I regret it?No preparations are irresponsible to children!

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Pregnancy should have been a happy and happy thing, but pregnancy is a burden for some couples or husbands and wives, because the child is not ready, and the child is here.If you are not ready, please be strict with contraception, otherwise, this is irresponsible to children!

In the spring of this year, the son of the aunt of the distant watch was married, and it didn’t take long to find that he was pregnant, but the fetus had to stop the fetus and had to remove it.

Some time ago, my cousin called and said that the daughter -in -law tested her pregnancy again, but the infusion was measured one week before pregnancy, and she lost a bottle of antiviral potion. Asked whether the husband had an impact?

To tell the truth, I really want to count my brother -in -law and daughter -in -law across the phone. Since there is no contraception, there are plans to have children, why do I have to infuse?Even if you have a cold, do you want to take some safe medicines. Do n’t you even have this common sense?

If the husband and wife have a plan to want children, they should pay attention to their bodies, and they should not be casual as before.

Folic acid can effectively prevent fetal deformity. During pregnancy, she must eat folic acid tablets, especially women. One day, three months after pregnancy, some expectant mothers will eat until the child is born for three months.

Tobacco and alcohol are the most harmful to the baby’s health, which leads to the high probability of the baby’s abnormal child. If you plan to ask your baby, you must not touch the tobacco and alcohol. If you can’t avoid it, stop the baby’s plan first. If it is an accidental pregnancy, it happens thatTobacco and alcohol can do NT ultrasound examinations in the early pregnancy. Donal screening is performed in about 16 weeks of pregnancy, or DNA non -invasive screening can also be selected.

It is three poisonous medicines. If the physical condition is not good, try to adjust the physical condition first, and then start preparing for pregnancy. If the use of the medicine in the month, it should be contraceptive and suspend the child’s plan.

Nowadays, eugenics are advocated to reduce the probability of fetal malformations. As parents, they must also be responsible for baby -free babies. If you choose to bring your baby to this world, you must cherish.Babies who failed to meet this world also hurt their bodies.

I met me in one minute: My dear, I am Kapok’s mother. Why do children have poor ability?How to prepare for pregnancy success?Is there any feeling of fertilized egg implantation?

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