I don’t know that I am pregnant for eight months of pregnancy.

Pingping is my colleague, 34 years old.Although Ping Ping is not small in age, she and her husband are firm Dintaists and do not want to have children.

At the end of last year, Ping Ping’s stomach suddenly became bigger.We all laughed at her, and we must be unable to bear the loneliness of Dink, and secretly became pregnant.Unexpectedly, Ping Ping had a bite that he had never been pregnant. He also said that his "big aunt" was normal, and he came every month on time.

In April this year, the unit’s union organization organized employees to climb the mountain.Ping Ping, who has always been strong, rushed ahead without hesitation.Everyone was worried about her when she saw her belly.Many people persuaded her to rest under the mountain and wait for the troops to meet her before meeting her.

Pingping did not listen to people at all, and followed everyone up the mountain.The mountain road was a bit rugged. Ping Ping was under his belly and walked halfway away.She stopped in the mountains and pant, and I was not very comfortable that day, so she stayed with Ping Ping to rest.

We sat on the gazebo in the middle of the mountain to rest before sitting down for a while, and Ping Ping covered his belly and shouted his stomach pain.I also panicked and quickly called the union chairman.The chairman of the union returned quickly and sent Pingping to the hospital with me.

After arriving at the hospital, Ping Ping’s husband quickly arrived.The doctor immediately arranged Ping Ping to do ultrasonic, and the ultrasonic results showed that Ping Ping had been pregnant for eight months.As a result, it was very unexpected to Ping Ping and her husband, especially Ping Ping. She was very excited and said that the doctor must make a mistake because she came for a holiday every month.The doctor was very alert to Ping Ping’s words, and immediately arranged for her vaginal examination.

The doctor responsible for the examination was very experienced. She found that Ping Ping’s cervix had a large amount of purulent secretions, and the cotton swab gently touched contact with contact bleeding, as well as the uneven egg size nodules, and the texture was crispy.The doctor frowned and went out to tell Ping Ping’s husband that she suspected that pregnant women had cervical cancer.

The two husbands and wives of Ping Ping were startled. After the doctor and other Ping Ping’s emotions were calm, she suggested: "If it is a smooth delivery, it can easily cause major bleeding. It is recommended to terminate pregnancy and perform cervical cancer resection at the same time."

After discussing, the couple of Pingping agreed with the doctor’s advice.The hospital also organized doctors in various relevant departments to perform surgery for Ping Ping.

The operation was successful, and Ping Ping gave birth to a baby girl weighed at four o’clock.After the operation, the doctor also took the uterine tissue for a biopsy for her. After it was determined that it was a malignant tumor, surgical resection was performed immediately.

Although it sounds incredible, it is real.Women must pay attention to uterine health to avoid irreparable life losses.

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