Is Bao Ma infected with the new crown virus to breastfeed?Experts of Municipal Maternal and Child Health Hospital: Maternal maternal infection with new crown virus infection to the fetal probability i

Reading Client · Shenzhen News Network, December 9, 2022 (Shenzhen SAR Newspaper Chief Reporter Luo Liqiong Correspondent Deep Women and Children) How to properly protect the new crown virus?Does a pregnant woman infection with the new coronal virus affect the fetus?Can Baoma breastfeed?Yesterday, Qin Wei, director of the obstetrics and pathogenesis of Shenzhen Maternal and Child Health Hospital, said in an interview with reporters that pregnant women with high blood pressure and diabetes should strengthen their self -protection. Women with pregnancy plans are best to vaccinate the new crown virus vaccine before pregnancy.Maternal maternal infection with new coronary virus is low in infection to the fetus, and breastfeeding is safe.

Maternal women go out and wear masks in public places

How should pregnant women do a good job of protecting the new crown virus?Qin Wei said that pregnant women should wear masks when they go out, wear masks in public places, wear N95 masks when they go to the hospital, and go to the place to gather places less; they often ventilate at home or keep air circulation; go back to wash their hands.

Qin Wei emphasized that pregnant women suffering from basic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes must strengthen self -protection.Women with a pregnancy plan are best to inoculate the new coronal virus vaccine before pregnancy to enhance their own immunity; secondly, we must prevent basic diseases and try to adjust their physical condition and then get pregnant.

At present, the first version of the domestic guideline has not incorporated women during pregnancy and allows the population to be vaccinated in the new crown vaccine, so do not vaccinate the new crown vaccine during pregnancy.If you find a new crown vaccine, you do not need to terminate your pregnancy.

Breastfeeding is safe when the mother is infected with the new coronary virus

Will a positive pregnant woman infect the virus to the fetus?Qin Wei said that research data shows that the probability of baby infection is extremely low through the placenta.In addition, monitoring data shows that the new -crowned pregnant maternity will basically not affect the health of newborns.However, in special circumstances, if the maternal maternal is a new crown, or the baby is a premature child, some newborn complications may occur, such as respiratory diseases.And most of the new crown positive for Maternal Maternal Maternal Maternal is asymptomatic or mild, so there is no need to worry too much.

Can maternal breastfeeding infection with new coronal virus continue to breastfeed?Qin Wei said that at present research shows that no new coronal virus is found in her breast milk when she is suspected of or suffering from a new coronal virus.Therefore, breastfeeding is safe when the mother is infected with the new coronary virus.But the virus may be transmitted to the baby when the pregnant mothers speak, cough or sneeze.If breastfeeding is taken, preventive measures need to be taken as much as possible to avoid infection in the process of breastfeeding.

Pregnant women are infected with new coronary virus mild symptoms and can be monitored at home

How should a pregnant woman infection with the new coronal virus?Qin Wei reminded that the physiological characteristics of pregnant women and fetuses are different from ordinary people, so they should also look differently when facing infection.Mild sickness pregnant women can observe the monitoring symptoms at home, measure the body temperature once in half an hour, ensure the regular work and rest, drink more water to accelerate metabolism, and take physical cooling if necessary.Use medicine.

If the following symptoms occur, you need to seek medical treatment immediately: First, the respiratory symptoms.If there is severe symptoms such as severe pain, nasal congestion, and cough, it has seriously affected normal breathing and eating. It is recommended to seek medical treatment in time to avoid hypoxia, shortness of breath or malnutrition, and is not conducive to fetal development.The second is systemic symptoms.If fever continues to be relieved, or significantly high fever, as well as symptoms such as severe chest tightness, cough, shortness of breath, diarrhea, and other symptoms, it may occur in severe cases.The third is other symptoms.If the fetal movement is abnormal or the signs before childbirth, you should seek medical treatment in time.

If you should report it to the community in time in the risk area

If the area where the maternal maternal is located is a risk area, the community staff will conduct a maternal investigation as soon as possible, and the maternal maternal will also cooperate with the community to report it.Maternal and child professionals can provide pregnant mothers with online pregnancy health guidance. Pregnant mothers with the risk of pregnancy above orange will be included in high -risk projects, with special follow -up and management.

If the pregnant mother cannot check on time, please report the situation to the community staff, and the community will report the situation to the production inspection agency.If there are special circumstances, the preparation must be performed on time, and the pregnant mother can contact the community for arrangements.At present, all high -risk areas of maternal emergencies have been established in the emergency and critical illness of maternal emergencies, and they have been established to ensure that the diagnosis of pregnant women is unblocked when the emergency consultation needs of pregnant women. Pregnant mothers do not have to be too panic.

Qin Wei reminded that if you encounter any medication problems before pregnancy, pregnancy and lactation, you should consult a professional doctor or pharmacist.Do not listen to the biased prescriptions and the secret recipe and abuse drugs.At present, Shenzhen Maternal and Child Health Hospital has launched a "Internet Reasonable Drug Consultation". The clinical pharmacist team of the Department of Pharmacy can provide professional online pharmacy free consultation services for patients in need.Source: Shenzhen Special Economic Zone News

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