I was pregnant unexpectedly, Dad asked his best friend to accompany me for surgery. In fact, he was the baby’s father

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I get pregnant unexpectedly,

Dad found his friend to accompany me to get a fetus,

I looked at the man in front of me and touched the pregnant belly.

Baby, this can also be regarded as a long time.



"Dad, I can do it alone."

The man in front of him was a little helpless at this time.

"You promised your dad yesterday, why do you regret it today?"

Zhao Bai

As a business leader, he stood at the table with his eyes, and he blamed himself in his eyebrows.

My mother died early, and my father didn’t marry again, and he pulled me up alone.

Now I am 20 years old, and he is still unwilling to be alone.

Last night, I was also at this table, and I suddenly vomited.

I thought it was not a big deal, maybe I was hungry, after all, there was such a phenomenon before.

But Dad has to ask a doctor to check.

I don’t know if I don’t check it.

I am pregnant.

Although I was surprised, I was obviously relatively calm than my dad.

When he came out of the state of anger, we discussed the decision to flow off the child.

Of course, the old father also asked his father, but I didn’t say it.

Anyway, the child has to be killed, and it doesn’t matter if the child’s father is.

At this point, we were going to see my father’s brother.

Because Dad has a business business trip, it can only come back for almost three months.

This is what I said before.

Pregnancy is simply an accident.

Originally, he wanted to stay with me, but this project did spend more than half a year in the company. There is no need to delay because of me, and I was persuaded.

As a result, he found his good brother to take care of me.

He will go abroad tomorrow, so we arrange for us to meet today, and even my luggage has been put in the trunk.


Half an hour later, I walked into the box with my father’s arm.

The sofa was sitting at the two of us, and when he heard the sound, the man turned his head lazily.

Why is he here?

Dad pulled me forward and introduced me.

"This is a good friend of Dad

Song Bosheng

Come, called Uncle."



I blinked my eyes and looked at his sight.

The person in front of him was wearing a white shirt, loose neckline, with a bit of nobleness.

It looks very young, but in this era, it is unreliable to judge a person’s age with appearance.

His gaze was swept around Zhao Bai’s face before looking at me next to me.bleak

Isn’t it? I met him two days ago and said that when I was a stranger, I met again today, and I had to live in his house.

More than a month ago, he had a high number of hooks, and his girlfriend took me to the bar to disperse, but was stared at.

It was an uncle who saved me.

Why is it an uncle?

Because he woke up the next day, he was lying beside me with a beard.

The quilt and me and I were almost noisy. The scene was so fragrant and fragrant.

The two looked at each other and faced their faces.

Seeing again was the shopping mall the previous two days.

In the luxury store, I saw him first.

I silently put on sunglasses without thinking of greeting.

He called me at the checkout.

At this time, there were not many people in the store, and there were several shopping guides scattered.

He took me aside.

"Sorry for a month ago, I would like to compensate you what you want."

I originally tossed this matter and planned to deal with it as a night stand, but he came to the door.

"No, I don’t miss anything, I don’t know if I meet in the future."

After speaking, he smiled at him and turned to leave.

Suddenly Song Bosheng sounded a novel, and women liked to calculate.

He held my wrist, and the low sound sounded.

"I want to give you money this time, I don’t talk so well next time."

I frowned and shook his hand.

"Mr. thought I was 为

Want to capture


"Did you see something I bought over there? You look like you have grown your mind, do you think I will be greedy for you

Sangua two jujube


Song Bosheng was in place, as if thinking.

I didn’t bother, took my things, and walked away.


I didn’t call the uncle Song, but nodded towards him.

He lowered his eyes and saw the bracelet next to the women next to him. It was the one he bought that day.

The dead scum man, there are targets, still messing outside.

So far, I haven’t figured out why I took the medicine clearly, but I was pregnant.

I have always been polite, and I am very pleased with the elders.

Dad doubted my indifferent attitude, but before he asked, Song Bosheng interrupted him.

"I don’t contact me for so long. At this time, I am looking for me to help me take care of your little girl."

He raised his eyebrows, with a smile on the corner of his mouth, but his eyes were faint.

"If it wasn’t for something, it can still take care of you."

Dad did not want to go back out of weakness and pulled me to sit on the opposite sofa.

Song Bosheng rubbed his eyebrows slightly with irritability, leaning obliquely on the back of the sofa, those legs, slender look.

"Uncle Gu takes over the family industry at the age of twenty, and you can take care of it. This years have continued to expand. The Song family has become the leader of the industry. You should have heard of his biography."

I have not heard of it, and I have touched it.

I glanced at Song Bosheng, and he looked at me with fun.

Two days ago, I also mocked others, and I was sent to the door by my old father today.

My life, bitter …

Oh, didn’t Dad ask him to take me to get rid of the child, but I want to see that he knew it in the future and laughed.

Dad still left me face, and didn’t say what I was pregnant in front of outsiders.

During the conversation, looking at the intimate look of the two people, I was disgusting.

I got up with my mouth, and my father asked me what happened.

"It’s okay, a little disgusting, disappear."

In the bathroom, I adjusted the state and went out, but was stopped by Song Bosheng at the door.

"Isn’t it a stranger to meet again?

His voice was gloomy, as if mocking my speech that day.

"Mr. Song put his heart in his stomach, but I never touched the woman of a woman."

I watched him finish and left first.

Back in the box, I saw only my dad inside.

It seemed to see my doubts, and my dad took the initiative to speak.

"She has gone in advance, how about it? Dad introduced it, it’s not bad."

Feelings, they are still your own hands.

I sat next to my father and approached him.

"Dad, don’t explain to him when I get pregnant. You are really not assured, so you say that there is something in my stomach, a resection, and the surgery to accompany him."

"Why, what can I say with Uncle Song."

"Dad, I’m so big …"

After some tongue, I finally asked my dad to agree.


Song Bosheng came back and saw the little girl who was coquettish with her father, and her voice was soft.

Looking at it from here, the little girl is really delicate and beautiful.

Except for the coquettish point, there is nothing unbearable, and it doesn’t matter to bring it around.

But he quickly regretted it.

At the door of Song Bosheng Villa, Zhao Bai was thinking about what he wanted to pay attention to, and he annoyed him successfully.

In the end, Dad reluctantly patted my head.

"Dad and him should pay attention to yourself, he must not be so careful about a man …"

Song Bosheng heard the name of "old man", and he was polite to his father’s leg.

"Who is the old man, I am eight years older than him!"

I ignored the quarrel, revealing a smile obediently, nodding towards my father.

"Remember, dad."

Zhao Bai’s heart was soft, and he planned to speed up the speed, strive to get those messy things as soon as possible, and quickly come back to pick up the baby girl home.

It had been dark in the sky, and Song Bosheng took me to the room he prepared.

"I will take care of you during this time, but it is impossible to take care of all aspects. You are a little better, don’t run around, wait for your dad to pick you up."

I looked at him well, and nodded ethics when he listened to his speech.

"Okay, thank you, Uncle Song."

Song Bosheng heard his body froze for a moment, but he didn’t expect the uncle who had not heard one night, and heard it at this time.

I didn’t have time to understand the shock of his eyes.

Looking down to cover the bad taste at the bottom of the eyes, the backhand closed the door.


When I woke up again, there was only me at home, and my aunt left after cooking.

I curled up watching TV on the sofa, and fell asleep when I was full.

Song Bosheng went home early today, but did not expect to see people lying on the sofa when he opened the door.

Xia Guang hit the body in the evening, and the temperature was just right.

Feeling someone sitting on the sofa, I pulled a small blanket and shrunk.

He patted my shoulder, and his voice was faint.

"Want to sleep and eat back to the room to sleep."

I heard the sound and opened my eyes, saw the person in front of my eyes, and paused.

Alas, closed his eyes, and turned his back to him.

Song Bosheng got started directly and wanted to turn me over.

When the fingertips touched the softness, they retracted again.

Alas, it is difficult to serve.

Facing the sofa back, I opened my eyes staring.

The surgery was arranged three days later. In the morning, I contacted the hospital, so that the hospital’s surgery was advanced in advance, and it was arranged directly tomorrow.

I glanced at Song Bosheng, who was busy in the kitchen, and closed my eyes silently.

The next day, I went to the hospital alone without notify anyone …

Big Hospital is a private hospital with strong confidence.

I am doing it at this time

Pre -surgery


The size of the gestational sac, the leucorrhea routine, the blood routine,



"Are you sure your child is not? Double." Ýz

When I knew the twins, I was still a little soft.

The father is unknown when the child is born …

Later, I was determined to know the identity of my child’s father and his love object.

When the child’s birth is not blessed, it will be sad.

I hold back

Emotional leakage

, Put my hand on my stomach and touched it, even if I was reluctant, it was …


There was a touch of arc that was more sad than crying in the corner of the mouth, and fell quickly.

"Then we are ready to start?"




The operating room suddenly fell into darkness and was not shining.

"what happened?"

The door of the operating room was opened, and the dark eyes were just adapted to the light again.

Several people broke in at the door, and I didn’t see it clearly.

But after a while, my wrist was held.

The dumb sound sounded in my ear with anger.

"Whoever gives you the courage to the hospital for surgery is still the flow of people."

It is Song Bosheng.

Before I answered, I found that everyone else in the operating room had been taken out one after another.

"Song Bosheng?"


"What are you doing?"

"Isn’t it obvious if I’m here? Don’t you know?"

"Are you here to stop me? No need, you go back, help me call the doctor in."

I tried to push away his hand and held my hand, but it was unsuccessful.

In addition to holding my hand, Song Bosheng did not dare to move me elsewhere.

Seeing that he didn’t persuade me, he became more careful.

"We don’t do it well, the child is born."

I feel a little funny.

"Uncle Song, can you raise it?" Ⴘ ż

"I raise."

Song Bosheng’s tone did not hesitate.

"What? The Song family also has the hobby of helping people to raise children."


Zhao Enxi

You know this is my child, do you have to kill it!"

I heard that there was a sudden unknown anger that came up.

"Where is Uncle Song’s confidence, Puxin can’t."

Song Bosheng laughed and bowed in my ear.

"Isn’t it clear about your thing? Enon is too underestimated to look at me."

When I heard this, I froze first, this is really …

"Oh, so, are you responsible?"


The warm breath blew into my ears, a little itchy.

"But I don’t want to."

"I don’t want my marriage to not be because of love, let alone make three preparations."

"Uncle Song, you can’t do it."

Song Bosheng seemed to react here, and smiled lowly.

Seeing that I stopped and stunned my face directly.

"I am alone, the most, the most

Be self -proclaimed

, Don’t you check it."

No, this guy is deceiving for the child who doesn’t know where he is.

Suddenly nausea, yue …

"Doctor! Doctor!"


Song Bosheng watched me who was checked by the doctor. His face was white, and he was more pity.

One hour ago,

Zhang Tezhu


"What’s wrong, is there any problem in the report?"

Zhang Teu was called by me this morning to get me

Medical report


"President, I seem to see Miss Zhao at the hospital. I called the villa. The nanny said that Miss Zhao went out without having breakfast today, and I didn’t call the villa driver to send it."

Hospital, I remember not two days, why did it go today.

"You go to the dean to adjust his case, I come here immediately."

Say, pick up the car key and go out.

The company is not far from the hospital, and the half -hour drive is to give me 20 minutes.

As soon as I arrived at the hospital, I received the news of Zhang Tidu.


She is pregnant?

my child!

For a while, I couldn’t say whether I was happy or lost.

"Is the surgery began?"

"Not yet, check before surgery."

"You go off the power supply of this operating room, I have already arrived downstairs."


Fortunately, fortunately, everything came.

The surgery was interrupted, Song Bosheng’s evil god stopped, and the operation could not be performed at all.

While he went to buy food, I sneaked and asked the doctor.

"Doctor, you will arrange another time for surgery, as soon as possible …"

"I watched who dares to do this surgery in the huge capital."

The door was opened, and Song Bosheng stood at the door with a porridge.

"Song Bosheng, you forced me

Drug current


The doctor walked out of his eyes, and the door was closed, and there were only us left in the ward.

Song Bosheng took a sip of porridge with a gloomy face and handed it to my mouth.

The spoon followed my mouth and moved over. I wanted to reach out and pressed by Song Bosheng again.

"Uncle Song has this time to accompany your girlfriend. As for this child, you don’t need to stay."

I feel helpless, and the feeling of being controlled in this way is really bad.

"I’ll say it again, I have no object."

"I treat you like this, nor are the children in your stomach."

"You don’t need to prevent me like this, to be honest, I like it …"


"What about my grandson? Where is it?"

The door was opened again, and the assistant to an old man and Song Bosheng came in.

The confrontation between Song Bosheng and I were forced to interrupt.

"Dad, what are you in a hurry."

The old man’s crutches knocked on the ground, and the output facing Song Bosheng.

"What am I in a hurry? My grandson is gone, what do you say I was in a hurry? Just your speed, I did n’t wait for me to hold my grandson and let it go …”

I was lying on the hospital bed, watching Song Bosheng training.

I was looking at it with taste. I didn’t expect the style of painting to change, and the object became me.

Master Song walked straight to my bed, and Zhang Teu moved his chair very eye -catching.

"Oh, this is the girl, it looks so handsome."

"This stinky boy didn’t make you angry, you hit it back, I support you, he dare not return."

"After a while, go back to dinner, I am ready at home …"

I glanced and blinked.


Grandpa Song


Before he said, he was interrupted.

"Hey, what is called Grandpa!"

The old man is more than sixty, and my grandfather is okay.


"You and Bo Sheng have a generation, just call my dad directly."

Before I was in surprise, Grandpa Song … Oh no, Uncle Song said again.

"Child, let’s go home and raise your fetus, don’t think about it."

"If Song Bosheng bully you, you just …"

"Our Song family has passed on for several generations, and children can’t have any loss."

"Our family hasn’t settled in a new life for a long time …"

I raised my hand and wanted to interrupt him, and saw Song Bosheng raised his phone.

In fact, the screen was written.

‘Grandpa’ s health is not good, you can endure it, it ’s okay after speaking.‘

I looked at the wrinkles in the corner of the eyes of the old man and were not ready to speak again.

And Song Bosheng confirmed that I saw it and put down the phone.

I remembered that Song Bosheng just held his mobile phone, and a few colorful characters floating on the screen, smiling with lips.

Song Bo Sheng, however, did not look like the general general.


The old man is indeed in the mall for dozens of years.

As soon as he arrived at the door, Song Bosheng was sent to cook.

"Old man me, let people buy fish early, the best fish soup is the best."

Song Bosheng entered the kitchen to clean up the fish, and took advantage of the kung fu of stew soup to mix the sense of presence.

Watching him coming over, he always felt a faint smell in his nose.

No one, I frowned and looked at Song Bosheng next to him.

"Are you cleaning your hands after packing the fish, why is it so fishy?"

The first thing in Song Bosheng after killing the fish was to wash his hands, he heard that he heard it first, and did not smell it.

Stretching my hand under my nose, "You smell it."

I hesitated and smelled it closer.

Song Bosheng has a strand

handwashing fluid

There is a smell of garlic, but there is no fishy smell.

This is strange.

Song Bosheng glanced at the fish soup that had not been stewed in the kitchen, and walked over to close the door of the kitchen.

"Maybe the fish is not stewed yet, just wait for the meeting."

The uncomfortable rolling in the stomach was to go to the balcony to dry the wind. After blowing for a while, I felt that the taste was dissipated.

Song Bosheng looked at the thinness I was worn and took off his coat.

The coat was put on me, and the fishy smell followed.



I quickly threw the coat to him and ran away quickly.

Song Bosheng saw that my eyes were red and ran towards me quickly.

I waved my hand and retreated quickly.

"You … stay away from me."

Song Bosheng was struggling to step forward, seeing me so uncomfortable, and could only be in place for a while.

I ran to the toilet and bent my waist and vomited for a while, and I finally felt better.

Today, the fish soup is afraid that it will not be able to drink.


After dinner, blood sugar was sleepy as soon as it came up.

Song Bosheng took a bath before getting rid of the fishy smell.

When I got off the building, I saw me sit on the sofa in the living room.

I was picked up by him and made a snoring.

It was really sleepy, so he didn’t struggle, let him hold upstairs.

When I woke up, I felt that God was refreshing.

I didn’t see the slippers when I got out of bed. I remembered that I was hugged by Song Bosheng just now, and my cheeks were a little heated.

I went downstairs barefoot.

The sun began to hang west, and the corridor did not turn on the lights.

There are only sunlights that come in in the ground window and the sun.

It seemed like the study of the Song family, why didn’t you close the door.

The stairs are on the other side of the study, and I will go there.

But in the position near the study, I heard my name.

I stopped, holding it on the wall with one hand, listening to the voice from the room.

He is the housekeeper of the old man and the Song family.

"Is the morning investigation clear?"

"After checking, Miss Zhao intends to abandon the abortion. The name of Zhao was signed by President Zhao, but President Zhao should not know that the child is a young master."

"What is the situation there?"

"The young master should also know that Miss Zhao was pregnant in the morning and rushed to the hospital to stop. Fortunately, the hospital was from her own, and the operation was stopped."

"This stinky boy, I have n’t chased it for so long, I have n’t chased it for so long …”


Song Bosheng likes me?

He is not …

So what he said in the hospital is true …

"No matter what the situation is, my Song family has a single pass. This twin is to break the curse. These two children must stay. If the girl in the stream is really unwilling to accept Song Bosheng, if necessary, go to the father and stay."

The voice in the study was still continuing, but I couldn’t hear it.

I stroked my belly that hadn’t appeared, and turned around.

Go to the father and stay in the son …

Is this child so important …

I retreat with my stomach that hasn’t appeared yet.


Suddenly hitting a embrace, the man’s big hand covered my mouth.

I held his raised arms with both hands and motioned him to let go.

But he ignored it, walked down the other hand, and lifted my knees and hugged.

I almost exclaimed, but fortunately he covered my mouth.


He was left back to the room all the way and put me in bed before covering my hand.

Song Bosheng went to take a pair of slippers and squatted down to wear shoes.

I kicked the skirt and did not kick away, but he held his ankle by him.


35 yards, very close.

Song Bosheng stood up and walked to the window, and he heard the conversation in the study.

My Tara put up her steps, and she saw the loneliness that he hadn’t had time to hide.

I patted his shoulder and soothe.

"It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s not so serious."

His expression collapsed for a moment, and he quickly twisted his body to cover.

I can’t bear it, if this child is so important to them, then …

In the end, I was still soft -hearted, and I reached out and pulled his corner.

"Otherwise, child, stay …" ӱž

I saw Song Bosheng’s head hanging up, and I was hugged by him.

The voice of sobbing trembling.

"thanks, thanks."

"I’m really scared, my strength is not enough to resist them now."

"I know, knowing you are also very difficult, but I really can’t help it."

I patted his back and did not expect that the big family was so dangerous.

Fortunately, my family left me and my father.

"It’s okay, I protect you."

I held my fist and vowed.

Song Bosheng suddenly hugged me and walked out, scaring me to hold his neck all at once.

Before I asked me, he explained first.

"Hush! Let’s leave the old house first, here is the site of the old man."

I nodded, leaned down and hugged him.

Safety comes out of the old house, just like guerrillas.

Song Bosheng was relieved until he got on the car home.

I looked at the direction of the car, not like going back to his house.

"Where are we going, isn’t we going to your house?"


The car was still driving, and Song Bosheng turned to look at me.

"Let’s go to your house first and get the account book."


"What do you do."

Song Bosheng’s hand holding the steering wheel tightly.

"Didn’t you plan to leave a child, then we …"

What we.

Somehow, I looked at him in doubt.

"I just promise to leave my child, but not promised to marry you, it is not necessary."

"rest assured."

"At that time, the child will be born for you, and I will give you the support."

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