In the early stages of pregnancy, I was working normally. The office leaders like to smoke. What should I do?

In the early stages of pregnancy, I was working normally. What should I do if I love smoking?I have encountered this problem. I was very distressed at first. Later, I found a way to solve it.

1. Very euphemistic explanation.

Of course, this is to say with a smile, but also slowly, when no one is.Is it a leader after all?No one wants to offend. I was very distressed at the beginning of my beginning. I don’t know what to say.

At that time, there were many men in our office, but the director of the office had the greatest smoke addiction, so I found an afternoon of no one. When I was two of him, I first made him a cup of tea, brought over, and then pulled the family often.Similarly, I chatted with some things in my work.

Later, when I felt that his mood was very good, I told him that I was pregnant. The doctor said that he could not smell the smell of smoke. When I just said here, he immediately said: "Okay, good, congratulations, congratulations, congratulations, congratulations, congratulations, congratulations, congratulations, congratulations, congratulations, congratulations,We will pay attention in the future, especially when I smoke in the future. "

In this way, he also said to other staff in the office that he could not smoke in the office in the future.Hehe, I felt like a talented person at the time.

2. Directly.

If you go to him by yourself, you can directly show that you are pregnant. You ca n’t smell second -hand smoke. The trouble of trouble is more considerate. If you want to smoke, you can choose other places.

But your tone and your language must be sincere, let your leaders feel you begging him, because many people can become a leader, most of them have strong personality, and do not like others to manage themselves, so try to take your identity as much as possibleLow some, the chance of being understood is relatively large.

3. Said vaguely.

Why is it obscure?I originally in a three -person office. A friend of my male colleague came to the office to find him, and they chatted together in the office.

The friend quickly lit the cigarette, and one after another. I was uncomfortable. I started to cough and made a lot of action that I couldn’t smell the smell of smoke. I hope this friend can feel it. Then don’t smoke.Essence

At this time, another female colleague who rarely spoke, said to my male colleague with a serious face: "XX, please open the window and door."Can’t smell of smoke.

But that friend quickly pressed the cigarette and said, "I’m sorry, I won’t smoke now."

How to explain this, what kind of person to choose, what kind of way of speaking, because I do not allow smoking, I also have a contradictory person with a very low quality, so I feel that this is really difficult.You might as well try the above.

If others have other methods, please leave a message in the background.

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