In August this year, 20 -year -old Chinese girls have followed African husbands to return to Africa: What is she at present

In August 2022, a 20 -year -old Chinese girl Zhou Zhou was pregnant for nearly seven months., Attracted the attention of many netizens, and even alarmed the embassy.

The woman eventually appeared in the end, explaining that she was emotionally unstable due to her mood due to the third trimester, and did not reply to her friends in time, which caused everyone to misunderstand her disappearance. She was very sorry for this.

Recently, Zhou Zhou posted a few photos of herself and African husbands on social media. She said that she did not regret coming to Africa to have children and life, and felt that they were very happy to live in Africa.

How did We Zhou attract the attention of netizens across the country?What is her life in Africa?Please see below:

Foreign -related marriage is currently not news in first -tier cities. Like most countries in the world, in addition to special occupations such as soldiers and police, foreign -related marriage for citizens generally does not interfere.right.

Some provinces even have a proportion of outbound marriages than to marry. For example, there are many rural men in China to find women in Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia in Guangxi and Yunnan.

In Guangdong and other provinces, some Chinese women are not looking for eye -catching news to get married by African black people, but why did it cause warm attention from netizens before Zhou Zhou, mainly: 1) Zhou Zhou is too young, only twenty years old, only twenty years old, only twenty years old, only twenty years old, only 20 years old, only twenty years old, only twenty years old, only twenty years old, only 20 years old, only 20 years old, only 20 years old, only 20 years old, only 20 years old, only 20 years old, only 20 years old, only 20 years old, only 20 years old, only 20 years old, only 20 years old, only 20 years old, only 20 years old, only 20 years old, only 20 years old, only 20 years old, only 20 years old, only 20 years old, only 20 years old, only 20 years old, only 20 years old, only 20 years old, only 20 years old.Originally, I should continue to go to college and should not get married so early; 2) Zhou Zhou has been pregnant for about seven months, but she has to return to Africa with African husbands to have children. This African husband is fifteen years older than her.

Zhou Zhou originally exposed to return to Africa with her African husband on the Internet. Many netizens said that she was too lacking in love or was brainwashed.Although Nigeria is a African country with better economic conditions, after all, there are no relatives there, and the conditions in all aspects cannot be compared with China.

The editor thinks that even if you really want to immigrate, you have to go to some rich countries in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, or cities with good public security conditions in the United States.Stay honestly in second- and third -tier cities in China.

Zhou Zhou regardless of the advice of netizens. Of course, I really do n’t know why her parents do n’t stop her behavior. Some netizens said that she could n’t think of it.) If you want to marry Uncle Africa and live in Africa, I hope to stop the loss in time in the future.

Zhou Zhou also showed his own schedule. Zhou Zhou had been pregnant for more than seven months, and the certificate was only five months. It seems that Zhou Zhou and African husbands were married.Zhou Zhou thought that the little brother of the customs was interesting, no, people felt incredible, Chinese women in the big belly would go to Africa to have children!People suspect that she was deceived to Africa and continued to persuade her to dispel the idea of going to Africa, but this woman could not hear the hints of others at all.

Zhou Zhou finally arrived in Africa. The Customs brother had done his best. After arriving in Nigeria in Africa, his African husband and brother came to pick up the two of them.

After we arrived in Africa, we also knew that her African husband’s family conditions were not as poverty as expected. The local environment was definitely not as good as that of our second- and third -tier cities, but it was not the poverty of imagination.The 180,000 (local currency) of her inspection was about 1,000 yuan, and her husband could still afford it.

Judging from the photos exposed on the Zhouzhou Internet, the local streets are relatively neat and clean. As for the local hospital (estimated conditions), it feels like our community hospital. It is estimated that there is no problem with normal children.

Some netizens said that Zhou Zhou was very pitiful, and African husbands took him to Africa. It was no matter how she had a production inspection every time Zhou Zhou did not accompany him. However, Zhou Zhou refuted this statement.The time came, but there were no photos of him.

Although the mortality rate of African fetuses is indeed very high, there must be no problem with Nigeria’s large cities hospital in large cities in Nigeria.

I estimate that this hospital is almost the same level as our township hospital. If a doctor readers are welcome to leave a message and express your professional opinions!

Judging from the photos of her baby girl with African husbands, you have to admit that the genes of the Chinese are still very powerful. Although the daughter is like a father and a son like a mother, the baby’s skin is not dark, the eyes are very large, and the eyes are very large., Still very cute.

However, some netizens pointed out that Africans’ babies are not very dark when they are born, but they will slowly turn black after a few months.

It is said that Zhou Zhou’s high school classmates said that Zhou Zhou was originally college, but she dropped out of school to go to Africa to have children. She had previously made foreign boyfriends. She seemed to be interested in foreigners and did not have a Chinese boyfriend.At present, there is already a team in Zhouzhou. At present, it is crazy sucking powder. The editor is estimated that the next step is to bring the goods live. After all, the end of the universe is the live broadcast and the goods.

Some netizens broke out before Zhou Zhou still wanted to associate with a Korean boy. As a result, people just walked after playing poker. If it was Zhou Zhou, why did this woman even like Koreans and do n’t find a Chinese boyfriend?

Zhou Zhou also had a big pain point, which was that netizens said that she was the little wife of African husband. She was disdainful of this. She insisted that she was the only wife of African husband who was fifteen years older than her. Of courseBecause before, a girl who graduated from a famous Chinese university had married India to an Indian wife as a little wife (she acknowledged it himself, and he was very proud, otherwise we didn’t know.)

We really don’t know how Zhou Zhou’s parents are pregnant with her and a African who are fifteen years older than her, and we must still adhere to the behavior of marrying Africa from far away.I think a normal parent cannot agree with this crazy behavior at all. Of course, her legs grow on her. She has to be like that. No one can stop her. An adult has the right to determine her marriage.It must also pay for your own behavior.

Zhou Zhou’s African husband did not lose much. He returned to his hometown from China, and there was a Chinese little wife, who was so much younger than him, and gave him a daughter.However, Zhou Zhou gave up his studies at such a young age. He became a mother and lived in a foreign country. There was no classmate and friend who was familiar with.I can’t go back to my own family.

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