In 2019, the 67 -year -old aunt in Shandong was accidentally pregnant, and the children had a severity of the relationship. What is it now?

In 2019, Aunt Tian, a 67 -year -old Aunt Tian, Zaozhuang, Shandong, was checked for pregnancy. Doctors exclaimed that this was a miracle brought by Chinese medicine.

The aunt Tian and her husband regardless of the threat of her children’s severiated relationship, and they gave birth to the next daughter.They claim that they can support their children with their own abilities. Now, how are they?

Huang Weiping and Tian Xinju

Tian Xinju was Huang Weiping at the age of 19. At that time, she was still in the school. When she saw Huang Weiping at first glance, he was attracted by him and was secretive.

And Huang Weiping also rejected a very good family relationship for Tian Xinju. The two people determined that the first side of each other was that the other party was the person who was about to spend the rest of his life with himself.

After the two got married, Tian Xinju became a medical worker of the Maternal and Child Health Hospital, while her husband Huang Weiping became a lawyer.

Almost all of them spent in the first half of their lives. When they grew up, they grew up and complained about their parents’ busyness, but they knew that their parents were struggling for this family.

After 50 years old, the two who had been busy with half a lifetime retired and began to stay at home to spend their two -person world.

At this time, a pair of their children have also become a family, and they do not need to worry about them.Therefore, the old couple’s life is very leisurely. Sometimes they help their son -in -law bring their granddaughter, and sometimes the old couples go to the park to walk.

At this time, they have a pension and time, and the lives are moisturized. It is when they enjoy life. The old couple are also immersed in the happy life of their old age, and occasionally they are romantic.

One day, Tian Xinju suddenly felt uncomfortable, weak and dizzy.As a former medical worker, Tian Xinju paid special attention to his body.

She knew that the disease could not be dragged, and as soon as there was a sign, she had to kill it directly in the cradle.Therefore, she went to a well -known Chinese medicine hospital.

After a consultation with an old Chinese medicine medicine, the old Chinese medicine medicine said that Tian Xinju’s body was not big, but some qi stagnation and blood stasis.

After understanding the situation, the old Chinese medicine prescribed a few Chinese medicines to Tian Xinju and told her how to decoct her medicine and the precautions for drinking medicine.

After returning home, Tian Xinju obeyed his doctor and drank Chinese medicine every day to condition his body.What she didn’t know at this time was that she was about to usher in a new vitality in her body.

After drinking a few courses of traditional Chinese medicine, Tian Xinju obviously felt that her energy was a lot stronger, her complexion became more and more rosy, and she was full of energy every day.

Even his wife felt that Tian Xinju was more and more energetic, and it felt younger.

What made Tian Xinju even more unexpected was that she had been menstruation for more than ten years.According to common sense, women who are 50 years old will almost experience their menopause, and then menopause.

Why did the 67 -year -old Tian Xinju come to menstruation again at this time?As a former medical worker, Tian Xinju also encountered this situation for the first time. She was a little nervous and worried that there was a problem with her body.

So, accompanied by his wife, Tian Xinju came to the hospital for examination.After a series of examinations, the doctor said that the indicators of her body were normal.

The doctor was surprised to the menstruation after menopause, but the doctor comforted her. This is a good thing, which shows that her health is good.

Hearing the doctor’s words, Tian Xinju and his wife’s hanging heart finally fell.After the two returned home, they were like the usual, and they enjoyed their lives.

A few months later, Tian Xinju found that her menstruation stopped again. This repeatedly made her bare again.

Moreover, this time, she also obviously felt the wrong body.She became drowsiness, and she didn’t do anything for a day, but she felt tired, and sometimes she was disgusted.

At first, she thought that she had a criminal of stomach disease, so she didn’t take it seriously.But later, this situation became more and more serious, and Tian Xinju was a bit drumming.

She was really uneasy, so she came to the Chinese medicine clinic again and found the old Chinese medicine medicine at that time to give herself a pulse to see what her body was.

Old Chinese medicine asked Tian Xinju’s recent physical condition.Suddenly, the expression of the old Chinese medicine changed, and Tian Xinju saw this, and "stunned" in his heart. Is there really a problem with his body?

I saw the old Chinese medicine seemed to see Tian Xinju and looked at her information again. She repeatedly put her pulse, as if confirming something.

In the end, the old Chinese medicine did not tell Tian Xinju in front of the veins: "This pulse and the overall physical response all show that you are pregnant."

Tian Xinju, who learned the news, was stunned for a moment.Originally, she thought that the menstruation was out of charge again, but she did not expect that she was more outrageous, and she was pregnant at the age of 67.

After returning home, Tian Xinju, who was still suspicious, told Huang Weiping.Huang Weiping was stunned at a time. He quickly took Tian Xinju to the Zaozhuang Women’s Child Health Hospital for inspection.

The hospital’s report report shows that Tian Xinju is indeed pregnant.This news can make Huang Weiping happy, and when Tian Xinju is still considering whether to give birth to this child, Huang Weiping is completely immersed in the joy of Lao Lingzi.

In fact, Huang Weiping has always felt that he has more owed children.When he was young, he was busy with his children, and he had been negligible for his children, and missed the most important growth stage of his children.

Today, the arrival of this child just makes up for the regrets of his absence of his children’s growth. In his opinion, this is an opportunity for God to re -give him.

At this time, in the face of a worried wife, Huang Weiping actively persuaded his wife to give birth to the child.In his opinion, the couple now have both money and time, which is a good time for raising children.

Tian Xinju was said, and then they told the children.The children who got the news came immediately. In their hearts, the incident was neither convinced nor acceptable.

And when he learned that his parents decided to give birth to the child, the children expressed their resolute opposition, and the daughter even said directly: "If you must give birth to this child, then be as my daughter."

In fact, her daughter was so excited because she was worried about her mother’s body.Mother is now 67 years old. When she is pregnant at such an old age, she has to bear the risk of dozens of times more risks than ordinary pregnant women.

And if you have given birth to the child, this will make the neighborhood neighbors think of them, and the old ladies who have good things will not know how to arrange their parents.

Then, taking care of children is also an individual work.Parents are so old that they are not in physical condition than when they are young. What should I do if something happens?

What’s more, now some of their children have their own families, and their parents have retired. In the future, the cost of this child to go to school is also a lot of expenses.It is too simple to rely on retirement to raise children.

Coupled with the age of parents, when the child is 10 years old, the parents are nearly 80 years old. Can they still have the energy to raise children?In the end, the child did not fall on a few of their children.

Tian Xinju expressed his understanding of his children’s concerns.The children have been struggling for several years, and they finally lived a stable life. No one wants to add a burden.

But as a mother, it is not easy to get a child.She still hopes to take this child to this world.

After a few days of tangling, Tian Xinju and his wife Huang Weiping united the front, insisting that they had to give birth to the child, and said that after the children were born, they raised themselves and would not drag their children.

Facing the stubborn parents, the children were angry.They said that if their parents were determined to give birth to their children, those children would no longer return to this home in the future.

At this point with their children, the old couple were uncomfortable, but when they thought of the new life that was about to bring, they still gritted their teeth and insisted on not loose.

After a long time, Tian Xinju began to show his arms. Slowly, his neighbor’s relatives also knew the news of Tian Xinju’s pregnancy.

The problems that the children were worried about were still coming. A group of people talked about Tian Xinju in the back to the ground.In the face of such arguments, Tian Xinju was unmoved. At that time, she only hoped that the child could be born smoothly.

And his wife Huang Weiping also looked forward to the child’s arrival every day. When there was nothing happened, the two often put together the dictionary together and named the children in the stomach.

Huang Weiping finally filmed and decided to name the child "Huang Tianci". He believes that this is a gift from God to them.

During Tian Xinju’s pregnancy, Huang Weiping always accompanied her. He did not miss a pregnancy test. He was also considerate in daily life.

He knew that he was pregnant and had children at this age. His wife faced not only physical risks, but also facing external words.

Therefore, Huang Weiping always pays attention to the movement of his wife. As long as he sees her unhappy, she will want to make her happy.

Slowly, with the encouragement of her wife, Tian Xinju did not have the intention to ignore outsiders’ gossip. She just looked forward to the arrival of this little life with her wife.

On October 25, 2019, with the joint efforts of the expert doctor, Tian Xinju had the next daughter.When he heard the first loud cry of the baby girl, all the doctors in the operating room raised their palms, and they were very excited.

After the 67 -year -old Tian Xinju gave birth to a baby girl, it set a record of the largest age of natural conception in China. This is very rare.

After Tian Xinju knife was dismantled, the two took their daughter to discharge home. Although they had raised a child and a daughter, the child really had great patience and physical challenges to their parents during breastfeeding.

They woke up almost every two hours to feed their children. In the middle of the night, the daughter would immediately get up and coax her, check her diapers.

Although this day was not good, but looking at the pink tender and fat daughter looked at themselves and laughed, they felt crispy.

Today, the old couple who has no job is accompanied by the little daughter every day.At the beginning, with the companion of the younger daughter, although the life was very happy, the old couple still had a puppet in their hearts.

That is their children. Since they decided to give birth to their children, a pair of children have never been able to look at them again.

Even on the day Tian Xinju produced, they never came to the hospital to visit.The old couple who missed and daughter called them many times, hoping to get their understanding, a family reunion.

In fact, for children, the original words were all angry.They stood downstairs and wanted to see their parents several times, but they couldn’t open it.

Now, since the parents have given the steps, there must be, how can there be a hatred between the children and the parents.

When she first saw her younger sister, the children were caught by her cute little appearance.Now they have already accepted this little sister.

Moreover, after a long time, they often went home to help Tian Xinju look at the younger sister, and the family also recovered the previous harmony.

Now, Huang Weiping, who is 71 -year -old, said that he dare not get sick and work hard to get a longevity and spend more time with his daughter.

In order to earn future living expenses and tuition fees for her daughter, Huang Weiping and Tian Xinju tightly opened the new media platform account with the trend, and shared their daily life through videos.

In the video, the three -year -old daughter looked very healthy and cute, and a pair of big eyes made people feel happy at a glance.

Because the old couple’s broken jade Internet was not very familiar, their new media account signed a company and on the 2nd birthday of her younger daughter, the first live broadcast was carried out.

However, their behavior caused a lot of resentment of many netizens. Netizens believed that the old couple used the little daughter to gain traffic.

In this regard, Huang Weiping responded: "Just to help her daughter save some money and make plans for her future."

After Huang Weiping’s old couple became angry on the Internet because of "Lao Lai Zi", many people came to visit and asked them to advice from the secret recipe of having children.In this regard, the two explained that there was no secret recipe, and God was the surprise of their love.

However, behind this unexpected joy, it is not easy. There are both children’s opposition, also outsiders’ so ridiculous words, as well as the pressure of reality and economy.Therefore, it is really not easy to achieve this level.

The netizens have different thoughts on the views of this old couple.Some netizens said that it is impossible to understand. Is it really appropriate to have a child as an old age of Tian Xinju?Grandson is larger than their children.

Some netizens said that as long as they think about it and have the ability to raise them, it is their freedom and have nothing to do with others.

Of course, Tian Xinju’s experience is very rare, not everyone can encounter, so we must consider everything before making a decision.

Such an elderly mother must have risks, so don’t just see the smoothness of the people, but ignore the pressure and criticism they have endured and the moment.

Now, the heat has been cooled slowly, but life must continue.It is hoped that in the future, Xiaotianci can grow up healthy with the company’s company.

(Pictures and story materials are derived from the Internet)

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