In the past, "school grass" became ugly!I thought it was a middle -aged blessing, but I didn’t expect it to have this disease

"School grass" is difficult to escape from middle age?

The eyebrow bow becomes bigger, the nose becomes larger,

Thicker lips, thicker toe …

In recent years,

A man in Meizhou slowly "ugly",

In the past, the face value of "school grass" disappeared,

I thought it was a middle -aged blessing.

Some time ago, he had a headache for a long time

Only to find out the cause in Guangzhou,

It turned out that the intracranial tumor had a tumor.

When people reach middle age, "school grass" is "ugly"

Chen Hui (pseudonym), who lives in Meizhou, is 37 years old. In the memory of relatives and friends, Chen Hui was young and handsome when he was young. He was a "school grass" during college.But unknowingly, Chen Hui’s body changed some changes.

"In the past two or three years, I found my nose, mouth, skin, and hands slowly became large, and my hands and feet were tight and swollen."

Chen Hui’s weight is also growing, nearly 180 pounds of fattest, and speaking has become a little vague.He didn’t care about the changes in the body, thinking that it was normal middle -aged gaining weight.

In July and August last year, Chen Hui frequently had headaches and vomiting.At that time, the medical examination reminded that there might be cysts in the head, and the blood pressure was high.After taking antihypertensive drugs, headache improved, he thought that these symptoms were caused by high blood pressure, and no further examination was done.

At the beginning of January this year, Chen Hui felt a headache for a while, and his eyes were swollen.After the ophthalmology examination was not hindrance, the doctor suggested that he check the CT CT before discovering that the intracranial lesions are occupied.In order to seek further diagnosis and treatment, Chen Hui came to Guangdong Sanjiu Brain Hospital.

"Hit the hole" from the nostrils, remove the pituitary tumor

Jin Xin, director of the three subjects of the hospital, was basically determined to be pituitary tumor according to the appearance characteristics of the patient.Jin Xin told reporters:

"The patient’s eyebrow bow is prominent, the nose is wide, the lips are thick, and the palms are obviously thick than ordinary people. It is a very typical pituitary tumor symptom."

Further brain image examination reminds that the saddle area has a positional lesions, and the growth hormones in the body are several times higher than ordinary people.Jinxin analyzed that patients with intracranial tumors should be clinically common growth hormone pituitary tumors.Due to excessive secretion of growth hormones, the series of "ugly" symptoms occur.

Patient image materials

After the relevant examination was improved, the Jinxin team "poured holes" from the patient’s nostrils and successfully removed a growth hormone pituitary tumor with a size of 26mm × 19mm × 19mm.After the operation, Chen Hui’s growth hormone level dropped to normal level. "The most obvious change is that the swelling of hands and feet has disappeared."

Jin Xin analyzed that normal middle -aged gaining fat is fat accumulation and will not change the growth of the facial features.The growth hormone -type pituitary tumor can lead to the excessive increase of the whole body, bone and cartilage, and thereby becoming larger, thick lips, tall eyebrows and cheekbones, large hands and feet, thick skin, etc.It becomes thick and can cause hoarseness.


Information Times reporter Zhang Man correspondent Zhang Xiaomei

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