I heard that pregnant women are sleepy because the baby is a girl?How to alleviate drowsiness?

During pregnancy, pregnant women are basically sleepy.Perhaps the last moment was still talking to the people around him, and the next moment was already "dating" with Zhou Gong.Others sleep once a day, and pregnant women can sleep many times a day.

I heard that the drowsiness of pregnancy is the rhythm of giving birth to a girl. Isn’t it really like this?

In the early stages of pregnancy, pregnant women’s drowsiness and trapped situations are normal.Before women are pregnant, a hormonal is secreted in the body. This hormonal will make the behavior of pregnant women slow, causing women to be trapped in the early stages of pregnancy.The chance of having a girl is 50%, and 50%may be a boy.Do you think it ’s wrong? Hey ~~ So, the drowsiness of pregnant women belongs to the natural response of the body after pregnancy, and it has nothing to do with the boy and girl.

During the pregnancy of women, metabolism accelerated, the consumption of calories in the body was fast, and insufficient blood sugar was also an important reason for pregnant women.After pregnancy, the calories and nutrition in women need to supply two people and babies to consume, so the consumption is relatively large.After pregnancy, some pregnant women may have diet.Due to pregnancy, pregnant women will have anorexia in a short period of time, and they are specifically manifested as pickle and eating less.In this case, the calorie consumption of pregnant women has increased, but the heat supplement is insufficient, and the drowsiness will also occur.

How to alleviate drowsiness

Pregnant women should adhere to the principle of less meals and more, and replenish the heat and nutrition required for the body daily.For foods that are relatively high in nutritional value, but do not like food, you can consider other alternatives.Do not cause your nutritional lack due to your anorexia.Nutrition and calories are essential for pregnant women every day.

Strengthening exercise is also an effective way to reduce the symptoms of drowsiness.Pregnant women have a lot to do with the less exercise exercise in pregnant women. The comfortable environment can easily make people think of sleeping.Moderate exercise in pregnant women has great benefits to both babies and herself, and can effectively reduce the symptoms of drowsiness.For example, after eating at night, the family went out to walk around, and chatting is a good choice.

Keep your mood comfortable, you will find that you are not so drowsy.People, once they are in a good mood, have different mental states.At this time, there is no thing you want to sleep. More about what you want to do to do something.Many pregnant women went shopping to buy a bag for three or four months of pregnancy.

Dissatious is a normal phenomenon after pregnancy. Basically, more than 90%of pregnant women will have this situation.If the appropriate method is adopted, the degree of drowsiness is definitely not as serious as before.Let the expectant mothers who want to sleep, let the expectant mothers who want to go out can go out and go around.

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