I feel that my stomach is hard during pregnancy, maybe these 4 reasons

During pregnancy, many pregnant mothers will feel stomach, in general, there are the following reasons.

1. Herbal contraction

The contraction is the most common cause of the stiffness of pregnant mothers in the middle and late pregnancy. Especially after the fatigue, the particularly thin pregnant mother or the pregnant mother strokes her belly, it is more likely to have a hard stomach.If it is just a simple stomach and no stomach pain, this is generally painless fake contraction.Different from the real contraction of the property, this fake contraction does not last for a long time, there is no obvious law, and it will not become more and more serious. After the rest, it will often improve, and the cervical canal generally does not shorten.However, there are also a few pregnant mothers who have just begun to have a hard stomach, and they have not improved after the rest. The contraction is becoming more and more frequent. There may even be pain or bleeding.Essence

2. Fetal movement

As the baby grows up, the amplitude of fetal movement may become larger and larger, and when fetal movement, many pregnant mothers may also feel that the stomach is harder, especially the particularly thin pregnant mothers or particularly active babies.This belly is usually temporary, and the fetus will not be hardened after the fetal movement.

3. Bloating

After pregnancy, the level of progesterone rises. In this case, it is easy to cause the intestinal activity to slow down, and the intestinal flatulence. Many mothers will feel that they are just pregnant, and their stomachs are swollen and stiff.There are also pregnant mothers who feel that there are gas in the stomach, especially after meals or after eating sweets, but it will generally improve after exhaust and defecation.

4. Early stripping placenta

The placenta peels early, that is, before the baby comes out, the placenta is partial or all from the uterine wall.In this way, it is easy to occur in pregnant mothers with hypertension -related diseases during pregnancy, or pregnant mothers who accidentally encounter abdomen.When the placenta peels early, the pregnant mother’s stomach may always be hardened, and even abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding tires abnormal, even shock, fetal death and other conditions need to be seen in time.

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