Illegal identification of fetal gender becomes a black market, and blood market is sent to overseas testing to know men and women


Original title: Blood testing is the overseas, gender identification as a black market!


When the two -child era comes, some families hope that they will be a "new technology" in order to seek their children or have a boy who will have a boy.Once many pregnant women find that the sex of the fetus is not as good as their own, they may go to the hospital to induce labor.Selection of fetal gender "cross -border intervention" will bring serious social problems.

Illegal fetal gender identification has formed a "black market"

In recent years, my country has introduced a series of laws and regulations, which clearly prohibits non -medicine from requiring to identify the "two non -" behaviors of fetal gender and selective gender pregnancy.However, some maternal mothers in the Mainland spend high prices to send blood samples to Hong Kong inspection agencies to test the gender of the fetus through black agencies.

A person who knows the way of "sending blood" is frank:

"When I was pregnant with Erbao the year before, I went to an institution in Hong Kong for inspection. It was found that it was a boy, and it was also a boy. After my cousin was pregnant last year, it passed through the intermediary blood. The results of the inspection were also boys.Quas are accurate. If you go to Hong Kong to test blood, you need to find a regular inspection agency. "

With the update of technical means and the development of social software, illegal identification of fetal gender cases show new features: more and more criminals are watching pregnant women, induced pregnant women who need to send blood samples to Hong Kong for examination, and identify fetal gender.

Banyue talks about reporters to sort out cases in various places found that in recent years, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Wenzhou and other places have cracked too much blood tests to identify fetal gender cases. The criminal suspects collected blood samples of pregnant women and transferred to Hong Kong or overseas for gender identification.

Recently, the Hunan Longhui County Court tried a case of illegal identification of fetal gender.In order to obtain illegal interests, the defendant Li Xiaoping has no illegally purchased B -ultrasound machinery to do medicine without the "Medical Institutional Practice License" without the "Medical Institutional Practice License" and illegally purchased illegally.Essence

The judgment provided by the Longhui County Court shows that in addition to using the newly purchased laptop B-ultrasound to help pregnant women notify the sex of the fetus, Li Xiaoping also opened a new project: contact a WeChat friend named "A Xiangya Remote Reproductive-Deng", the other party, the other party, the other partyIt is called a pregnant woman in the early pregnancy to send blood to Hong Kong to identify the sex of the fetus.After discussing with the other party, each of Li sent a case for the blood sample and paid the other party 2800 yuan, while Li Xiang’s testor charged 3500 yuan to 4,200 yuan.As of March 2018, Li Xiaoping used the B -ultrasound and blood drawing test to perform a fetal gender identification for multiple pregnant women.

The profit is rich, and the black intermediary came into being

Due to rich profits, many intermediaries familiar with Hong Kong medical institutions came into being. They went to the Mainland and Hong Kong to collect blood samples to pregnant women and contacted Hong Kong medical institutions for identification.

Dr. Wang Jun, a doctor of the Institute of Genetics and Development Biology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, told reporters that some medical institutions in Hong Kong were to test whether the Y-chromosomal genes in the blood specimen of pregnant women exist.boy.If you really master technology and operate according to specifications, the accuracy is relatively high, but it must not reach 100 %.

"Don’t hurt the fetus, as long as you draw blood, you can learn the gender of the fetus in the early pregnancy. You don’t have to take the B -ultrasound at 5 months of pregnancy, the cost is more than 3,000 yuan. Do not have a child to have a miscarriage within 3 months of pregnancy.If you do n’t need a child, you can only induce labor. Many pregnant women now go to Hong Kong to test the blood test. This market is very hot. "The lady Ma Ning (pseudonym) who had gone to Hong Kong to draw blood tests of the fetus told reporters.

Recently, the Pingyang County Court of Zhejiang Province tried the crimes of "blood -blooding" illegal medical treatment.Hong Kong people secretly "sending blood tests" for more than 300 pregnant women, sending samples to the medical institutions of Hong Kong for fetal gender identification, and profit from them.

He Lin, an academician and genetic biologist of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that now that pregnant women use genetic testing technology to identify the gender of the fetus, and then selectively abortion.Social Issues.

Copy cross -border "two African" behaviors and strengthen strikes

In fact, the "Regulations on the Prohibition of Fetal Gender and Selecting Gender Artificial Periodic Termination of pregnancy" have been implemented on May 1, 2016.With the development of science and technology, the behavior of "two non -" behaviors is becoming more and more hidden, and the full service of the gang to form the industrial chain is formed, and the difficulty of finding clues, investigation evidence collection, and handling punishment will increase.

Li Aiqin, vice chairman of the Hunan Provincial Hospital Association, believes that "two non -" is an important reason for the long -term high -level operation of the gender of the birth population in my country.Some pregnant women go to Hong Kong to identify fetal men and women or send blood samples to Hong Kong for testing suspected illegal fetal sexual appraisal.It is difficult to get up.

Industry insiders pointed out that identifying the sex of fetuses in the Mainland is illegal, but it is legal in Hong Kong. More and more pregnant women go to Hong Kong to identify fetal gender, which should attract attention and crack down on illegal agencies according to law.

People in the legal community believe that Hong Kong can consider issuing or refining relevant laws and regulations to prohibit medical institutions from conducting fetal gender identification to pregnant women in the Mainland.For illegal medical practitioners who have implemented illegal induction surgery to maintain a high pressure, once the evidence is conclusive, the black clinic must be banned according to law, and the criminal responsibility of illegal medical practitioners must be seriously investigated.

Yuan Xiaolu, a lawyer of the Golden State Law Firm in Hunan, believes that it is necessary to increase regional cooperation. Only by the formation of joint efforts such as health, public security, drug supervision and other departments can we form a national "one game of chess" for the "two -African" behavior.(Reporter Shuai Cai, Su Xiaozhou, Chen Wenguang)

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