I still do n’t know when I am pregnant?If there are these signs, congratulations you are pregnant

In daily life, with the repeated urging of her mother -in -law, Baoma and Bao dads will also consider adding a little baby to the family.So many mothers’ pregnancy journey began.However, there are many mother -in -law who are very confused and have been preparing for a long time.

There are also many mothers who are confused that after the start of pregnancy, how can I find that she is pregnant with a child.Here I tell you that if you have these phenomena of women’s bodies, it proves that the mother of Bao’s mother is pregnant.

1. The body temperature is much higher than usual

When many mothers do not know that sperm and eggs form fertilized eggs on the endometrium, the body temperature of Baoming will be a little higher than usual.This in the end is why?This is because the mother of Baomu increases the hormone in the body after the bed is successful. This hormone can stimulate the human body temperature center. When the body temperature center is stimulated, the body temperature will naturally rise.Therefore, Moms do n’t worry. Many Baoma always thinks that he has a fever when he encounters an increased temperature during pregnancy. Many Baoma go to take antipyretics and cold medicines.Moms of Bao must remember today that the temperature of the body temperature is not tight during pregnancy. Do not eat any medicines. This is extremely unfavorable to the development of the child’s body.

Second, breasts are very different from usual

Did the mother of Bao find that their breasts are different from usual after pregnancy?In fact, as long as the careful Baoma can see their breasts of areola deeper, this is hormone.After the mothers are pregnant, the hormone in the body changes and hormones accumulate, so the areola will be deepened.In addition to this, the breasts will grow bigger when they are pregnant, and occasionally pain, and then the breasts will sag.Based on these obvious changes, we can see if Mom Bao is pregnant.

Third, menstruation time

Many Baoma knows that if you are pregnant, there must be no blood during menstruation.In fact, there was a kind of bed bleeding at first.This is because the fertilized eggs are damaged when the capillaries are in bed in the uterus, so there will be trace blood in the early stage, but it is completely different from menstruation.The blood of women during pregnancy is rarely or even without menstrual period. A few women have a small amount of blood, which can be distinguished from menstruation.

Moms, do you know all these knowledge?Now don’t worry about how to judge whether you are pregnant?

1. Pregnancy is the responsibility of mother, but having a child is not a person’s responsibility

From the moment women discuss with their family to decide to ask their children, they must pay special attention to their habits.Resolutely go to bed early and get up early and stay up late. Usually pay attention to not touching the tobacco and alcohol. Moms themselves know that these pregnancy preparation is great disadvantages.In addition, you should pay attention to your diet and should be balanced.The same is true for dads, getting up early and getting up early, and balanced nutrition.After all, having a child is a matter of two people, and a person’s body will affect the development of the child.Pregnancy is the responsibility of mothers, and having children is a matter of two people.

2. Proper exercise, this is essential for the mother who prepare for pregnancy

Moms must remember to exercise more during pregnancy. Exercise is only beneficial and bad.It is even more essential during pregnancy.During pregnancy, proper exercise can increase sexuality and increase the chance of fertilized eggs with bed.It is best to exercise in the morning. The air in the morning is the freshest in the day, and it is also good to breathe and breathe fresh air.

3. Choose to prepare for the baby’s friendly environment

During pregnancy, many pregnant women have miscarriage. This phenomenon is common, because of various reasons.The impact of the environment is also one of the reasons for miscarriage.A relatively noisy environment will have an adverse effect on the fetus.Long -term exposure to the environment of harmful items, it is difficult for children to have problems.

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