Irregular menstruation, pregnancy will be affected!If you want menstrual rules, try these dietary recipes

After women enter adolescence, endometrium is affected by ovarian hormones, and periodic uterine bleeding occurs, called menstruation.The periodic changes of endometrium are called menstrual cycles and are also human reproductive cycles.Usually, the first day of menstruation will be called the one -month cycle until the day before the next menstruation comes, and the average monthly cycle per month is about 28 days.

According to the histological changes of the endometrium, the menstrual cycle can be divided into three stages:

(1) The hyperplasia period (early ovulation, follicle period)

It is equivalent to the 5th to 14th of the menstrual cycle.The follicles secrete estrogen, which gradually repair and thickened the endometrium, and the blood vessels and glandular hyperplasia are hyperplasia, and the follicles develop until mature ovulation.

(2) secretion period

Before the ovulation period to the next menstruation, the 15th to 28th day of the menstrual cycle.The luteal grows mature and secretes a large amount of progesterone and estrogen.Under the action of hormones, the endometrium and glandular body continues to grow and secrete mucus to prepare for the planting and development of fertilized eggs.

(3) Menstruation period

If the egg cells are not fertilized, the luteum gradually shrinks, the hormone secretion has decreased sharply, and the endometrium vascular spasm has led to the endometrial ischemia and necrosis and stripped.Bleeding and bleeding of blood vessels, blood and endometrial fragments were discharged vagina.

However, for many pregnant women, if the menstrual cycle is irregular, the chance of pregnancy will be affected.

Irregular menstruation affects the prediction of ovulation.

Generally, if normal menstruation is 28 to 30 days, the menstrual cycle is the day in the middle of the menstrual period. It is easier to master, and if the menstruation is irregular, it must change with the changes in the menstrual cycle.If the time is extended from 40 to 50 days, the menstrual cycle will be moved later.

For women with irregular menstruation, if the ovulation day is predicted, the first day of the next menstrual tide should be the time point of the next menstrual tide, and the first few days of the ovulation day, then this time is difficult to estimate.

Irregular menstruation indicates that there may be certain endocrine diseases.

One of the most common endocrine diseases that women during the birth period are polycystic ovary syndrome.The clinical manifestations of polycystic ovary syndrome are mostly menstrual scarcity, amenorrhea, abnormal ovulation, and increasedrogens and other metabolic abnormalities.

There may also be other endocrine diseases such as low adenic amenorrhea and early ovarian dysfunction.These endocrine diseases may cause abnormal ovulation or not ovulation, which can affect pregnancy.

Irregular menstruation, rare or small menstrual flow, may also have abnormal development of reproductive organs. This should go to gynecology and do a comprehensive examination, such as uterine dysplasia, naive uterus, etc.Celus adhesion, endometrial polyps, and submucosal uterine fibroids, can also lead to amenorrhea, scarcity of menstruation, or endless menstruation.

As early as in ancient times, it was recorded. In ancient books, it was mentioned: "Those who speak the month, the profit and loss of January and the line of January;The essence of Yin, the body is dark, the light of the holiday is clear; the blood is white, the heart is red, and the same is true.Multiply, menstrual periods are not uniform. "

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the functional coordination of "kidney -Tiangui -Ren Ren -Crystal Palace" is the main mechanism of menstrual regulation, similar to the concept of modern medicine "hypothalamus -pituitary -ovarian" menstrual axis.Cold and heat, wet evil, emotional diet, excessive labor, and injuries to the housework cause dysfunctional disorders, and qi and blood disorders can cause imbalance of the menstrual regulation mechanism and cause menstrual disease.

The menstrual cycle is irregular. Chinese medicine is called early menstruation, late menstruation or menstruation. These reasons are caused by different constitutions!

1. Menstruation early

——It refers to the menstrual cycle for more than 7 days in advance, or even more than 10 days, and more than 3 consecutive cycles.

Physical constitution: Mainly due to qi deficiency and blood heat.

2. Late menstrual period

——It refers to those who have been postponed for more than 7 days, or even 3 to 5 months, and more than two consecutive cycles.

Physical constitution: mainly due to kidney deficiency, blood deficiency, blood cold, liver stagnation and qi stagnation.

3. Menstruation is irregular

——The menstruation does not follow the normal cycle, time or early, or postponed for more than 7 days, and for three consecutive menstrual cycles.

Physical constitution: It is mainly liver stagnation and qi stagnation, kidney deficiency.

What are the performances mentioned above?You can try these diet methods to improve your physique, thereby improving the problem of menstrual cycle. Do not drink brown sugar water every time!

1. Qi deficiency and blood deficiency:

The menstrual period is advanced or wrong, the menstrual volume increases or decreases, the menstrual period is prolonged, the color is light, and the color is thin; or less abdominal pain, or dizziness, or fatigue, pale or yellowing, The pulse is weak.

Food therapy: mutton porridge

Take fresh lamb, rice, green onions, ginger, and salt.Wash and sliced lamb, slices, and cook with rice, green onions, ginger, and salt, and boil porridge in conventional methods until the mutton is rotten.Lamb porridge can nourish qi and nourish blood. It is suitable for qi and blood loss deficiency and deserted menstruation.

2. Kidney deficiency:

The scriptures have no certainty, small quantity, light color, clear color, or lumbosacral soreness, or dizziness and tinnitus.

Food therapy: Yam Panlang Chestnut Pork Belly Pot

The materials include yam, chestnuts, pork belly.Wash the pork belly with salt or flour and sliced it. Use ginger, cooking wine and water to simmer until eight mature, peel and cut the yam, wash the chestnuts and wash it together.edible.Yam plate chestnut pork belly pot function, spleen and stomach nourishment.

3. Blood heat:

The amount of menstruation is large, the color is bright red or dark, and the quality is thick and sticky; or there are small blood clots, often accompanied by upset thirst, yellow urine yellow, and stool, red tongue, yellow moss, slippery pulse.

Food therapy: purslane egg soup

Material purslane, eggs.Wash the purslane first, smashed the juice; crush the eggs, put it in the pot, add the amount of water to cooked, and then add the purslane juice.Purslane egg soup can regulate menstrual cooling blood, clearing heat and removing annoyance, which is very suitable for patients with menstruation caused by blood heat.

4, blood cold:

The menstrual period is delayed, the amount is small, the color is dark red or there are blood clots, the small feet are cold and pain, the heat can be reduced, the cold limbs are cold, the tongue is white, and the pulse is tight.

Food therapy: Angelica mutton soup

Take ginger and angelica 10 grams each. The lamb slices are appropriate. After washing, add water and cook together. After cooking, add an appropriate amount of salt to season. The Angelica mutton soup is particularly suitable for women with cold pain, low menstrual flow, and delayed menstruation.Essence

5. Liver and depression qi stagnation


Food therapy: Fennel wine

The ingredients are cumin, green skin, and rice wine. Wash the cumin and green skin. Soak in the wine for 3 days to drink.15-30 grams each time, twice a day, if you are not tolerated, you can replace it with vinegar.Fennel wine can spar the liver and qi.The menstrual period has been uncertain, the menstrual color is normal, the disobedience is not smooth, and the breasts and lower abdomen tenderness.

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