I heard that space cream has achieved "ice cream freedom"?

From early summer to midsummer

The "God 14" multiplied group has been in heaven for a month and a half

Various types of ice cream

It is the "standard" that cannot be separated from summer

Then we have a aerospace officer who has worked hard to "travel on a business trip" in space

Can I eat ice cream?

The astronauts Chen Dong and Liu Yang have already revealed the secrets ~

"Space Ice Cream" tastes "giant crispy"

The taste is delicious!

Generally speaking

The ice cream in our impression

Long like this

But "space ice cream"

It’s very different

Its scientific name is "Frozen and Dry Ice Cream"

The biggest difference from ordinary ice cream

It doesn’t need to be frozen

Opening the bag is ice and cool

As the name suggests

"Frozen and dry ice cream" is actually a kind of freezing and dried products

It is in a low temperature and low -pressure environment

Let the small ice crystals in the food subliminate

The dehydrated version of ice cream made

Its packaging box

Similar to the packaging of compressed biscuits

The ice cream inside is not liquid

It is a block or granular solid

It looks like soap or dumplings

The reason why "frozen and dry ice cream" is made like this

It is to adapt to the special environment of space

Well known

Due to weight loss

The liquid and residue of ordinary food

Will be scattered around in space

So the production of aerospace food

Must overcome such problems

So far

Aerospace Food has been updated many times and replaced

The first generation was squeezed like toothpaste

Its biggest feature is easy to carry and eat

The second generation is a swallowing product

Can prevent debris from being inhaled into the lungs

The third generation is dehydrated and reformed food

It’s very close to ordinary food in life

Can satisfy the different tastes of astronauts

The fourth generation is space kitchen food

Because the current space station can use refrigerators and heating devices

That’s why I have frozen and refrigerated

And hot and stable aerospace food


The development direction of aerospace food

Has been "filled with stomach"

Gradually transition to "satisfying taste buds"

"Frozen and dry ice cream"

It has also become the "artifact" of the "Tiangong" to dispel summer and relieve the heat

"Frozen and dry ice cream"

What exactly is it?

Chief Taiwan host Sabenin

I have tasted on the show

After taking a bite

I didn’t stop again

Eat the whole bag of "frozen and dry ice cream" in one breath

It can be seen that the taste should still be very good ~

Astronauts who have "traveling for a long time" for a long time

I am used to staple food daily

Taste the coldness of ice

"Frozen -dried Ice Cream" with "Crispy Crispy"

It’s also good to change the taste

Regardless of the sky

Who can refuse

What about the sweet ice cream ~

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Source: International Online

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