In 2010, the Jiangsu woman suffered a car accident and became a vegetative. She found pregnancy in the coma, and was awakened by the birth of a child.


"Plants" is a phenomenon that is difficult to reverse. It also has a strange name called "social death".

Such people often have irreversible damage to the brain, so they lose their subjective consciousness and activity ability.

Of course, the current medical conditions can identify the status of plants, but the probability of awakening is very low.

In other words, no matter how rich, there is no way to change the status quo.

However, a "weird" thing happened in Liyang County, Jiangsu Province, and did not figure out the root cause until now.

A couple suffered a car accident unfortunately, and the wife became a vegetative. When everyone gave up and wanted to buy a Shi Yi, the doctor even found that she was pregnant!

This incident is indeed outrageous, but what’s going on?


On December 1, 2010, Gaodejin rode a tricycle and took his wife Zhang Rongxiang and his two -year -old daughter to return to her mother’s house.

Just as they crossed the road from south to north, a car driving from west to east suddenly rushed over with an accelerator.

Gaodejin was too late to respond. Under a long -lasting whistle, the two cars hit together.

The driver of the car was just a bit of trauma, but both Gaodejin and Zhang Rongxiang were thrown outside the car.

The fierce impact made them fell into a coma, and a pool of blood stains appeared under Zhang Rongxiang’s body.

Fortunately, Zhang Rongxiang held her daughter at the last moment, which made her escape.

The driver of the car hurriedly contacted 120, and after they arrived at the hospital, the injury was more serious than one.

Gaodejin’s collarbone, ribs, and calves had multiple fractures, and Zhang Rongxiang’s head was seriously injured. After examination, the doctor finally diagnosed the craniocerebral brain injury and primary brain stem injury.

In simple terms, Zhang Rongxiang’s probability of surviving is only about 7%. If you can survive for three months, you can survive.

But even if she can survive, she can only maintain basic life in the way of plants.

"No one dares to guarantee what will happen during this period. She is too fragile now, and she may take her away at all." The doctor said sorry.

After Gaodejin woke up, it had been three days since he opened his eyes.

"How about my wife and children?"

The doctor told him truthfully that Gaodejin was extremely excited after hearing, and he had to push a wheelchair to see his wife.

But after he really saw his wife, the scene in front of him collapsed instantly.

I saw that the wife was covered with a tube, and her nose was still with a gastric tube. This was the fifth day when she was out of the ICU. It seemed that it was not much better in the intensive ward.

He couldn’t think of it, how could he talk to him the last second, how could he look like this.

The expensive medical expenses also overwhelmed Gaodejin. Their family was not wealthy. In addition to the younger daughter, the eldest daughter in the family was in high school and could not stand the toss.

"Dejin, let’s give up. Even if Rongxiang can survive this time, it can not live a few years after becoming a vegetative."

Under the persuasion of his family, Gaodejin made a surprising decision: he gave up his personal treatment and intends to treat his wife.

"I have finished surgery, just treat it in the hospital. I can’t die. Other medicines stop."

Gaodejin also bought a pair of crutches, from the center of rehabilitation to the intensive intensive intensive ward, which was the way he repeated several times a day.

"I heard that people have different faces before their death, and I have to stare at Rongxiang at all times."

In the past three months, Gaodejin received his wife’s illness notice every two days, and they were like a knife on his heart.

In any case, at least Zhang Rongxiang was still alive. When the family was waiting anxiously, Zhang Rongxiang suddenly began to twitch and immediately sent the rescue room.

"You are ready."

The doctor’s answer made them difficult. The family also secretly bought Shouyi for Zhang Rongxiang from Gao Dejin.

At this time, a news that I do n’t know if it was joy or worries broke all the depression, and the people present were all shocked …


After 90 days and nights, 2160 hours, Zhang Rongxiang was supported, but during the treatment process, the doctor found that Zhang Rongxiang’s belly seemed to have become larger.

During the hospitalization, Zhang Rongxiang only rely on nutritional liquid day. She lost weight from 120 pounds to 90 pounds. Why is the abdomen more abnormal?

The attending doctor speculated that it may be because of the retention of urine, and the B -ultrasound checklist may be opened. Who knows that the results you get are almost shocked.

Zhang Rongxiang was pregnant and was pregnant for 4 months!

"How is this possible? She has been in a coma for three months, isn’t it wrong?" Gao Dejin also wondered.

After further examination, it confirmed that the doctor’s examination results were not wrong, so this child is likely to exist before the Zhang Rongxiang’s accident.

It was just that Zhang Rongxiang was relatively short during pregnancy. Zhang Rongxiang was difficult to find. It would be even more difficult to say after losing consciousness in a car accident. If the belly had become bigger, I was afraid that even the doctor would not even know the situation.

However, this result did not make Gaodekang feel relieved.

If you leave this child, I am afraid that his wife will be in danger.

The doctor also suggested to terminate pregnancy. At first, Zhang Rongxiang’s nutrition was enough to give himself, and a large amount of drugs were used during the treatment and received a lot of radiation, which is likely to cause children’s malformations.

Secondly, even if the mother and son are safe, children need to give birth.Because the muscles of the plant are relatively loose, once the wound is difficult to heal, the risk of infection will be greatly improved.

But the doctor of obstetrics and gynecology also responded, and they did not recommend killing the child.

"The harm to ending pregnancy is too great, and ordinary people are unbearable, let alone Zhang Rongxiang. The end result is likely to have a dead body."

All situations and possibilities are in front of Gaodejin.

Does the child stay?


After Gao Dijin’s eldest daughter Gao Yun knew this, she decisively went through the school procedures. She wanted to take care of her mother to take good care of the baby and the entire family.

"Dad, I know you can’t bear it. Anyway, things have reached this step, just gamble."

Gaodejin looked at the sensible daughter wet her eyes. Now this situation is really better to let go, as long as the family can be better than anything.

Besides, what if a miracle will appear?

After investigation, the probability of adult plants has a 50%probability of responding within 6 months. Of course, the longer the coma, the smaller the hope will be.

Gaodejin believes that his wife can create a miracle again, but this time it seems that he did not do what he wished.

The expensive treatment fee was overwhelmed by the family, and Zhang Rongxiang’s situation did not improve. Gao Dejin simply went through the discharge procedures and planned to take his wife home to raise a disease.

But their homes were too far away from the hospital, so they planned to rent a house nearby.

But the nearby homeowners rejected him after learning about the situation of the Gaodejin family. In case people can’t hold it at home, how can the house be rented out in the future?

On the other side, they finally rented a independent garage. The family set up a bed, and put on pots and pans to make a "new home".

Since then, Zhang Rongxiang’s designated check -up has never been fell. Every time the doctor came, the doctor was surprisingly found that her physical condition was very stable.

In the past, Zhang Rongxiang would still have convulsions and suddenly decline in blood pressure. Since I got home, she has never appeared, and the complexion has been better.

Gaodejin speculated that it may be that the child’s response was relatively large and the condition was more serious at that time. Now the child is stable, and his wife has followed.

"It is said that she has no consciousness, and I always feel faintly feel that she knows that she has a child."

Gaodejin murmured. In his heart, his wife was just asleep. He couldn’t really accept the fact that his wife was in a "plant state".

As the day passed, Zhang Rongxiang’s stomach gradually became bigger. On weekdays, Gaodejin went out to work and support his family. Gao Yun was responsible for taking care of his mother and sister at home.

The family was too busy to turn around. Only Zhang Rongxiang was lying there quietly. The passage of time was numb, and the hope in front of him gradually faded. At this time, what they most worried about was whether the child could give birth smoothly.

One morning, Gaodejin went out early. When Gao Yun changed her mother, she found that her mother was incontinence three times in a row, and the interval was very short. She hurriedly dialed her father’s phone:

"Dad, my mother seems to be born!"


Gaodekin immediately returned to his house, and his eldest daughter pushed his wife to the hospital with a wheelchair.

The doctor of obstetrics and gynecology began to panic after seeing Zhang Rongxiang again, because the children of plant life were extremely rare, and there were no more than 5 cases in the country.

After some inspections, they found that Zhang Rongxiang was really about to give birth, and it was not a way to wait, so she had to push her into the operating room.

Gaodejin and his family waited anxiously outside. He put his hands on his chest with both hands and meditated: "Rongxiang must spend the difficulties."

More than an hour later, the baby’s cry came from the delivery room.

"It’s a miracle, a big fat boy, five pounds and six!"

After listening, Gaodejin laughed happily, and his long -lost joy was full of the entire hospital gallery.

But he still didn’t let go of his concern. Although the child was born safely, is he healthy?Will the wife be affected by this and cause the disease to deteriorate?

At this time, Gaodejin didn’t know that it was because of his persistence that he would usher in a huge surprise.

His son grew up day after the care of him and his eldest daughter. He was healthy and had big eyes. The doctor said that he was not different from the normal child, and Gao Degin also let go of worry.

He still went out to work during the day as usual and came back to take care of his wife and children at night.

The 17 -year -old Gao Yun also took the heavy responsibility. Every morning, she helped her mother to wash her body and turn over, and then she would rinse milk powder and changing diapers for her brother.

Although an accident has made this family lose its economic foundation and his wife has become a vegetative, God’s gift for them is also precious.

After all, the family can also be reunited, which is the best feedback for Gaodejin.

Therefore, the name he given to his younger son is called "God".

Two years later, he grew up. The first thing he learned was to call his mother.

"God, mother just fell asleep. You shouted her more if you were fine and let her get up to play with you." Gao Dejin never gave up to awaken his wife, and he tried to talk to his wife every day.

God -free is also very smart. He seems to understand everything, and he will lay down beside his mother for a while.

On this day, Gaodejin came to feed his wife for liquid food. He said in interest:

"Rongxiang, don’t you wake up yet, your son will walk, don’t you get up to help me?"

I thought it was to find myself to talk to myself, but I did not expect that the wife really made a response: "Son … I got up."

Gao Dejin thought that he had heard it wrong. He continued to shout his wife’s name, and Tianci also shouted his mother aside.

It didn’t take long for Zhang Rongxiang to open her eyes, but because she just woke up, only her left finger could move.

"It doesn’t matter, take it slowly, there are me and my child!" Gaodejin held his wife’s hand with tears.


Since then, the family has been busy, some are busy making money, some are busy growing up, and some are busy standing up.

Later, they moved home, and the mother practiced walking on the side of the corridor. Godci stood on the other side. Gaodejin and the two daughters stood aside to record the downs of life.

Some people say that the child is connected with his mother. Even if Zhang Rongxiang lost consciousness, he can feel his son, and the power of motherly love may be the factor that she wakes up.

How can there be a miracle in this world, all the miracles are artificially created!

Because there is love, I have never given up.

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