In the hot summer, the neck is itchy!Aunt’s little tricks helped me

I haven’t been to my aunt’s house for several years. Recently, I finally have a chance to go there to stay there. Don’t mention how happy you are!

Before leaving, I prepared a few sets of clothes and daily necessities, and as her aunt went to her house. Although it was already high temperature, it was very cool.My aunt’s house is the place I am most willing to go to. I am willing to go regardless of what the aunt’s house is.

A few days when I went to my aunt’s house, the hottest time in the summer-Sanfu Tian arrived. It is indeed Sanfu Tian. Every day, except for high temperatures, it is sweltering.You can’t go anywhere. Let’s avoid the heat at home. Don’t bother your aunt.

After a few days, suddenly one day, I felt itchy and unbearable!It is a word without you during the day and night: itch!If you can’t stand it, your small hand will push or beat it, but the neck itchs, and the skin becomes red at the same time.

I thought it would not be itchy when I scratched it twice. I didn’t expect to be heavier.After watching it, the aunt said that the weather was too hot, the ultraviolet allergy, and I scratched it, so this was the case.After speaking, she took out her homemade unicorn wine and white noodles together, made a mask, patiently applied me to itching, and then took it down for a few hours, and put it on the unicorn liquor.After a few times, um, the neck was not so itchy, and the skin tone gradually became normal. It turned out that it felt very rough, but it became smooth.

Wow!It’s so amazing!I did not expect that the neck was itchy for a few years, too many ointments, and problems that had not been solved with many ways. This year, I was resolved at my aunt’s house.The mood is really happy!I didn’t expect my aunt to have such a killer.

In fact, my aunt would have used unicorn to solve some small problems in life.In my eyes, my aunt is like a divine doctor, and there is no problem that she can’t solve.No matter whether an adult or a child in the family, whoever encounters the problem, the first thing I think of is the aunt.No matter where the aunt is, the phone will call at any time; no matter when you encounter a problem, you must call to find aunt.The unicorns with strong toxicity are gentle and lovely children in the hands of my aunt. They can attack toxicity and fully reveal its ability.

Now, my neck is completely restored as before, and the hot sun will appear at any time, but I no longer sleep well, no longer feel irritable, and the rest is better happiness.After the autumn, I can go to the attractions with my aunt.

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