In April of pregnancy, the prospective mother drove at a high -speed driving, and suddenly "fly" in front of the steel bars

In April of pregnancy, the prospective mother drove at a high -speed driving, and suddenly "fly" in front of the steel bars

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I remember when I was a kid, every parent drove me to travel, and when I saw a vehicle in front of me, I would hide far away.Later, I asked my parents for the reason. Parents told me that vehicles transporting steel in front of them usually have the risk of falling from the goods. If it is too close to the car, the vehicle in front of it is easy to fall into the rear vehicle.

With my age, watching such news incidents gradually made me realize the seriousness of the matter, so that later, when I went out, I always subconsciously stayed away from such vehicles.However, some time ago, such a thing happened again and was shot by the driving recorder on the vehicle at that time.

Incidents pass

The incident occurred on the high -speed road in Taiyuan, Shanxi. According to the driving recorder screen of the rear vehicle, the screen vehicle was driving on the driving lane near the left, and a truck was driving on the right front of the screen vehicle.And this truck is loaded with steel bars, which was about 300 meters away from the screen vehicle at that time.

But when the distance between the screen and the truck in front of it gradually brought closer, a steel bar suddenly flew over, and after the reinforced bars hit a few spins in the air, it was tightly tied to the front grille of the vehicle.At the same time, the driver of this car is a quasi -mother who is four months pregnant.After the incident, the driver quickly pressed the vehicle horn.

The screen vehicle responds quickly

The driver of the screen vehicle wants to remind the vehicle ahead in the way of whistle, and at the same time tell the family to remember the license plate number ahead, so that the truck will stop.However, the truck may not know at the time, so he continued to drive ahead.In order to recover the losses of the vehicle, the car owner went down and shortened the distance from the truck in front.

Later, while the whistle, while flattening the distance from the truck, he finally caught up with the truck.The family of the screen also shouted the truck twice.Then the screen vehicle surpassed the truck and stopped in front of the truck, forcing the rear truck to stop.Subsequently, according to the investigation of the traffic police department, the length and width of the steel bars loaded by the truck exceeded the contour of the truck.

Division and reminder of accident responsibility

Therefore, the police determined that the driver of the truck needed to bear the full responsibility of the accident, but at the same time, the police did not agree that the vehicle was accelerated to the "do not" to stop the truck.The police then conducted safety education for the driver of the two cars. After all, it was a dangerous thing to stop the rear truck at a high speed.

If the rear vehicle does not stop the car in time, it is easy to cause a second rear -end to the vehicle in front, and there is also a safety risk in the person in the truck.In addition, if the rear truck suddenly brakes emergency, the steel bars in the cargo box are likely to be tied into the truck’s cockpit because of inertia, which is also a high security threat.

Therefore, during the driving process, we encountered a vehicle loaded with heavy types in front, and opened the distance with it as much as possible.Especially when you encounter trucks such as steel bars, iron plates, etc., you should pay more attention. If such incidents occur, you should remember the license plate number of the vehicle, and then contact the traffic management department on the high speed to deal with it.In addition, the truck driver should be reminded that if the vehicle is loaded with steel or large metal items, try to effectively fix it as much as possible to avoid "flying into trouble" to others during driving.

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