I just knew that I was pregnant, and I had to do 6 things I had to do

When the mothers see the two bars appear, it is estimated that many mothers are full of questions. I do n’t know where to start from the beginning. What should I do in the next step?Are there any precautions? The following good mom class will summarize a few things that you must know after pregnancy. I hope these can help your mother to go through this critical period.

The first thing: Go to the hospital, get pregnant, and make an appointment to build a file

When it comes to the production inspection, many mothers will feel that what is difficult for this?You know, just coincide with the second child policy, many monkey baby arrives as scheduled. Don’t say that the files are built. In big cities, it is registered, and you have to line up early in the morning!In order not to delay the archives, mothers must go to the hospital as soon as possible to make an appointment to build files after pregnancy.

Regarding the establishment of files, taking Beijing as an example, mothers can first understand (there will be slightly different from different regions, for reference only):

Knowing the blood test at the hospital as soon as possible after pregnancy, determine if you are pregnant, and then ask the doctor and nurse, if you want to build a file, what procedures need to be completed first (those quasi -birth certificates, mother and child health manuals, foreign fertility services certificates, all are followed by the latter, and they are followed by behind.It will be used).For example, when I was diagnosed with pregnancy at the 306 hospital, I was diagnosed with pregnancy, so I needed to build a file because I asked, and I needed a doctor to write up the pregnancy consent in the medical record.In the book, I will stamp you again, and then register on a monthly production registration book, and then come to the B -ultrasound in 12 weeks, and at the same time built the files smoothly.In other words, when there is a lot of surroundings, there is an appointment for archives. Only those who make an appointment are qualified to officially build files in 12 weeks!Moms must pay attention, don’t wait for more than 12 weeks to be stupid to build files in the past, let alone 12 weeks, it is difficult to build files in 5 weeks now!

Second thing: officially built files

After the reservation is successful, it means that it has been half successful. The following is the formal archive. Some mothers will say that it is complicated.The

Step 1: To apply for a temporary permit, some people ask, why do you have to apply for a temporary residence permit?If there is no such document, it is impossible to receive the mother and child health manual (the problem of temporary residence permit is currently complicated in Beijing. If it is a home, that is, it is okay to buy a house.Copy …. This is a bit …) To apply for a temporary residence permit, in addition to bringing a certificate issued by the neighborhood committee, you also need the ID card of both parties, one inch of photos!

Step 2: Go to the community hospital where you live in the mother and child health manual. Pay attention to the different time of each community hospital. It is best to call in advance to ask the specific time (currently there are many places in the mother and child health manuals to receive it in six weeks, but the hospital can be received, but the hospitalThe archives are generally four or five weeks, this time is bad, let me sweat again)

Step 3: When you go to the hospital for an appointment for the first time, the doctor will give you the relevant items you want to check for 12 weeks. By 12 weeks, take the mother and child health manual and the previous checklist.After checking these projects, formally set up files!

Third thing: adjusting the diet structure, what should I eat, what should I not eat?Don’t start to make up?

If it is a numbness of unexpected pregnancy, folic acid needs to be supplemented, and every day, you need to take it on time.

The first three months of pregnancy is a unstable period. Usually pay attention not to exercise violently. Pay more attention to rest and do not work hard. The diet is mainly light.Do not eat cold and stimulating greasy foods, eat more vegetables and fruits.

Many mothers will be happy in the early pregnancy, and there are more vomiting. You can eat more refreshing fruits, such as tomatoes or something. This is my favorite during pregnancy ~~ Try to avoid greasy food and place.For a long time, some small snacks can be prepared between the two meals, these are the way to ease pregnancy!

In addition, I have to say that the level of living has been improved now. The nutrition required for daily life is enough. Don’t make up for it. All of them are open on yourself.

The fourth thing: inform your boss

After your boss or your boss learns that you are pregnant, you will think more about your work task.Even so, you still have to tell him in a timely manner that you have to let him know that you are now in your physical condition for a long time. This is to give him some time to accept and consider your situation.Further arrangement is paved.But don’t rush to discuss the salary during fertility and your work plan after you have a child.

Fifth thing: control sex life

Experts believe that in the early pregnancy (1-3 months), sexual life should be controlled, sexual life is frequent or unwilling to talk about hygiene. Early pregnancy sexual life can easily cause vaginal inflammation of pregnant women, which is not conducive to the healthy development of the fetus.The choice of sexual lifestyle should be taken to avoid excessive abdominal pressure, otherwise it will increase the risk of abortion.

The sixth thing: buy radiation protection suit

When you arrange your job, you need to start thinking about what you need to prepare. Today, the use of electrical appliances such as mobile phones, computers, micro -(light) wave furnaces is increasingly frequent, and bringing convenience to people.The harm caused by the body.For pregnant women, it is even more important.From the beginning of pregnancy, you must choose the radiation protection suit to protect the fetus in the abdomen.When choosing a radiation protection suit, be sure to choose a big brand or choose in a specialty store specialty store. The quality and quality are more guaranteed.

I learned that I did a good job of doing the above 6 things after pregnancy. The next thing to do is to raise a good tire and wait for the baby in the belly to arrive safely.Is it very much looking forward to the Baoma?Well, this is the good mother in this issue. If you have help to you, remember to collect and share it.

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