In addition to seeing the symptoms, what can you use to detect ectopic pregnancy

Some pregnant women may have a small amount of bleeding and abdominal pain in the early stages of pregnancy. Some people will treat it as a normal reaction of pregnancy and ignore it.It should be noted that it may be "ectopic pregnancy".

Ectopic pregnancy may cause maternal bleeding and shock, and the risk factor is very high, and you need to pay special attention.

Popularly speaking, when women are pregnant normally, fertilized eggs do not bed in the uterine cavity and run to the place outside the uterine cavity.

According to relevant data, the incidence of ectopic pregnancy is about 2%, that is, two of the 100 people are ectopic pregnancy. They have had an artificial abortion, and the chance of ectopic pregnancy will increase.

What are the differences between ectopic pregnancy and normal pregnancy?

Bleeding from vagina: The blood color of ectopic pregnancy will be deeper and long.

Abdominal pain: The embryo of ectopic pregnancy grows outside the uterus and will constantly compress the uterus, and the pain will be stronger.

So, how can we find out whether it is an ectopic pregnancy as soon as possible, so as to better treat it?

First, pay more attention to your physical condition when preparing for pregnancy.

Although there are symptoms such as menopause, abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding, etc., many people also have no symptoms.This requires yourself to pay more attention to your physical condition.

Secondly, go to the hospital as soon as possible.Generally, you can monitor whether you are pregnant after 6 weeks. At this time, you can check the blood. Because the time is still short, you need to monitor the HCG value for a few days. If the value doubles dailyI do n’t know, I still have to do a B -ultrasound to see if there is a pregnancy sac in the uterine cavity.

Third, be sure to follow the doctor’s advice.If an ectopic pregnancy is determined, you must listen to the doctor. The hospitalization is hospitalized. The operation surgery is treated as soon as possible.Ectopic pregnancy is an acute of gynecology. In many cases, there will be no signs, no bleeding, and no stomach pain. Suddenly it will cause major bleeding or shock.Can the occurrence of ectopic pregnancy be prevented?

The occurrence of ectopic pregnancy cannot be prevented. It can only be found early. As mentioned above, blood can be drawn after 6 weeks. The tests of various indicators have no guiding significance.

But in most cases, ectopic pregnancy prefers the following 4 people:

1. People with right ovulation tubes, such as childbirth, abortion, uterine surgery, vaginitis upper infection, etc., can cause inflammation of fallopian tube.

2. People with dysplasia of fallopian tubes.Natural development, the road is blocked, and naturally can only stop halfway.

3. There are too many abortion times, resulting in the thin endometrium, and the fertilized eggs cannot be stationed, so I have to find another place to settle.

4. Frequent emergency contraceptives, if contraception fails, it will increase the possibility of ectopic pregnancy.

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