If you want to get pregnant after taking the ring, these two preparations must be implemented in place

In order to improve the quality of sexual life and effectively play a contraceptive effect, many women will adopt the way to contraception after giving birth.The breeding ring has less interference in the whole body, acts on the part, does not affect fertility after removing, has the advantages of safety, effectiveness, reversal, simplicity, and economy. It is one of the most commonly used nourishing tools.The adoption of the in -palace condemnation context accounted for more than 40%in my country, with an effective rate of about 90%.However, if you want to get pregnant again after using the birthplace, you need to remove the birth ring through surgery.So, how long can I stay in the same room after taking the ring?

Women are removed through surgery. It is generally recommended to spend the night after two weeks after taking the ring.After two weeks of physical conditioning, the endometrium of women’s uterine can be returned to normal, so as not to affect women’s physical health prematurely.The upper ring and the ring taken have a certain impact on the endometrium of women. If the sex life is carried out immediately after taking the ring, it is easy to cause damage to the uterine or endometrium. At this time, pregnancy is also not good for the development and growth of the fetus.

1. Good physical fitness

After taking out the birth ring, if you want to get pregnant normally, both men and women need good physical fitness.However, if you want to get pregnant, it is best to conceive after half a year after taking the ring.Because the use of breeding rings and removing the birth ring may cause damage to the endometrium of women.

If the endometrium is not thick enough, the possibility of getting pregnant will be greatly reduced.If there is a problem with the quality of male sperm, or itself with certain sperm diseases, it will also reduce fertility.Therefore, you need to do a good job of physical examination before preparing for pregnancy to ensure that your health is pregnant.

2. Supplementary nutritional elements

Women preparing for pregnancy need to replenish nutrition elements reasonably so that the health of the fetus after successful conception is guaranteed.If women have symptoms of anemia, they need to eat more foods rich in iron.If there is a calcium deficiency, you need to replenish calcium by diet, or take calcium tablets under the guidance of a doctor.Men can supplement more zinc during pregnancy, zinc is an important element of semen composition.If this element is lacking, you may reduce your fertility.

It can be seen that after women take out the birth ring, it is best to have the same room after two weeks to avoid premature sexual life that affects the health of the uterus.Women who have a fertility plan after taking out the birth ring need to condition their bodies and ensure that their physical conditions are good.In this way, the surrogacy rate can be increased and have a healthy baby.

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