I inherited the infertility of Grandpa, but my girlfriend was pregnant "Dream …

Dream of dreams.

I inherited Grandpa’s infertility, but my girlfriend was pregnant.I took the prescription prescribed by the doctor and asked who the girlfriend and child were, but he asked: Who do you know who?Seeing that there were lively here, those who lined up stared at me and Ran Jing, and some people took out their mobile phones.

Unexpectedly, Ran Jing’s temper was bigger than me. He asked his stomach and asked: Don’t you admit it?You don’t want to be responsible now, right?what did you say?However, I didn’t say anything behind me, and the girl next to me was thrown on my face.

Scum!After throwing my slap, she also said to a girl who was lined up next to it:

New moon, men are all virtues, you can roll me to eat melon.If I hadn’t received higher education since I was a child, I would have been hitting him.I don’t know what you are blending here?The girl shouted at me with a righteousness.

Grandma, I hit you today.Like you, I saw it once, and he also threatened me with a mobile phone and said: I want to put the video on the Internet to make you famous. I was angry.He scolded: You delete me immediately, and don’t delete it.

When he said this, he was still recording, and he got up even more severely: I really see you through you.

After saying this, Ran Jing left, leaving me as a group of women despised.I really want to force my gangsters to delete my mobile phone video.But I can’t grab her mobile phone in front of a group of women, so it can only make things worse.I seem to understand why my ex -girlfriend made me be careful.The beautiful woman is really not so fun. If it wasn’t for my friend Amy reminded me, I would have to be deceived by Ran Jing as a fool.However, when I dragged my tired body back to the renting house, I found that my fate was not the most blood.

When I took the elevator back to the 24th floor, the moment I opened the door was completely aggressive.Standing in front of the door, I was stunned.I told myself that if I accidentally opened the door of someone else’s house, I quickly stepped back to the room and looked up at the house number.That’s right, so I opened the door and opened the door again.There are two girls sitting on the sofa in the living room, one of which is Xingyue, and the other is the girl who slapped me in the hospital today.

At this moment he was wearing a home pajamas and was sitting on the sofa and watching me. The mobile phone in his hand also played the video recorded during the day.It seems that the two of them are admiring me.At the moment of seeing me, Xingyue was scared and screamed on the sofa. In addition, the girl with a slap quickly grabbed a fruit knife on the desktop and pointed at me to threaten: You follow us, we think that I am followed by them,When I came here, I had to get revenge on them, and I just played the bad guy.

So I walked straight to the sofa, and the girl who called Xingyue was scared to look pale, holding a pillow in my arms and looked at me alertly.The girl who video was still calm, grabbing a crystal on the desktop, and the ashtray held in his hand and threatened.I was going to call the police. I stood on the coffee table and said coldly in my pants pocket.I don’t want to do it with you, the video girl proudly raised her face.The video has been shared by me to Weibo, and now it has been reposted hundreds of times. You dare to do such a shameless thing. Are you worried about being known by others?At this time, I didn’t realize that what was the consequences of Weibo’s hundreds of forwards?Say depressed.You know a fart. As a people who eat melon, you can see it honestly, do you want to be cheap?Is it good for you?The video of the video threatened me and said: We have to call the police without going out, and turn around and plan to return to their room to rest.Who knew that I hadn’t walked to the door of my room, and my head spread a tingling, and then I lost my consciousness completely.

When I woke up again, there were two more people wearing uniforms in the room.My hands leaned behind, the whole person was lying on the ground.Little boy, a guy in a uniform mocked me.When the girl’s stomach was bigger, she was reluctant to review the review of the review.Do you know what kind of behavior is this?Do you know how big you have committed?I was lying on the ground and scolded. Before I said, I was kicked on my face by another person.At that time, the nose was sour without consciousness. A bright red nosebleed on the ground appeared on the ground. The girl with a mobile phone video during the day seemed to be broadcast live. He was still explaining.The content was the things that happened during the day, and finally followed them to the house to force him to delete the video.Listening to my answer alone is a song and one encouragement.

Just while I didn’t pay attention, he fainted me with the ashtray, and then called the police.After the police came to the scene, poured me up with cold water.The police had to subdue me violently. He explained that he was loning and colored, and he even took a photo with two policemen with a selfie rod.I was lying on the ground, how embarrassed and embarrassment, and I gave me a close -up at a critical time.Can’t I go back to my own home?The girl who made live broadcast said to the screen: He can say such a lie, which is obviously my family, and he even said to go home.Both of them laughed.

Little guy, you have to find a reliable reason for you to lie, so look up and go back to the investigation with us.I shouted loudly, this is my room.I have a rental contract here.I rented this house through intermediary.I have the key here, why do you come to my house and take me away.What is the reason?Don’t you like live broadcast?At this time, the two uniforms were already a little covered.The girl also stimulated me and asked: You said you live here, rent a contract.You take it out for us, you can’t put it.The girl called Xingyue was obviously afraid of me, and she said to wear uniforms.You can go to her room to find a contract, but don’t let her go.

The two of them did not go to my room without permission, nor did they release me, but instead took me into the second bedroom.The girls who live on the live broadcast have been holding a live broadcast. My room is very simple, and a wooden guitar hangs on the wall.The police found my rental contract in the drawer, and found my identity in my wallet.And all this was broadcast live by the girl.He found that it seemed really a misunderstanding, and immediately closed the live broadcast.The two police officers wearing uniforms were stupid. The misunderstanding was a bit big. He quickly let me release handcuffs and sincerely apologized to me.One of them took the initiative to take out 200 yuan and let me go to the clinic to take a look.If you are injured, they are willing to take responsibility, and I have nothing to do with them.After all, the culprit of this incident was that girl.After the apology, I returned to the living room from the bedroom and found that there were no one in the living room.

The two girls returned to the master bedroom, and I heard what they were discussing.I walked into the bathroom and replaced my dirty clothes and found that the T -shirt sleeves were opened.Although it was a stalls bought at the school gate of 38 yuan, I still couldn’t bear to lose it.Because this T -shirt is one of the only three T -shirts I have, it is less if you lose one.The money on his body was still kept eating, and he was reluctant to buy clothes at all.Finally, I washed the clothes with water and hung it on the hanger to clearly see the crack above.I returned to my bedroom and lay in bed for a few minutes, and I heard the sound of opening the door to the bedroom.Then I heard the two of them discuss whether I fell asleep, about a few seconds.I heard the girl who was called Xinyue to go away, don’t wake me or something.Then he heard the sound of closing.I can sleep steadily by myself. After playing with my mobile phone for a while, I opened several WeChat groups to forward my conversation with Ran Jing in the hospital.In the video, I am a bastard. I made Ran Jing’s stomach bigger, but I was reluctant to spend money to review her bastard.The following comments made me unable to refute. I didn’t know how to fall asleep later. I haven’t woken up yet.I heard someone knocked on my door, and I put on a pair of beach shorts and opened my door.The girl who recorded the video stood at the door of my room, holding her hands in front of her chest, and said to me a straightforward look.You want to move out of this today.I don’t want to live under the same roof with a scumbag, and you move out to find another house.I don’t want to live under the same roof with you with your goddess. If you can’t get used to me, you will go away.After speaking, I walked towards the bathroom.The girl behind grasped my arm and asked.Why are you so rogue?What do you do in this house, maybe suddenly too hard, she fell directly to the sofa.

I pointed at her roar: Who is the rogue, and why do you drive me when you rent it in?Even if you roll, you have to come first and then come. Don’t knock on my door.I walked into the bathroom and closed the door.When I came out of the bathroom, she sat on the sofa of the living room on the sofa of the living room.This look made me very unhappy, and I said with a good look at her.I haven’t seen such a good handsome guy, and look at dug your eyes. Anyway, I am a scumbag, and you don’t mind becoming worse in her mind.Unexpectedly, she laughed on the sofa.Staring at me and asking, I have a good figure. I do n’t want to ignore her at all, so she has n’t finished her words. For me, the morning time must be sleeping.I heard that girl threatened, and if I do n’t make you out of this room, I do n’t call Su Yubing.It turns out that her name is Su Yubing, is it an online anchor?I was lying on the bed and over and over, I couldn’t sleep. WeChat could already be described as "explosion", and all kinds of information came.Several people in the group were in Aite, and asked me if the person in the video slapped the first piece of information.Your kid is playing big now.Just kidding and joking, there is something to help, but the phone will be turned on for you for 24 hours.Xi Yan, who hadn’t been in contact for a long time, also sent me a text message and asked: What is the matter of Qiu Han?I don’t believe you are so people.I responded to Xi Yan and asked: What do you think of me?Soon Xiyan returned the message to me again.I know the video content is very one -sided. Even if you really make her belly big, it will not be the kind of people who do things irresponsible.Are you okay now?The evaluation on the Internet is very unfavorable to you, don’t go to your heart.

I answered that a group of cyber mobs who did not have to be responsible.Xi Yan hurriedly told me again: "I have always regarded you as a very close friend. If I can help you, I hope you don’t treat me as an outsider. After reading Xi Yan’s WeChat, I have a little grievance.I do n’t know. Open the computer: Seeing the author’s group is quarreling, and the editor of the website is explained weakly. Under the force of many authors, the editor simply dissolves the group. "I entered the website and wanted to log in to the website homepage of the websitehave a look.It was found that the website had been blocked, and I knew the situation with the familiar author.It turned out that it was the day when the draft fee was issued yesterday. As a result, everyone did not receive it. There were some news about the owner of the website who had escaped with the model. As a result, the website was blocked today, and the QQ group was dissolved. In the end, I got a fact without arguing.At this time, I only had more than two hundred dollars, and I owed more than a thousand Amy.How to live in the next day?I decided to go to the Internet to submit some resumes online, or I can get the opportunity to get an interview.No matter what, let’s solve your own food and clothing first.After all, I have to graduate in college in three months. It is not impossible to come out to find a job in advance. It was not possible to put the resume on the ten companies that day.I received three companies in the afternoon, asking me to interview in the past. If it wasn’t for that video, maybe I could also have a job facing nine to five.Because you have to go to three companies to interview the next day.I was lying on the bed at 10 o’clock in the evening. The video about me has been played in the WeChat group. According to my experience, it will take at least a week to calm down.I just ask no one to come to me, just find this hut.The alarm clock the next day woke me on time.When I went to the washroom, I was right with Su Yubing.She walked in the first step, and then closed the door heavily. I sat in the living room and waited for more than ten minutes before she came out of it.When I came out, I glanced at me fiercely.At 9:30, I came to the first company for interview on time.The job applied is a commissioner of the Creative Department of the Advertising Company. There are still several young people who interview them together. It seems that the fresh graduates who are about the same age as me are sitting next to me to refresh Weibo and click on me.That video.She sneaked at me while watching the video.After looking at it a few times, she seemed to be sure that the man in the video was me, and she despised and moved her body beside him.This small movement was seen by several other people.Immediately after I heard they talked about my voice.At this time, the manager of the personnel department called my name.I got up and walked into the office, and the personnel manager was a woman in her forties.She looked down at my information and asked.Inner Mongolia Hulunbuir.She said casually: The grassland is very beautiful in summer. The feeling of the wind and grass is real. It may be that I quoted such a sentence. She raised her head and stroked the glasses on the bridge of the nose.Some importance to ask.Your professional is news editing and production. Is marketing and advertising a elective course?I have a word with the personnel department manager. It can be seen that she is still very satisfied with me, and we have all entered the stage of salary.A girl pushed open the door and said in an apologies.This has a person with personnel mobilization. You need to sign to confirm.When I heard my words trembling, wouldn’t it be Su Yubing, who lived with me under the same roof.When she walked towards the personnel department manager, she turned to me.Open the information in front of the manager of the personnel department, when the personnel manager is looking at the document.Su Yubing raised his head while leisure time, and I had a feeling of trying to die.Then I saw Su Yubing said to the manager of the personnel department.Manager Liu couldn’t have a problem with character. When he said, she turned on her mobile phone and showed the video inside to my interviewer.Seeing that a job was so gone, when I left the interview office, the person waiting outside the interview pointed at me.I pretended to leave this company if nothing happened, and went to the second and third companies for interviews.The ending is almost the same.This time, I finally believe that the power of the Internet is strong, and my self -confidence no longer exists.I did n’t even have the courage to go home to the online resume.In this way, I kept myself in the room and lived a black and white upside -down life. I hoped that I could sign a contract online and exchange for a few hundred dollars of manuscript fees. At least let me have a fall in instant noodles next month.When Su Yubing came back to see the disappointment, I was burning water in the living room.She deliberately raised her proud face and put on a very proud expression.I don’t know what she is happy.I returned to my room with the box of instant noodles.This narrow room seems to be a harbor with my dreams, holding the folk guitar that accompanies me for more than five years, gently fiddled with the strings, and hummed myself Xu Wei’s "Once".

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