I found a Laos girlfriend in two months, and I am pregnant now. I am the most reliable true love.

A 35 -year -old guy in Puyang, Henan, found his true love in Laos two months, and is also the most reliable transnational love.At present, my girlfriend is pregnant and will return to China in a few months.

Axin is a retired guy in Puyang, Henan. He has been married for more than a year. He has divorced for various reasons. He has also had a lot of relatives in the 6 years after the divorce. Among them, there is a second marriage with a 8 -year -old child.It takes 200,000 colorful gifts. The Axin family is not wealthy. It is an astronomical figure for 200,000 Caiti, and finally worshiped.

Axin’s little is a uncle. He has been working in the Sichuan mine in Laos for five years. He said that there are many girls in Laos. It is recommended to find a daughter -in -law in two years, which is much higher than finding a success rate in China.

Drive the car to Laos

Axin drove to Laos. After arranging the young uncle, I went to live. On the third day, I went to buy food with my uncle. I saw a beautiful woman who helped her mother to sell vegetables. The talent was very beautiful.When walking, she asked the girl’s contact information cheekily. The girl mother said that the guy was good.

Cai market plus beauty contact information

I used to chat with the translation software. On the third day, Axin went to the vegetable market at 5 o’clock in the afternoon. After the girl and her mother closed the stall, they asked the mother and daughter to eat.With family situation, Axia is only 19 years old this year. His mother said that Axin was handsome, and the girl liked it very much. At the same time, the two confirmed their love relationship.

Axia is playing with mobile phones

On the sixth day, Axin took a gift to his girlfriend Axia’s house. The family was not bad. In Sichuan Mine, it was considered a middle family.Mom also killed the chicken, especially enthusiastic.When leaving, Axin gave her mother 1.5 million Laos, which was equivalent to about 600 yuan. She bought snacks for the two younger brothers in the small sales department. Axia sent A Xin to the residence and did not return.

Axia is swinging

The two were very harmonious together and went to the nearby tourist attractions to play. Sometimes they bought vegetables and meat and beer to play with Axia. They also washed with Axia to cook with Axia.Axin is embarrassed to try to express himself as much as possible. Chinese men will do everything, and they will hurt their wives and help to do housework.

They have been together for almost two months. One day, Axia had a sudden stomach pain, and she was uncomfortable to vomit. Axin took Axia to the hospital for examination. As a result, she was pregnant. Axin asked his mother and brother to eat together that night.I also told her mother Axia pregnant, and my mother was also very happy. The next step is to talk about the gift and apply for a marriage certificate. It takes time to apply for a marriage certificate. It takes two or three months and it takes a year.

Axin can be said to be lucky to find a daughter -in -law in Laos. He did not be deceived, and did not spend much money. Once successful, it is estimated that Cai Li is between 10,000 and 20,000, and the marriage certificate will return to China.

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