I can’t help but want to stir Erylang’s legs after pregnancy, but after knowing the harm, I still let go of it silently.

Presumably, many expectant mothers have the habit of giving Erlang’s legs. Even if they are pregnant, they have a big belly after pregnancy.Although Xiaohua’s mother had felt a bit difficult for her legs around 5 months of pregnancy, she couldn’t help but want to put her legs together for a long time on the stool.But to tell the truth, the harm of the legs of the Erlang is still quite large, which is likely to affect the healthy development of the fetus.Next, let’s talk about the things about the legs during pregnancy.

In fact, whether it is a pregnant woman or an ordinary person, the legs of the Erlang’s legs are harmful to the physiological structure of the human body.The legs of Lijiro will hinder the blood circulation of the legs, which may cause the leg venous veins. In addition, the knee force on both sides on the legs is different.It will directly affect personal health.

As a result of long -term legs, the pelvic, lumbar and spine bias will not only cause low back pain, lower back pain, intervertebral disc herniation, but also may even become short -legged, resulting in larger and deformation of the cheekbones.

During pregnancy, the harm of Erlang’s legs is doubled.Because the fetus in the pregnant woman’s belly will aggravate the pressure of the lumbar spine, if there is a habit of gloating Erlang’s legs, the lumbar spine will withstand double pressure and become more serious, which will cause a series of health problems.

In addition, the fetus is in the lower abdomen during pregnancy, and the fetus will be oppressed when the legs are in the leg, which will affect the healthy development of the fetus.

Therefore, pregnant mothers must pay attention to, do not stir Erylang’s legs anymore, you must pay attention to correct your sitting posture.

To tell the truth, Xiaohua’s mother is not too paying attention to the sitting position. I only know that there are many sitting positions uncomfortable after pregnancy, and they will be adjusted to a comfortable state.Now that I want to science popularization for everyone, Xiaohua’s mother still searched for information and sorted it online.

1. It is best to sit on a back with a chair, so that you can lean on the back of the chair when you sit down.Otherwise, if you sit a little longer, you will feel back pain.

2. When you sit down, your legs are naturally placed on the ground, which can be vertically and flattened.Do n’t sit with the chair to sit on the face. When you sit down, you can lean on the back of the chair tightly and relax the muscles on the back, thereby reducing and dispersing the sense of oppression on the waist.

3. When the abdomen of pregnant women is getting bigger and larger, sitting on the floor, be sure to put a cushion under the hips to maintain a good sense of balance and comfortable.If you sit on the side, make the waist bone parallel and pad a cushion on the tilt.

4. Don’t sit for too long. It is best to get up and walk for a while in one or two hours. Move your muscles and let the nerves, blood vessels, muscles, etc. circulating in the hips.

5. If a pregnant woman wants to sit on the floor, it is best to find a blanket or cushion. She can sit down like a picker in the yoga action and adjust it to the most comfortable state.

Pregnant women have been sitting for a long time or lying for a long time, and they will feel tired, but how to stand up correctly is also particular, especially for pregnant women who are more than 4 months old.

Pregnant women who are pregnant for 1-3 months are still very easy to get up.However, in order to develop the right habit, it is recommended that pregnant mothers deliberately remind them of their standing posture in 1-3 months, so as to avoid excessive tension of abdominal muscles in the month.

If the pregnant woman gets up, it is best to support it with one hand on the chair when they get up.This helps to reduce muscle tension and slowly clear the blood under the hips.

If you lie down, then the pregnant woman should be sideways before getting up, and then slowly hold up with the elbow joint of the arms until they sit up.If you lie down for a long time, it is recommended to sit in 2-3 minutes after getting up, so that the blood circulation of the whole body will return to the normal state, and then stand.

In addition, expectant mothers must pay attention to doing appropriate exercise. After all, they have been sitting for a long time, lying for a long time, or standing for a long time.It is recommended to take a walk every day, once in the morning and evening, each time half an hour to an hour, this will help the delivery.If you have conditional pregnant mothers, you can also do some movements similar to yoga and enhance muscle strength under the guidance of professionals, which also helps to give birth.

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