I have not been pregnant for 2 years and have been forced to break up. One month later, the woman found her pregnancy, but her ex -boyfriend was indifferent.

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Ms. Chen and her boyfriend in Chongqing have been living for more than two years. Before that, Ms. Chen borrowed 130,000 to open a restaurant for her boyfriend’s sister. After breaking up, she found that she was pregnant and called her ex -boyfriend.Indifferent, this makes Ms. Chen chill!

The two were not pregnant for more than two years, and the boyfriend’s father forced them to break up with death. Finally, the boyfriend compromised, so he divided him.They also went to the police station to negotiate Ms. Chen’s return to 130,000 yuan before lending to her boyfriend’s family. In the end, her boyfriend returned 40,000 yuan.Ms. Chen was soft -hearted and felt that they had been together in the past two years. It was okay to get 40,000, and then they signed the agreement.

However, after a month, Ms. Chen found that she was pregnant. She immediately called her ex -boyfriend. The ex -boyfriend’s attitude was very indifferent. She also said that the child must not be.Ms. Chen was very sad after listening, and decided to recover the remaining 90,000 yuan.

The reporter proposed to interview the man and the male sister, but Ms. Chen refused to provide contact information.Ms. Chen said that she did not want the reporter to intervene, but only hoped that the reporter would help consult a lawyer.Because the man’s family could not be interviewed, the reporter could not know whether there were other hidden feelings behind the debt dispute.

According to Ms. Chen unilaterally statement, the reporter consulted Lawyer Tian Xiaojiang. Lawyer Tian said that Ms. Chen advocated whether the other party returned the remaining 90,000 yuan and whether it could be legal supported.How is the agreement written.

Ms. Chen said that because at the time, she teared her agreement. The general content of the agreement was that the sister of the ex -boyfriend borrowed 130,000, and the ex -boyfriend returned her 40,000 to relieve the cohabitation relationship.How to deal with money.If the facts are really as Ms. Chen said, the agreement did not make an agreement on the remaining 90,000 yuan, so does Ms. Chen have the right to request the other party to return?

Lawyer Tian Xiaojiang said that if Ms. Chen did not dispose of the remaining 90,000 yuan in the agreement, she still had the right to request the debtor to repay the remaining 90,000 yuan.

In addition, the lawyer also reminded that if Ms. Chen decided to give birth to the fetus in her belly, then the child should have the same rights as the children of marriage, and both men and women should fulfill their obligations.

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