In the past three or five years, it is recommended that college students who just graduated do not work in the bank. Why?

“”In the past three or five years, it is recommended that college students who just graduated do not work in the bank. Why?

Every year, the beginning of the campus recruitment of various enterprises. Recently, my relatives of my hometown asked me, what is the working situation in the bank?Some relatives’ children have been admitted by the bank, some are in a senior year, and they are preparing to participate in the autumn job fair this year to get the position of bank staff, because in the eyes of relatives of their hometown, the bank work must be iron rice bowls.Wages and welfare policies are very good. I heard that as long as they have become officials, the annual salary of one year is tens of millions.

The thoughts of relatives in their hometown were still staying 2000 years ago. After more than 20 years of high -speed development, the economy has changed. The work of banks is not an iron rice bowl. It is not in the system. Both medical insurance and social insurance and provident funds are only available.

I have been working in the financial system for a long time. I know each system very well. Ordinary people think that working in a bank is very face -oriented. I sit in the office every day to blow the air conditioner and hold tens of thousands of wages per month.It’s easy, I tell you, this is just your fantasy. Today, the underlying employee of the bank is 3/4,000 a month, and it is also very tired.It is closed at 5:30. It is the business hours. After the door is closed, you need to do everything every day, meet and other things. It is not the imagination of 5 o’clock, and it is at 5 o’clock.

If you enter the banking system to work, the day you enter, you want to take the office, it is definitely impossible. It is definitely a branch of the branch or branch to exercise. Once you get off the grassroots, you want to return to the head office, it is very difficult. You are you.From the recruitment of the campus, I can be sure that it is definitely going to work on the outlet, and starting from the counter. It may not be taken at the counter two years later.why?

First of all, the counters are the counters who take money or do cards. I often have no time to eat and drink water. I go to the toilet. I have very little private time.

The bank’s outlets work at 8:30, and you have to go to work before 8 am every morning. You are ready to meet. Basically, you will get up at 6 in the morning. After having breakfast, you will go to the unit.And the meal time is only about half an hour, and there is no rest time at all. As I said above, after closing the door in the afternoon, the study of meetings, new products, and reports of performance.After completing the deposit or loan indicators, the leaders also have to teach and teach it. They rarely go home from work at 8 pm.There is no time to learn.

My cousin, working in a bank, resigned for the past two years, because when she was pregnant five years ago, her performance was not completed. The leader didn’t care at all.

In the past two years, college students who have recruited campus recruitment have become higher and higher. The main reason is that the grassroots outlets work too busy. There is no time to have a friend.The bank has worked for two years and has never had time to contact outside. She said that if she goes on like this, she will be lonely and old, so she chose to leave and want to find the other half.

I said before that one person has a chicken and dog ascending the sky. Now, the family has one who has entered the bank to work, and the whole family is busy. Why?

After entering the banking system, we must be clear that work is not so easy, it is not a white -collar worker we imagine. There is also a reason that the performance indicators are very stressful.The same is true of banks. The task of financial management, the task of credit cards, and a lot of performance tasks. I have a friend to work at the bank counter. The monthly task is to do 10 credit cards, more than 400,000 deposits, mobile bankingAfter the registration is to reach 10, you can start. You can ask relatives and friends to help. Relatives and friends run out. What should I do next month?The whole family must be dispatched, send a circle of friends, and help to pull the business.

Don’t think that only people at the counter are busy. In fact, the customer manager is not much better, and it is also risky to be greater than those in the counter.

The income of the client manager is very related to the amount of the loan. The salary depends on performance. My outlets downstairs. When I save money, I find her.If you can’t put the loan, have been criticized countless times by the leaders, and the performance has been deducted a lot. There is also the most difficult problem. If the loan is released, the customer has no ability to repay or does not repay.The performance of the performance is gone, and it is also recorded in the case. If you do this industry for several years, there are basically traces of punishment in the archives.

Many people are very hard. I run loans during the day. I have to organize the information, write a report, and organize the department to study overtime at night. If they can rest one day, it is very good.Working is very busy and can not return home.

The client manager also has the biggest risk point. If there is a problem with the loan, even if the punishment is punished, some loans may be violated and the discipline may be investigated or even sentenced.

A few friends around me had such a situation. In 88 years, it was very young and had a future. As a result, there was a problem with the loan and was arrested.

Grass -roots employees are not income, which is similar to the salary level outside the private enterprise. Do not be misleading by the 10,000 wages on the Internet. The wages of the banking system are a bit large. The wages of leaders and ordinary employees are very large.Unlike ordinary employees, the income gap is very large.

The bank’s grass -roots employees are about 4,000 yuan per month. Even if the grass -roots employees have reached retirement, they are still the level of salary. The college students who came out of the counter were basically about 3,000 yuan at the counter.The basic salary is about 2,000 yuan, and like many private companies, it can’t even catch up with the salary of private companies.

In the last point, if you have no background, you only rely on your own ability, and you want to do a career in the banking system, which is difficult.

The bank is the same as the system. It is not how hard you work, you can become a leader. We often go to the outlets to do things. There are women in their 40s who work at the front -line counter and have to retire.If you recruit on campus and work on the outlet, you want to be promoted, it is very difficult.

The ability to work is just a small aspect, but more relationships and backgrounds. Each unit is almost the same. Whether it is private enterprises or central enterprises, busy people are busy, and idle people grind their skin every day.It is not doing anything, working in a bank, this is the reality.

Therefore, I suggest that college students who have just graduated do not go to work in the bank. Work is not as good as imagined, and wages are not so high. I suggest that you choose civil servants in public institutions, which will be better.

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