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Yu Dawei and his wife Jin Xiaolin were the world -skipping champion before. Their 6 -year -old daughter Yu Chanyi became the youngest athlete of the national team.Video source: Xinhua News Agency (00:20)

Yu Chanyi was hot again, this time because of skipping rope.

Two years ago, the 4 -year -old Yu Cani won the seven championships under the age of five in the online video contest of the National Children’s Children’s Skimming Club Cup.In the bed. "

Two years later, 6 years old Yu Chanyi rewritten the history of Chinese skipping rope and became the youngest athlete in the history of the Chinese national skipping team.

Not long ago, the State General Administration of Sports announced the list of national team personnel selected for the 2022 Asian skipping championship trials (online). The 6 -year -old Yu Cani and her parents Yu Dawei and Xi Xiaolin both appeared on the list. They also became Chinese skipping rope.The first family in history was selected at the same time at the same time.

"At the beginning, we also wanted to grow with her with skipping rope. Now she can enter the national team representing the highest level, and she is very happy. But I told her that winning or losing is not the most important thing.Full strength. "

After two years, I talked with the surging news reporter again about the skipping story of himself and his daughter. Yu Dawei still hopes that the rope skipping can teach his daughter not only to pursue victory and honor, but also to do his best and calmly face the victory and attitude.

Yu Chanyi.

"National Team Home"

The 6 -year -old Yu Chanyi and their parents were selected as the national skipping team in early July this year to prepare for the 2022 Asian skipping championship in August this year.

"In fact, in the previous international competitions, the youngest age group is 10 to 12 years old, and the youth group is not smaller, but this time the Asian Championship has added a group under 11 years old, so we register for Yu Chanyi to sign upParticipate. "

Yu Dawei told the surging news reporter that the 2022 Asian Rope Skip Championship (online) is the first Asian Championships organized by the Asian Skipping Federation (AJRU).And project.Yu Cani signed up for two projects in the individual competition under the age of 11 and the women’s group 4 × 30 seconds.

"Because this group participating is generally a player between 10 and 11 years old. Yu Chanyi is only 6 years old, and he is still very young in their middle age." Yu Dawei told the surging news reporter that Yu Chanyi was inThere were no top five in the personal project, but the 4 × 30 seconds single -shaking coach won the third place, so it was finally selected to be selected as the national team.

"In fact, the children in our group are relatively small, two 11 years old, one 9 years old, and 6 years old Yu Cani, who can win the opportunity to be selected for the national team, really perform well."

In the history of Chanyi’s creation of Chinese skipping, becoming the youngest national team member, at the same time, Yu Dawei and his wife Jin Xiaolin also entered the national team through this trial.

They became the first family in the history of China’s skipping rope to be selected at the same time in the same year, and prepared for the competition in August this year.

Yu Chanyi jumped the rope and smiled.

"World Champions Couple"

However, in the words of her mother, Mi Xiaolin, this is not the first time they have stood side by side on the field to fight side by side.

"When she was in my stomach for more than 5 months, I helped my father to shake the rope in Dalian. Finally, Dad won the championship. It was the first game of our family of three to win the championship together."

In fact, before Canni was selected, Yu Dawei and Xi Xiaolin were the "World Champions Couple" of the Chinese skipping rope.

Yu Dawei was once a boxer, but due to injuries, after college, Yu Dawei chose to retire.In 2010, by chance, Yu Dawei learned about the national competition of competitive rope skipping. Since then, he has embarked on the road of professional skipping.

In 2018, he won a third place in the skipping World Championships.In 2019, he won the world championship of two projects at the skipping World Cup.

Thirteen years ago, when Dawei and Xi Xiaolin had just met, Jin Xiaolin, who was originally a junior tuition teacher, not only did not contact the rope skipping, but even no decent sneakers.

Since the relationship between the two, Yu Dawei will take the Mi Xiaolin movement. In this way, Xi Xiaolin showed the talent of skipping rope, and followed Yu Dawei to participate in group events and won several group championships.

However, due to pregnancy and taking care of Yu Cani since then, Xi Xiaolin stopped skipping training. It was not until Dawei opened the rope skipping school, and Ji Xiaolin picked up the skipping rope again, and became a full -time coach in the jumping club of Yu Dawei.

Just in 2021, Wu Xiaolin, who returned to the field, won a championship of the international skipping public competition. In this way, they became the "World Champion Couple".

Today, the "World Champion Couple" has trained the youngest member of the 6 -year -old national team, and they have also upgraded to the "home of the national team".

Dad Yu Dawei is the world champion of skipping rope.

The growth of "skipping genius"

From the beginning of "playing rope" to the present, Yu Dawei has not allowed her daughter to have the so -called "occupation" or "semi -occupation" skipping training.

For Dawei’s words, "She has always jumped with her own interests. We just guide her how to do the action."

So, how did the little girl who has been named "skipping rope" by netizens since the age of 4 has grown step by step to today’s national team level?

"I have a rope jumping school myself, and my daughter has always stayed in such an environment to watch the brother and sister beside her jumping rope. Then she feels interesting. When she is more than one year old, she wants to learn their appearance."

Yu Dawei recalled that because the children in the school were trained in the "three shakes" competitive rope skipping, they needed to be high."My daughter -in -law would ask her what she was doing, she said, ‘learning dad’s skipping’."

At the age of two, Yu Dawei began to incorporate some tips of skipping rope into her daughter’s usual games, and guided her to make some attempts to jump and jump continuously. "The arm movement), then let her know the basic movement of the rope skipping little by little. "

Until the age of three and two months, Yu Chanyi completed a skipping rope independently for the first time, and what made Yu Dawei even more surprised was that "a few days later, she could already jump more than dozens to dozens of consecutive."

In the process of rapid learning and growth, Yu Dawei did not force her daughter to do how much training every day- "Such a small child, cardiopulmonary function and bones are not mature, so they can only be used to comply with her way of growth.Jump."

Yu Chanyi has been dazzling at the ears of the skipping rope since childhood.

Adhere to "Education and Le"

Two years ago, Yu Dawei talked to the surging journalist to talk about the training method of Cani. "She did some exercises of 5 seconds, 10 seconds, and 30 seconds. The real training time was about 20 or 30 minutes.Time is playing. "

And now Yu Chanyi’s practice of "education and music" has not changed much. "After the end of the child, she will come to the museum to train for a while. If the state is goodJust practice less for a while. We still follow her growth law and will not practice, but there will be more jumping time than other children. "

Yu Dawei revealed that because of the epidemic, Yu Chanyi’s training also stopped, which also had some impact on her performance in the personal project of the trial.But even so, Yu Cani, 6 years old, is already a "world level" among children of the same age.

At the age of 4, Yu Cani’s best score was 30 seconds to shake the rope 130 times. Before the epidemic sealing control stopped training this year, her best score had reached nearly 180 times in 30 seconds.

"30 seconds 180 times for a child of six or seven years old, it is definitely the world’s top level." Speaking of Chanyi’s talent and effort, as his father’s Yu Dawei, he was proud and proud in the tone of his father.However, as the coach and the "teammates" in the national team, Yu Dawei objectively evaluated Yu Chanyi’s ability to participate under the age of 11 in the Asian Championships.

"But to compare this result in the group of 11 -year -old children, then it can only be regarded as a middle and upper level."

Learn to do your best

Before getting his own efforts to get the "youngest national rope -skipping team member", Yu Chanyi had won a lot of honors and titles.

In addition to the seven championships who won in the national competition at the age of 4, Yu Chanyi won 4 championships and 1 runner -up at the national finals of last year -not only that, she was also rated as a rating."Ambassador of the Children’s Skipping Rope at 2020".

In the face of many honors and achievements, Yu Dawei has always reminded her daughter while being happy for her daughter that the results and honors are not everything they are pursuing.

"She knew that when she joined the national team, she was still very happy, but to be honest, she didn’t know what the representative national team participated in, and there was not much concept." Yu Dawei told the surging news reporter.

"I told her that I did my best to do my best after the game. It doesn’t matter if you try your best to do it."

This is a life attitude that Yu Dawei has begun to skip rope and participates in the contest so far.This is why Dawei is more educated than victory and honor.

Just two years ago, Yu Chanyi participated in a "skipping rope resistance" held by Jilin Province in Jilin Province in 2020 Jilin Province and Changchun City’s rope skipping network challenge. At that time, in the competition with children with a higher age group, Yu ChanYi did not win the championship.

"At that time, a group of children had a delay when uploading the video. At that time, Yu Chanyi’s grade had surpassed other 6 -year -old children. We thought she was going to win the championship." Recalling the experience of that game, Yu Dawei impressed the impression of Dawei.The deepest thing was that her daughter cried into tears because she missed the champion.

"After the final confirmation of another group was higher than her, she knew that she couldn’t get the trophy, and then she cried."

After rubbing her shoulders with the "trophy", Yu Dawei told her daughter that the other party was older than her, and she really jumped better than her, so she needed to work harder to win the championship. "I remember she quickly understood,Then say that you want to work harder. "

Win in the rules and lose with dignity

In the past two years, more and more competitions in Yu Chanyi have experienced more "setbacks" of missing championships.

"She is still very concerned about the champion and trophy. After all, professional competitions will have a higher concept of victory and defeat."

Speaking of Yu Chanyi’s desire to win, Yu Dawei also laughed, "But now she can face failure. For example, she will be sad if she doesn’t take the first one, but soon she can adjust it."

It is under such a family atmosphere that Yu Chanyi not only has a stronger skipping ability, but also has a maturity of the understanding of the competitive spirit and an attitude towards victory.

"Although she entered the national team and can participate in more professional games and training, will she take the road skipping in the future? We still look at her."

Yu Dawei told the surging news reporter that Yu Chanyi now has many other hobbies.

Speaking of Yu Chanyi now has so much attention on social networks, Yu Dawei hopes that the story of their family of three can convey more positive energy, and want more people to understand that "exercise can be a lifetimePersevere, from the age like Yu Chanyi, to me even more age. "

"I always think that children need examples and idols, both stars, or scientists. If this idol can be around, the children can see his efforts and persistence."

"I hope to be her idol and help her better understand the meaning of sports. Learning to win in the rules and lose with dignity. This is the greatest value of sports to children."

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