In the early pregnancy, how to eat the "normal" diet?

Eating fragrant, sleeping well, and pulling well is the simple happiness daily.However, from the beginning of pregnancy, pregnant mothers have to face the distress of not eating.Looking at the food that I have always liked, I couldn’t swallow it in my mouth. I was nauseous and nauseous.

This is a normal phenomenon in the early pregnancy. The personal constitution is different and the degree of response is different. Some people still eat and spicy.These symptoms generally do not require special treatment, and they will disappear naturally after 3 months of pregnancy.

But early pregnancy is a critical period for babies’ organs, especially the brain.If the mother’s diet is uneven and lack of certain elements, it will directly affect the baby’s development.At this time, it is very important to be rich in nutritional, digestible, and less greasy meals!

How to eat in the early pregnancy?


Reducing pregnancy

Eat all dry carbonic foods such as whole wheat bread, biscuits, oats, and oats in the morning.If you don’t want to eat rice and porridge, you can also use biscuits and bread instead.Dry foods can improve pregnancy, while all -wheat dietary fiber can improve constipation.

Avoid greasy fried foods and desserts. These are not easy to digest, and the sensitivity to the smell during pregnancy is improved. Pregnant mothers are very exclusive to greasy taste.Try to choose the cooking method of stewed stew, a light diet.

Vitamin B6 is added. It is recommended to consume 2.2 mg daily during pregnancy. Like carrots, milk, grains, and nuts, it contains high vitamin B6.You can consult your doctor if you need additional supplements.


You must consume at least 130g of carbohydrates every day

In order to ensure the intake of glucose and avoid ketoic acid poisoning caused by fat decomposition and endanger the baby’s nervous system, ingest at least 130g of carbohydrates a day, which is equivalent to eating 5 ~ 6 bowls of rice a day.How can you eat it?

Don’t worry, take less meals and diverse methods.As long as you are hungry, eat if you want to eat, don’t stick to eating time.

For example, a cup of soy milk for breakfast provides 5g of carbohydrates; an apple before the meal provides 22g of carbohydrates; one bowl of sweet potato porridge or millet porridge can be provided for 50g of carbohydrates; one portion of 200g of potato shreds or noodles can provide 20g of carbon water;3g of carbohydrates; no other meat has been counted.This "5 ~ 6 bowls of rice" is actually not many in breakfast, lunch, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, and supper.

*Early pregnancy amount of food is the same as pregnancy!

In addition, in the early pregnancy, deep -sea fish and iodine -containing foods should be eaten, and sea products are arranged 1-2 times a week, such as kelp, seaweed, cod, sea shrimp, etc.


Folic acid

Of course, we advocate eating more fresh fruits and fruits, can supplement folic acid, and prevent fetal nerve tube malformation.However, the hospital will open folic acid tablets for pregnant mothers in the early pregnancy. You only need to add 0.4 mg every day without having to deliberately overdose.The smarter the children are not allowed, the smarter the children. Excessive folic acid will affect the absorption of zinc.

What can’t I eat during pregnancy?

As soon as some people thought of pregnancy, they began to "avoid".Everyone asks every time, can the spicy spicy be eaten?Can’t instant noodles?What a barbecue … Can the cake be eaten?What should I do if I have no coffee?Will ice cream be cold to the baby?

Spicy, ice cream, cakes, coffee, barbecue are not ram, why not eat it?You can eat!Just eat less.Occasionally eat it once, or eat a little a week, it is not indulgent to indulge, and you can mobilize your appetite!But the total amount of caffeine per day should not exceed 200 mg, about 300ml coffee.

The only thing that must be prohibited is -alcohol!No matter anyone, as long as you drink, there is no safe dose at all.When pregnant women drink alcohol, alcohol will be "drunk" with the blood, which will cause fetal alcohol poisoning syndrome.After birth, severe malformations, low intelligence, and weird behavior.

If there is no significant early pregnancy reaction in the early pregnancy, keep maintaining a balanced diet. Do not be anxious because of the growth of pregnancy;

It is not necessary to emphasize balance when pregnancy vomiting is obvious or poor appetite, as long as you can eat it, eat more;

Those who spit during pregnancy and cannot maintain the basic diet should be hospitalized in time to avoid keto acid poisoning.

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*The picture comes from Pexels, the Chinese Nutrition Society Maternal and Child Nutrition Branch

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