I can’t help but want to eat during pregnancy. Is the baby hungry or hungry?Can refer to these signals

The most sentence you hear after pregnancy is "You are not alone now, what you eat requires two people to divide", so many pregnant mothers eat after pregnancy. Sometimes I don’t really feel like I really feel that I really feel that I really feel thatI’m hungry, but worried that the children in the belly will be hungry.

During the pregnancy, Baoma will have two results. One is not enough to eat. After eating, she is still hungry.Is the child who is hungry during pregnancy?How to judge this boundary?

Guoguo has been pregnant for more than 4 months. Before pregnancy, he paid more attention to what Guoguo eats. Not only does it eat less, many sweet, fried, and calories will not eat.Even sometimes I feel romant, but to hold back for my body.

After pregnancy, not eating things will affect the growth of the child, so Guoguo let go of the appetite every day.Not only do you eat four meals a day, but also a variety of fruits, snacks, snacks, etc.Although I have been eaten like this, Guoguo still does not feel full, and even worry about whether there is something wrong with his body.

It is also pregnant, and I don’t eat much during the whole pregnancy.Guoguo kept eating and hungry.Is the baby in the stomach feel hungry, or is Guoguo who feels hungry?Eating more or eating less during pregnancy is confusing.

Pregnant mothers soon feel hungry

Many pregnant mothers have the same situation as Guoguo. Even the meals just finished, they will feel hungry. They are either eating or preparing for dinner every day.Even after pregnancy, eating habits and tastes will change. It turned out that those who liked to eat became very annoying.

These changes are all due to the impact of changes in hormone levels after pregnancy, and it is also a normal response.In addition to cold, cold, and spicy food during pregnancy, pregnant mothers can eat normally. If they often feel hungry, it is also a manifestation of children who feel hungry.So I feel hungry and eat normally, do not endure because of worrying about my body.Eat less meals, balanced nutrition, just exercise appropriately.

Fortunately, dizziness

Even if there is no pregnancy, the symptoms of no strength and dizziness appear are related to whether they are eating or eating nutrition, and they are even more so pregnant.After pregnancy, the nutrition supplemented by the pregnant mother must not only be for their bodies, but also provide nutrition for the child’s development. Therefore, if the pregnant mother has such symptoms, the child is hungry.

Weak fetal movement or irregularity

From 16-19 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant mothers can feel fetal movement. In the middle and late pregnancy, the fetus condition is also judged by fetal movement.If you find that the child’s fetal movement is weakened from strong to weakening or this time is moving every day, but today it may not move, then it may be a manifestation of the fetus who feels hungry.

Generally, after mothers have dinner, the fetus with sugar will become lively.

Many pregnant mothers do not dare to eat after pregnancy, and they dare not eat after pregnancy. Such ideas are wrong.It is normal for weight to grow after pregnancy. Under the premise of ensuring the normal development of the fetus, it is possible to properly control the weight of the pregnant mother.However, it is also necessary to ensure normal nutritional intake. If you really need to control your weight, you can take less meals and daily exercise.

In addition, the regular living and rest habits are also a good way to control the rapid growth of weight. Long -term staying up late is not only not conducive to children’s health, but also the culprit that leads to weight gain.

You can call weight once a few days during pregnancy to understand the weight growth rate of weekly. If you grow too much, you must control it appropriately.Adjusting the type of food and appropriate exercise, dietary mothers must not be done.For children and their health, they should eat well during pregnancy.

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