In this three aspects of the puppet stage, the number of nests can be significantly improved in these three aspects

Recently, the author found in the service market that although some pig farms did not have a non -plague epidemic, the production results were generally not ideal, especially the number of nests was less than 10.In the context of crazy expansion of the group’s pig farm, the decline in pig prices brought about by the recovery and excess capacity of production capacity will be an inevitable trend. At that time, the core competitiveness of the pig farm was more reflected at the level of PSY.Regarding how to increase the number of nests in the nostalgia stage, the author summarizes three key measures in three aspects for reference.

Figure 1 The number of nests in the sow nest is less than 10 heads

The first aspect: prepare before matching

1. The breeding conditions meet the standard

At present, the proportion of reserve sows in the pig farm is relatively large (more than 60%), but most of the breeding is relatively rushing, and even the strong proportion is high, resulting in the low number of first -tested sows and the low numbers of health.

Figure 2 The reserve sow did not meet the breeding conditions

Improvement measures: Strengthen the cultivation management of sows after reinforcement, and establish reasonable breeding standards 1) Preliminary date of age: 240-260 days; 2) Early distribution weight: 130-150 kg 3) First-off-back 膘: 13-17 mm4) Period love period: up to 2 love periods.

2. Poor semen vitality

Most household farms can meet the breeding needs of pig farms through outsourced semen. In addition, the breeding of pigs is not concentrated enough, and it often needs to purchase semen for several days or even 1 week.Due to conditions, the vitality of semen cannot be checked before each breeding. In addition, improper transportation preservation will reduce the vitality of sperm and affect the surrogacy rate of sows.

Figure 3 During the breeding process, the semen box is opened at will

Improvement measures: 1) It is recommended to buy a simple electronic microscope for pig farms to facilitate sperm vitality inspection before breeding (> 0.6 or more); 2) Use a seal with a good seal and light -absorbing box during the breeding process.To.

Figure 4 Check the vitality of sperm

The second aspect: Do a good job of breeding operations

1. The timing of the breeding is not allowed

After the non -plague, the proportion of new employees of pig farms has continued to rise, and the lack of experience in breeding technicians often leads to inaccurate the timing of the breeding of sows, affecting the tire rate of sow.

Figure 5 The number of sows in a sow is as high as 4 times

Improvement measures: 1) Pig farm technicians must train new employees to train more related skills and accumulate experience in actual production.The changes in mucosal mucus in the pussy to comprehensively judge the timing and number of sows’ breeding time.

Figure 6 V estimnce sow mucus changes

2. There are more semen inversion

During the breeding process, the position of the sperm bottle is too high and prematurely punching (needle) will cause the sow to absorb too fast (the semen is lost within 1 minute), and the result is that the semen is "inhaled too fast and the flow is fast."In addition, when the sow stands in a bad state, it will also affect the backflow of the input semen, which will affect the sows’ tire rate.



1) During conventional infusion, fix the trapped pigs in front of the sow to keep them better static;

2) During the infusion process, the semen is low when the semen is inhaled quickly (or there is an inverted).

3) When the sow is found to be difficulty (or semen reflux), immediately massage sensitive parts such as the vulva or tail root of the sow.

3. There are more sows

Sowers who found problems found before breeding, such as severe pus and diseases, will delay the breeding, prevent sow preventing sows from returning emotional during the first love period.

Figure 8 sows with severe pus

The third aspect: strengthen the management of pregnancy during pregnancy

Studies have shown that there are multiple embryonic deaths during the early pregnancy (9-13 days, 18-24 days), leading to about 30%-40%embryo death, which affects the number of sows.Heaven) Embryo is easy to form weak babies due to insufficient nutrition; the growth of the placenta in the late pregnancy (after 95 days) and the rapid growth of the fetus. Insufficient nutritional supply will cause fetal death (5%-10%) and vitality.

1. Early pregnancy tire

Figure 9 Six and not excellent technologies that reduce early embryo death


It is recommended that the pig farm refer to the early six and different technologies to reduce sows’ stress and increase reproductive nutrition, such as 1kg/t, to promote the development of sow reproductive organs and provide sufficient nutrition for the successful bed in the embryo.

2. Management of late pregnancy

In the late pregnancy, it is a stage when the fetus grows rapidly and is prone to sows. It is necessary to do a good job of "attack management", "disease purification" and "stress management".

★ Tire management

1) Time: Too early will affect the development of sow breasts, and too late will affect the normal growth of the fetus. It is recommended to be pregnant 90 days;

2) Ingredients: Mammal materials are designed according to the nutritional needs of sow stages during breastfeeding. We must continue to use pregnant materials;

3) The amount of material: The recommended amount is 2.8-3.0kg/head. In the production, the combination of the sow’s belly and the back of the back is flexibly adjusted;

4) Nutrition: Increase the crude fiber content of the feed, and it is easy to support the gastrointestinal tract of sow.Add 1kg/T to add reproductive nutrients to enhance the pig’s initial vitality.

★ Disease purification

1) Do a good job of basic biological safety measures to reduce the invasion of sows in the late pregnancy;

2) Each quarter of the basic sows and blood mining monitoring diseases, sort out the immune procedures in line with this field;

3) For constipation in the later stages of pregnancy, you can add 0.5kg/t to improve intestinal health problems;

4) The window period for the outbreak of diseases such as non -plague and blue ear in the later stages of pregnancy. It is recommended to add the source of Kangzhi 2kg/T to improve the threshold of the disease infection of the pigs.

★ stress management

1) Do not drive sows in the later stages of pregnancy, and minimize vaccine immunity;

2) The sows are more sensitive to heat in the late pregnancy, and the temperature is controlled at 18-25 ° C to reduce thermal stress;

3) Before the pregnant sow enters the delivery room, choose a good safety and irritating disinfection water and deworming medicine for disinfection and deworming;

4) Pig farms with conditional conditions can be transferred to the second trimester of sow to large columns or semi-limited bar feeds (3-4 heads/columns) to appropriately increase the amount of exercise and relieve stress.


In the author’s opinion, there are many factors that affect the number of sows at the stage. The pig farm needs to grasp the focus and refer to the actual situation in this field to improve one by one.At the same time, the production cycle is long in the puppet, and many details work will eventually see the good results.

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