If you have the willingness to give birth, you must decide early. If you do it more than this month, the fetus has suffered too much "pain"

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I don’t know when the busiest department in the hospital is no longer the obstetrics and gynecology department, but the abortion room!Although it is related, the difference is self -evident.

Now many unmarried women, married women, often face a severe problem, that is, unexpected pregnancy. Babies who often have unexpected breds can rarely successfully experience the "breeding process".Choose to do it.

The artificial abortion, which is often said in our mouths, is a "calamity" that these uncontrolled fetal baby will face.

There are many ways to miscarriage. There are two common abortion methods: drug flow and tires. Compared with the tire, the process of drug flow may be more "mild", because it will not experience surgery, stop pregnancy by taking medicine, allows repayment to allow repaymentThe unshakable embryo leaves away from itself.The process of pregnant mothers may suffer for a long time due to pain.

In terms of artificial abortion, it is more direct. Because of the anesthesia effect of pregnant mothers, the pain of pregnant mothers is relatively low in pain. It can go home to observe half an hour after the operation.Coupled with the excessive propaganda of various unscrupulous hospitals, many mothers who have unexpected pregnancy are more inclined to artificial abortion.

Under the cold surgical knife, listening to the sound of metal collision, what did my mother feel?

Many mothers with artificial abortion will remember the process of miscarriage. The narrow rooms, cold operating beds, and the suction equipment in the iron shells will be the pain of the abortion mother hidden in her heart.

Each mother, in fact, is looking forward to small lives in the heart, but for various reasons, it may be an external factors that may be abnormal in the nature of the fetus. As a result, the mother cannot keep this little life.At that moment, most mothers were also sad.

Compared with the mother with the right to choose, in fact, the pain that the fetus has suffered more, especially for the fetus with more than March, because at this moment, they have basically taken shape, and they have their own heartbeat.Sound, but there is no right to choose!

When the pregnancy age has reached this month, don’t easily "kill it", the fetus will bear the unspeakable "pain"

Under normal circumstances, after 3 months of pregnancy, the embryo will basically take shape. At this time, the fetus will basically have their own fetal heart, which is formally formed of life, and the fetus at this stage often has certainThe "weight", the placenta, the placenta and the fetus themselves are not small.Therefore, artificial abortion at this stage is also called induction of labor.

The method of induction of labor is relatively "cruel" to talk about the fetus. It is similar to the childbirth process. It is not that the childbirth is helpful for the birth of the fetus.It is even forced to "separate".

Although we can’t talk about the fetus itself, we feel that in this way, the fetus does bear a lot of speechless pain!Therefore, joining the pregnant mother is not ready to be a baby, it is best to kill it before the age of March, and don’t let the fetus bear the pain caused by induction of labor.

The induction of labor is harmful to the body of the pregnant mother, don’t let the fetus pay for ignorance!

Many pregnant mothers think that there are so many people who have miscarriage now, and they must have a low risk, so they don’t care, but they don’t know that this is just a kind of reverie. The abortion is actually very harmful to women’s bodies.Abortion surgery has the way to make up for the dead sheep.In the process, the most injured was the fetus, and the second place was the pregnant mother himself.

The process of abortion may cause postoperative infection, injury of uterine cavity, postoperative complications, and may even hurt the fallopian tube and ovaries, causing infertility.

Remind female friends again not to let the fetus cry in the palace, let alone hurt their bodies independently. The risk of abortion is very high. In violation of the laws to prevent the life of life from breeding, you may use your own happiness to pay!

Try to take contraceptive measures as much as possible is to be responsible for yourself and the small life that may appear. Have you done it?Moms, do you have an experience of abortion?How do you contraceptive?Share your feelings, discuss together, please follow us for more knowledge of childcare mother and baby. If you like this article, please like or share it with more people!

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