due to the problem of embryo itself. If the embryo itself develops, there may be abnormalities in the chromosomes of both sides. This situation is not optimistic.3. Bleeding during pregnancy caused by external force stimulation, because during pregnancy, the uterus and abdominal cavity itself will be congested and will look crispy.At this time, the impact or strenuous exercise of the external force may cause bleeding.Therefore, we must avoid strenuous exercise during pregnancy, especially the abdomen activities, and you must avoid the abdomen. It is also introduced in previous pregnancy health care.

Clinical doctors usually judge the diagnosis of threatened abortion. They mainly rely on medical history and clinical manifestations. Sometimes they need to combine gynecological examinations, B -ultrasound, blood HCG and other examinations or auxiliary examinations to be clearly diagnosed and classification of abortion types.For early pregnancy, especially early abortion, a threatened abortion is mainly to observe the possibility of continuing pregnancy.The main auxiliary diagnostic method is the detection of B -ultrasound and blood HCG level.Blood HCG levels have doubled in normal early pregnancy, and blood HCG can be determined continuously to understand the fetal condition.If the blood HCG level rises less than 65%within 48 hours in the early days, it may indicate that the prognosis of pregnancy may be poor, but it is not absolute, but it is possible.At the same time, the continuous monitoring of the B -ultrasound is also of great significance. If you only see the gestational sac and you do not see the heart of the germ, you are considering the dysplasia of the embryo or even stopping development.At the same time, you do n’t have to worry about many B -ultrasounds on the fetus. The radiation of the B -ultrasound is very small. Basically, it can be ignored, and it will not affect the human body and the fetus.

For the treatment of threatened abortion, it is mainly self -regulation. Pay more attention to rest, adjust the mentality, maintain a comfortable mood, and avoid excessive tension.For expectant mothers who have aura abortions, they need to be treated with fetal protection. Commonly used tire preservation drugs include progesterone, vitamin E, ground flexion progesterone, etc., but it is not universal to supplement progesterone.The result of abortion, not the cause of abortion.Therefore, progesterone is not universal. It needs to be used under the guidance of a doctor.Clinical statistical threatened abortion’s final progress is that the case of abortion only accounts for 10-15%of all threatened abortions, so statistics can be successful at the large population base.

Many pregnant women are very concerned. I have bleeding. Except for the medicine prescribed by the doctor, what do I need to pay attention to in my life?How to eat diet?

1. Keep your mood happy during pregnancy, especially in the early stages of pregnancy, otherwise you may really have a abortion of your baby, so during this period, the majority of male compatriots should not mess with their lover.To ensure rest and avoid overwork.

2. Avoid trauma, violent activities and restraint.

3. Balanced nutrition. Women with smoking and drinking habits should avoid bad habits such as tobacco and alcohol during pregnancy.

4. Pay attention to personal hygiene, especially the perineal cleaning, and clean the vulva in warm water every day.

5. Without the permission of the doctor, it is strictly forbidden to take various types of fetal medicine, especially the recipes, and the recipes are not reliable.

6. Usually eat more fresh fruits and vegetables in diet. You can selectively consume high protein, low -fat shiitake mushrooms, fungus, celery, and various lean meat.Try to use vegetable oil as much as possible at home and use less animal oil.For women who have a heavy taste, at this time, eat less spicy and irritating foods such as pepper, raw garlic, raw onion, ginger.

Through formal and standardized fetal protection treatment, the attention of the normal life will improve, after all, what stays is the best.In the end, all expectant mothers can have a smooth and relaxed pregnancy, do not affect the mood of the entire pregnancy due to a little bleeding!

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