If you are pregnant, you ca n’t eat it, and you ca n’t drink it?After receiving this strategy, the diet during pregnancy explains once

Moms who have experienced pregnancy have experienced: 40 weeks of pregnancy, and they are shocked every week.

This cannot be eaten, that can’t be touched, there are many taboos, it seems that if you don’t pay attention, the baby will have a problem

Eating a hot pot, I am afraid of radiation:

Worried that the nutrition would not make up enough, let the baby develop on the starting line; even more afraid that the pregnancy test indicators were abnormal and delayed the child’s health; I always doubted that I had fallen into it, and I was afraid that the baby would fall to the ground, but there was no chance to make up for it.

For example, during pregnancy, you need to ensure that the body has sufficient iodine. The deficiency of iodine during pregnancy may affect the baby’s intellectual development, and even cause "Katin disease", commonly known as dysfunction.

If you want to know this kind of pregnancy, the experience of the elders is always mixed with rumors, and it is difficult to distinguish between authenticity. The online information is also a statement.Tossed the severe anxiety of pregnant mothers, the family is highly nervous …

Take the pregnancy to eat crabs, I heard that it would have a miscarriage after eating?But it was difficult to find a reliable saying.

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In the final analysis, the anxiety of expectant mothers and pregnant mothers is still because of lack of science and systematic understanding of knowledge during pregnancy.The fragmented experience and the mixed network information of fish and dragons not only help the family of pregnant mothers and pregnant mothers, but will make themselves lose their judgment.

1. How to eat scientifically during pregnancy?


Appropriate amount: Do not have too much diet of expectant mothers

The first mothers must first ensure that the amount of diet meets the standard in order to keep the amount of nutritional elements keep up.However, it should be noted that excessive intake. Excessive nutritional intake will not only increase the burden on the body, but also cause obesity during pregnancy, which will cause a series of problems such as diabetes and hypertension during pregnancy.

Balanced: The diet of expectant mothers should be "dew and dew"

"Balanced between everything", and the same is true for diet.Do not picky eaters and not partial eclipse is the basis for the diet of expectant mothers, so as to ensure that the seven major nutrients do not lose the team, and try to achieve a balanced meat and egg milk intake.

Some expectant mothers like a kind of food, they eat hard, but they "leave" other foods.The clever way of eating should be "disperse".

For example, the prospective mothers in the second trimester make a "small goal" every day: for example, 50-75g thin livestock poultry meat, 50-75g fish shrimp, 50g eggs, 300-500g vegetables, 300-500g milk.Specific mothers can take different foods in balance according to this standard.

Diversity: "Diet Pagoda" to help

During pregnancy, diet should be a nutritious diet consisting of diverse foods.

"China Women’s Balanced Dietary Pagoda" recommends that pregnant women should consume a certain amount of water, valley potato, fish, poultry, eggs, lean meat, milk, vegetables, fruits, soy/nuts, iodized salt and oilThese foods should appear on the table of expectant mothers every day, rather than sing "unicorn" by a certain type of food.

2. What can I not eat during pregnancy?


In fact, there are three main types of food that pregnant women need to avoid strictly:

➊ ➊ or not completely cooked food;

消 No sterilized milk and dairy products;

Drinks and food containing alcohol;

Avoid these minefields, you can eat what you eat before pregnancy, and you can eat it after pregnancy.

Foods that pregnant women cannot eat

1. Raw beans: Four seasons of beans, lentils, red waist beans, white waist beans and other beans will cause poisoning when fresh or heated.

2. Raw soy milk: Soy soybean contains toxic ingredients. If you eat unscayed soy milk, you can cause food poisoning.

3. Cafeatic: The roots, stems, and leaves of cassava contain toxic substances. If you eat raw or unscaked cassav or drinking soup, it can cause poisoning. Its toxin can cause nerve paralysis and even cause permanent paralysis.

4. Germination of potato: The toxin of the potato germination site -dragon sunflower is dozens of times to hundreds of times higher than its fleshy part. Once you eat it by mistake, mild consciousness disorder and breathing difficulty, those with severe illnesses can be due to heart failure and respiratory center due to heart failure and respiratory centerParalysis to death.

5. Bellymaline: Vanolu contains colchicine in autumn water. This toxin can cause poisoning symptoms such as dry throat, stomach burning sensation, hematuria, etc.Before consumption, you need to cook the daylobe, cook it after boiling water, and cook it.

6. Green tomatoes: Green tomatoes contain toxic substances. They consume this unfamiliar cyan tomato. The mouth has a bitter sense of mouth. After eating, nausea, vomiting and other poisoning symptoms can be risky.

7. Rotten ginger: The rotten ginger produces a very toxic camphor.People eat this toxin, even if the amount is small, it can cause liver cell poisoning and degeneration.

8. Raw bamboo shoots: Fresh bamboo shoots contain natural toxin cyanide. If you eat raw or not cooked bamboo shoots, it may also cause food poisoning.

What should I eat during pregnancy?


It ’s not wrong to make up for one person, but it’ s troublesome.

The correct pose of the correct posture has been painted well. It is recommended that pregnant mothers hand in hand!

Based on the old concept, eating a big supplement will soar the weight of pregnant mothers, increase the risk of gestational diabetes, pregnancy hypertension, and excessive weight of the fetus, leading to difficulty in childbirth.

However, there is a problem with supplementation, and it is also a big problem for key nutrients.At different stages of pregnancy, pregnant mothers also have different emphasis on nutrients.

Early pregnancy (0 to March)

Folic acid + iodine + iron + carbohydrate + DHA.

In the second trimester (April to June)

High -quality protein + folic acid + iron + iodine + calcium + DHA.

Late pregnancy (July -September)

Iron + calcium + high -quality protein + DHA.

The daily dietary recommendations are taken in the following amount:

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