In Nanchang, Jiangxi, men and wives went to barbecue. While buying cigarettes, they were detained and fined afterwards.

In Nanchang, Jiangxi, the man’s wife and son went to eat barbecue together. He was not smoking in the middle of the way.Intent, I didn’t want to meet the girl on the side of the road, letting him want to move, and accompany the daughter to enter the room without touching the material.When he arrived at the police’s inspection, he was arrested at the scene.

Sun Shengxian lives well after his marriage and his wife and wife. The two raised people have a child, and they can help take care of it.The children will grow to the generations, and they will be able to enjoy the world of the two generations.When the case was born, the child was finished and rest at the karma.Supper.

The woman meant to go downstairs with his clothes with this suggestion. Sun Sheng first took the cigarette and went out. After arriving at the shop, he was burned in the baked restaurant.The meaning of life is good, Sun Sheng will smoke first.Soon, Sun Sheng first brought the smoke and turned to the head of his wife to show his childhood. If you want to go out on the street to buy a bag of cigarettes, your wife does not have muchThink, let him come back soon, don’t wait for the barbecue to bake it.

Mr. Sun promised again and again, so he went to Bian Zhou’s business in the business of cigarettes, and the road met a woman who was in place in place, and she was charming to him.Sun Sheng took a look at the time, and wanted to take the opportunity to go forward.

The woman is also skilled. At first glance, Sun Sheng is good, and after he talked with him, Sun Sheng first entered the female Jinzi.In the room next to the room, he saw the beauty of the sperm’s brain.

When the two people prepared the bed rolling up, Sun Xian heard the sound of knocking on the door and asked him to open the door, and it seemed that he came to the room.Sun Xian was unavoidable, and he could only worry about dressing and waiting for the case of the case.

After entering the room, the person in the case seemed to see Sun to Mr. Sun to the wolf, and there were women with no clothes on the bed.The interrogation of the two leaders will be returned.

During the interrogation process, Sun Sheng first acknowledged the facts of the law, and the children also recognized the service to the ancestors of Sun Shengti. According to the regulations,The case of the case of the case, Mr. Sun Guo, was connected to his wife and sued the whereabouts of his husband.

However, the wife returned to the husband as a husband, and asked what the question was, and bought cigarettes for so long, but did not think that her husband wentI ’m just buying the smoke?

The wife Guzi didn’t have to think much. He rushed to the out of office and could not see the husband who was fighting.He would ask for him to ask for him.1. The wife is reluctant. Is the case who handler be a member to notify the family?

The "Public Security and Management Punishment Law" stipulates that the shutdown of the public security should be announced to the punishment office to declare the management of the security penalty office and pay it on the spot.Those who are punished and decided to leave a penalty for the detention of the law shall be punished by the person who will be punished by the time.

According to the provisions of the phase, the security penalties that are detained and punishment must be notified to the family, and the family must be known to the information.To pay the corresponding fine, this is her right to know, and she is also right to protect her.

In addition, if the family is reluctant, it is easy to make mistakes, but the son -in -law did not expect that the husband who did not pay the relationship was not wrong.When choosing a cigarettes, he has a relationship with him, and Jane can be evil.2. Mr. Sun and the street are women in prostitution and belong to the case of security management.

The "Punishment of Public Security Management" stipulates that those who are prostitution will be detained for ten days, ten, five, and five thousand yuan.Model; the plot is light, and the detention person or five yuan is punished for five days.Those who played guests in the public office were fined for five days or five hundred dollars.

In the case book, Sun Sheng first took advantage of the gap in the cigarette to take the service requirements to the street girl, and also paid the deserves.The cost, the two experts are consistent, before entering the same room, the personnel of the person as a case should be caught., Debaged and fined.In addition, the female penalty score on the street is the case.That is, the woman has been arrested in violation of the law, so Sun Shengxian’s loss will drop a lot, and there is no need to be scared.

3. Wife Ruzi fruit is not affected by the other party, you can find a marriage to the prosecution.Article 1,0079 of the Civil Code stipulates that if a husband and a wife want to divorce the proposal, there may be organized by the customs or solve.Following the divorce lawsuit directly to the Fa -civilian Institute.Human Law Estate’s divorce marriage case should be adjusted in the bank;divorce.Combined with the details of the case, Sun Xian accompanied his wife and wife to eat supper.One -style of the bad marriage department is puzzled, if the female fruit is puzzled, they can be divorced.

This incident also told us that controlling the desire of self -control can be avoided in violation of many laws. If the taste is pursuing stimuli, thenOf course, the law of punishment will be faced.

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