I often go to the toilet, night, and dry mouth during pregnancy. It turned out to be these 6 reasons

During my pregnancy, my friends, family and close colleagues always reminded me of my most important thing is to maintain sufficient water in the body.

This is okay for me, because I have been working in full -time, and as long as I remember, I always take my water bottle all day and fill the water.I was informed by the doctor that extra liquids were necessary for amniotic waters.

Now I heard the news of her recent pregnancy from my girlfriend, and how she woke up in the middle of the night, and sometimes she couldn’t swallow.

She was three months pregnant for about nine weeks. Not only did she go to the toilet often, but she always started at night.

This is caused by dry mouth. I can imagine how painful it is to go to the toilet and drink water in the middle of the night, and it is not easy to want to fall asleep again.So what causes the pregnant mother’s dry mouth?

1. Holmon change changes

A large number of hormonal changes in pregnant mothers are changing, especially in the first three months of pregnancy, it began to enter the growth process of the fetus.For this reason, the transfer of hormones will lead to a decrease in saliva flow, so … you guess right, your mouth is dry.

Why is saliva so important?

Saliva can help you digest food, prevent tooth decay, prevent infection by controlling bacteria and fungi in the mouth, and help you chew and swallow.

2. Increase blood output

The blood produced by pregnant mothers during pregnancy increases by 30 % to 50 % to support your growing baby.

Water accounts for 83 % of our blood, so we must strive to ensure that drinking enough water.Less drinking water means dehydration and dry mouth.

3. You do not do your best: Drink plenty of water!

Some of us may have a friend at school or work never drinking water.

They use drinks to replace drinking water, and the amount of drinking water is less.Sugar -containing drinks will only make you more thirsty.

4. Accelerate metabolism

If you have already exercised your body to activate your body before you are pregnant, then your body’s high -tech metabolism will make you sweat more.

Pregnancy itself will increase your metabolism and increase your needs for nutritional intake.

Therefore, drinking plenty of water is necessary to replace the moisture you lost when sweating, which will help your digestion and system flow easily.

5. Dry mouth may be a sign of gestational diabetes

Dry mouth is the symptoms of gestational diabetes during gestational gestational diabetes. Is it a bit terrible?

When blood glucose is not controlled, gestational diabetes occurs.

This may lead to complications of infants and mothers, such as::

Eat full babies

The possibility of caesarean section is more likely.

Her mother’s hypertension led her to give birth early.

Epilepsy or stroke during childbirth.

Thirst may be just a signal you need to replenish water, but you know your own body, so if you feel wrong, please consult a doctor.

Under normal circumstances, glucose testing in the middle of pregnancy can determine whether there are gestational diabetes.

6. The drug you take may be the culprit.

Dry mouth may also be the side effects of the drugs you take before your child is born, and you are still taking it.You must ask your doctor whether this drug is still safe to you and your growth.

7. You can try to avoid other things to dry oral dryness:

· Avoid drinking caffeine drinks such as coffee, tea and soda.(This includes chocolate!)

· Skilling water when chewing food, which helps chew and swallow easier.

· Avoid sticky sugary foods.If you eat, brush your teeth or rinse your mouth as soon as possible.

· Avoid tobacco and alcohol.(Because your little baby!)

· Try to use the humidifier while sleeping at night.(Be sure to clean it frequently to avoid the growth of bacteria for a long time.)

· Add a drop of citrus (such as lemons) to your water to generate saliva.

· Recommended sugar -free candy, but not all sugar -free candy during pregnancy is safe. You can try to suck small pieces of fruits or ice cubes.

· Eat low -salt food.Food with high salt content can make you thirsty.

· Develop a healthy diet, including green vegetables and nuts.A healthy diet will maintain the overall health of the mud.

In general, dry mouth during pregnancy is not a trivial matter, which may be more serious than you think, leading to unnecessary health issues you may not realize before.

Hope your pregnancy process goes well.

Let us cite (drink water!) For the health of you and your child … toast!

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