In 19 years, a 67 -year -old aunt was pregnant and produced, and threatened to bother the children. Now the family of three is happy

At the end of 2019, a pair of old couples in Zaozhuang, a 68 -year -old in Shandong, was about to be "kicked" by young people who came to begging., I can conceive my child a medical miracle, I don’t understand the principle. "

Indeed, this pair is almost 70 -year -old husband and wife. Originally planned to plan their pension life, but I did not know that God quietly gave them a "baby". This was both surprised and scared for them.The news spread throughout the hospital and even the Internet world.

How did Tian Xinju, who was already 67 years old?According to the normal human law, this is definitely an unprecedented thing. Now that the children are three years old, how about their lives?

The old man produced by Zaozhuang, Shandong is called Tian Xinju. Her wife is Huang Weiping. Both of them are 140 years old, but they have children at this section.

Both of them had been running out of the time when they were young. Tian Xinju was a doctor who worked at the maternal and child health care house. His husband Huang Weiping first became a secretary in the commune and later transferred to the lawyer’s industry.Therefore, the couple did not have much time to care about their children’s growth, and they were handed over to the elderly to bring their children.

Therefore, after the children of the children are established, the children will inevitably complain about their childhood experiences and the lacking father’s love and mother love. Although they have guilty in their hearts, they can no longer make their children to make up for their childhood regrets.

Therefore, after retirement, they have always tried their best to help their children bring their grandchildren, but after all, they are not their own children. It is difficult to manage in the rebellious period.put one’s oar in.

However, an unexpected examination completely broke the peaceful life of this old couple. Due to the age, Tian Xinju’s body had large and small problems, not only high blood pressure diabetes and other diseases, but even the symptoms of cerebral infarction.So his wife Huang Weiping brought Tian Xinju to the hospital for review. The doctor prescribed her prescription for activating blood circulation and stasis. After returning home to settle the medicine on time, Tian Xinju’s body had changed "wonderful".It is said that women are already the limit of "menstruation" at the age of 55. 67 will definitely be "abnormal" on vacation.

So Huang Weiping hurriedly took his wife to the hospital for examination, but the doctor said that such things were very common. Moreover, the physical condition of the elderly Tian Xinju was much younger than his peers. Under the action of the drug, the body would slowly return to normal.

The second old man thinks that doctors are reasonable, because they usually have strict health management of their own health, not only maintain daily exercise, but also have self -sufficient vegetables and squeeze oil. They rarely eat "heavy oil" food outside.

A few months after returning home, although Tian Xinju’s holiday was "open as usual, but there was no physical discomfort. Suddenly, the" holiday "stopped one day, and the doctor’s diagnosis should be verified.It was either vomiting or no spirit in one day, and her back pain was uncomfortable.

When Huang Weiping saw his wife, he immediately took it to the hospital for examination. This examination completely made the old couple dumbfounded.Go to the baby.

After Tian Xinju and Huang Weiping heard the results of "pregnancy", the two had a blank head for a while, but the children had taken shape in their stomachs, and they could only use induction of labor to kill their children. However, this method was too cruel.With suffering, Tian Xinju and her husband had a total of total. The retirement salary of the two added tens of thousands of yuan. The elderly in the family also "longevity", which can leave this "God of God", but the children learned that the mother’s pregnancy newsLater, the emotions of the two were extremely excited, and threatened that as long as Tian Xinju wanted her child to cut off the relationship with her.

Ke Tian Xinjie was going to give birth to this child, and even regardless of the doctor’s dissuasion, and her husband Huang Weiping opened the "tire protection mode". The two seemed to find the feeling of being young and immersed in the joy of greeting new life.

It is amazing that the process of Tian Xinju’s whole pregnancy to production is very smooth. The problem of hypertension is actually returning to the normal scope when she is pregnant, eliminating a certain maternity risk. Therefore, the couple named the baby "God"Essence

On October 25, 2019, the 67 -year -old Tian Xinju gave birth to a healthy female baby. For a while, whether it is a hospital or on the Internet, the overwhelming news is reported that the 67 -year -old Tian Xinju created "medical miracle".But followed by people’s comment, some people support the elderly, but some people talk about each other.

Tian Xinju and Huang Weiping felt bad at first, but slowly ignored the remarks on the Internet. The two put all their energy on taking care of their children, especially Huang Weiping got up at four o’clock every day to breastfeed to take care of his wife and his daughter.Cooking, and then buying chicken, duck, fish, soup to make soup for his body. For the improvement of material conditions, he once again started the lawyer industry, and he watched the Zongjiao records very much every morning.

Although Tian Xinju saw her eyes, after all, she was old. After giving birth to a child, many basic diseases were worsened. They could only simply do housework to see their children.Huang Weiping and his wife also had a quarrel, but after seeing the daughter of the loved love, they seemed to be relieved.

Although Tian Xinju’s children are noisy to cut off the relationship, Tian Xinju has released a ruthless saying, "If you cut off, you will never bother the children", after all, the blood is thicker than the blood.The sister -in -law loves to put it down.

But such a happy day is short after all. They must be responsible for their daughters. The two have to enter the age of seventy. Although they say that they will live to 100 years old, they are only ten years of companionship.From the moment she gave birth to, the second old age began to save money to buy insurance, leaving a guarantee for the child in the future.

Nowadays, the little Tianci is three years old. Every day, there are parents to accompany. Although it is difficult to predict the future things, at least Tianci has a childhood full of love. Tian Xinju and Huang Weiping also have an account on a social platform (67 years old (67 years oldBirth), recorded every bit of the little daughter, but not the second old man was released, but the company was operated by the company behind him. In the interview last year, Huang Weiping saidThey just want to leave more savings for their daughters.

However, we can see from the video that although Tian Xinju and Huang Weiping have been over 70 years old, they are still full of vitality. They even want to buy a RV with their daughters to travel around China. Perhaps it is the child’s arrival.The same life.Well, the content of this issue is over here. Friends like friends pay attention to reposting. We see you next time.

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