If you are in a bad mood for a long time, you can’t conceive your child?Those failed experiences teach us

Do you find that in the spring, many people will be inexplicable, and they may be "angry" because of a small thing.From the perspective of Chinese medicine, it is caused by the warmth of the spring temperature in spring, and the human liver rising.For friends who conduct test tubes, the burden on the body, the pressure of psychological pressure during the treatment, and the pressure from various aspects such as family and economy are great.And temper.

But do you know?The impact of negative emotions on test tube pregnancy is very great.Hu Jingzhang, director of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Jiaen Deyun Hospital, shared with us a sister’s treatment process.

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Ms. Li is 38 years old, FSH (follicle stimulus): 10.36miu/ml.In July 2020, Ms. Li came to her family and made a doctor. Because of the poor ovarian function, she found the director of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine Hu Jingye.At that time, Ms. Li was particularly anxious. The syndrome of traditional Chinese medicine was kidney deficiency and liver stagnation. Director Hu Jingzheng gave a conditioning plan for nourishing kidney and relieving liver and blood circulation.

In August, Ms. Li carried out an eggs+fresh embryo transplantation, but she could not wait to look forward to the results.

In October, Ms. Li FSH: 8.87miu/ml, 9 follicles, 3A of eggs in December, and frozen embryo.

The embryo was frozen and transplanted in March 2021, and failed.The hysteroscopy was performed in the month, and the results showed that the endometritis+local endometrial depression+uterine adenocian disease.

Because of anxiety, Ms. Li collapsed in the face of failure and physical problems.The more collapsed, the more counterproductive it may be.Director Hu Jingyun patiently conducted emotional guidance to her and continued to give corresponding Chinese medicine treatment.In June 2021, Ms. Li underwent transplanted again, and this time the transplantation was successful.In March 2022, Ms. Li successfully produced a male baby.

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Emotional conditioning has always been an important means of treating gynecological and reproductive diseases for medical doctors in traditional Chinese medicine.People in modern society have a lot of survival, and "inner rolls" seem to be everywhere. It is easy for people to feel impetuous because of all kinds of things.Director Hu Jingzheng told us that these negative emotions have long -term existence, which will affect our reproductive health and affect women’s ovarian function.For Ms. Li, it is given to the kidneys to nourish the liver and relieve the liver, which can improve emotions and restore ovarian function to a certain extent.

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Therefore, a good mentality is really important for test tubes for pregnancy and maintaining physical health."The Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon" records "tranquility and nothingness, true qi, spiritual inside, and sickness."The mentality is peaceful, not floating or impatient, and naturally no problem of pain.I hope everyone can get good pregnancy safely and happily.

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