In these three cases, the children who are pregnant are best not to do it. Persistence will only make the whole family suffer.

For pregnancy, many couples who have always wanted their babies can not conceive their children. Some couples really worked hard to ask for a child, but in the end, they still have no movement. On the other hand, those couples who are easy to get pregnant are for a long time. For a long time, for a long timeFor couples who are not pregnant, they are really a psychological blow. Why do people want children and can easily conceive. In fact, for these couples who are not preparing for pregnancyunderstand.Linlin has been married for three years now. When she got married for the first year, she planned to ask her husband for children, so the two embarked on the road to preparing for pregnancy. Before preparing for the child, both went to the hospital to do relatedIn the test, it was found that Lin Lin’s follicles were not very good, and it was not easy to get pregnant. Therefore, Linlin ran through large and small hospitals in recent years.For pregnancy, Lin Lin was obviously old in his early 30s, and it seemed like a 40 -year -old middle -aged woman who had been tossed. Not long ago, Lin Lin finally became pregnant after these bitter journey, but after being checked, he was told that the fetus stopped., I have to have a miscarriage under the advice of the doctor.At that time, Linlin was really in a state of crash. Indeed, Lin Lin’s experience was very distressing.In fact, Linlin’s case, as many women who are preparing for pregnancy, are really difficult, but it is also clearly known. It is not that the child can be born smoothly as long as you are pregnant.What should be paid attention to, so as not to occur like Lin Lin, in general, even if it is difficult to prepare for pregnancy, the babies who are pregnant in these three cases cannot have it. If persistence, it will only become a more heavy burden on the entire family.

1. Infected some viruses that are easily transmitted to the fetus

I saw in the news before that a pregnant mother was infected with rubella virus during pregnancy. This was only discovered until six months of the fetus. Finally, the doctor suggested that the pregnant mother for induction of labor based on the results of the test.You must know that the fetus has been six months old. At this time, it is cruel to the fetus and the fetus, but if you really have a baby, then there is a deformed situation, then it is right to be born.The child’s own unfairness, and many viruses infected by the mother can enter the fetus through the placenta, but if some pregnant mothers at this time, if some pregnant mothers give birth to the baby’s advice, they are not only risky, but then the whole whole is the whole.The burden of the family will become heavier, so when the pregnant mother is prepared or pregnant, the virus that is easily transmitted to the fetus will be infected. Even if you want this child, you cannot be lonely, and the child is absolutely impossible.

2. Take some drugs disabled by pregnant women

We all know that when we are sick, we will see the precautions of the medicine instructions. There are marks that have written "for pregnant women". Of course, this is also reminding us that after pregnancy, these drugs can not be takenBoth pregnant mothers and fetuses will have a great impact, so if the pregnant mother accidentally takes drugs disabled by pregnant women when preparing for pregnancy or after pregnancy, then the pregnant mother must talk to the doctor in time, and then according to the doctor’s judgmentIs it necessary to terminate pregnancy? Although some drugs may not cause abnormalities and deformities to fetal development, even if there is a possibility of one in 10,000, it is not recommended that pregnant mothers adventure, like the examples of the above case Linlin Linlin in the above case Linlin Linlin.After pregnancy, the phenomenon of fetal stopping, and finally, after the analysis, the doctor judged that Lin Lin took a lot of drugs for gynecological diseases during pregnancy.If the medicine that is easy to make the fetus is not checked in time, then after the child is born, the entire family will be at a kind of deep water.

3. Check out a history of genetics in both families

Many husbands and wives will conduct a marriage check directly when they get married, and some will do some related examinations when preparing for pregnancy. At this time, they usually investigate whether the entire family has a genetic history, but it does not rule out some of them.It has a history of concealment of parents, so of course this genetic history is only for more serious situations. If the pregnant mother finds a genetic history after pregnancy, such as genetic diseases, such as hereditary mental illness, hemophilia and other genetic diseases, I should go to the hospital immediately, and choose whether to terminate the pregnancy according to the doctor’s suggestion.Of course, in general, for some relatively light genetic diseases, it has no effect on the normal development of the fetus, and pregnant mothers need not be too anxious.

In fact, for pregnancy or pregnancy, now that the child has been decided, the husband and wife should be prepared for sufficient, especially for some taboos during pregnancy. It must be clear.If you conceive your child in some cases, even if you are reluctant to consider eugenics, if you blindly adhere to your own opinions and adventure to the child, it is likely to be the child’s nightmare and the burden of the entire family.

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