I ca n’t eat the confinement meal. The more the mother eats, the fatter, the longer the baby is!These diet taboos are not committed

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Women have three opportunities in their lives that can change their constitution. The first time is the initial tide of menstruation, the second is the confinement period, and the third is menopause!

The second confinement period is the most important, because when confinement, the mother’s body is like an open door, and the excess moisture toxins accumulated during pregnancy are expelled from the body.

At this time, the body’s absorption of nutrition is the highest, and sufficient nutrition can better regulate the mother’s physique.

A colleague of Jing Jing said that before she had a child, she became ill for three days and two days, and she was sick once a month.

When she was pregnant, she magically found that her physique became better, and she was not sick throughout the pregnancy. After giving birth, she felt that her physique had become much better.

Before giving birth to a child, I always felt that my hands and feet were cold. I was always sick. After giving birth, my hands and feet became warmer, and it was not easy to get sick.

It was because during the confinement, her husband helped her make a confinement meal every day according to the method of Du Xingyue, and for 42 days, her constitution had changed dramatically!

And another colleague of Jing Jing, after she gave birth to her child, her child was sent to the freshmen because of jaundice and was sent to the freshmen.

As a result, she gave the child breast milk after being discharged with the child. She became fatter herself, but the child’s growth and development were slower than other children. In fact, it was because the confinement meal was wrong!

When the mother is in confinement after birth, the diet will affect the mother’s own body recovery and the quality of milk.

If the mother sends the four misunderstandings after the postpartum confinement, it is not conducive to the recovery of her mother’s body and the growth of her baby.

Misunderstanding 1: Always drink brown sugar water

Drink brown sugar water a few days before and after. After giving birth, drinking brown sugar water can warm the heart to promote blood circulation and removing blood stasis.

However, we recommend that drinking brown sugar water for more than 10 days after giving birth, because if you drink brown sugar water for too long, there is still a lot of sugar in brown sugar water, which will also cause mother to obese after giving birth.

And it is not conducive to the nutritional balance in our organization when drinking too much sugar.

Misunderstanding 2: After giving birth, drinking old hen soup often

I remember when I was born with a child, I saw a mother -in -law in the bed in the bed in the bed holding a thermos pot. The inside of the thermos was Huang Chengcheng’s chicken soup!

My mother -in -law said that we have raised this hen for more than a year. In fact, the chicken of the old hens only accounts for 40%of the weight. Most of them are fat and elastic connective tissues. The protein content in it is relatively small.

The oldest hen soup is the most fat. If the mother often drinks the old hen soup after giving birth, it is actually a large amount of fat.

A large amount of fat can cause our postpartum obesity, and the mother’s milk fat is too much, and the child may have diarrhea when drinking, which affects the child’s growth and development.

Misunderstanding 3: I will put alcohol when cooking

There is a habit of drinking after duplication in the Guangdong and Guangxi regions to drink, especially when cooking, and drinking wine when cooking soup. I feel that wine can promote metabolism and make the mother’s exposure easier to discharge after giving birth.

In fact, we do not recommend that postpartum consumer consume any food containing alcohol, because alcohol -based foods are likely to enter milk and enter the fetus’s body, which will affect the fetal brain development.

If we take the alcohol content of confinement after giving birth, the alcohol noodles are relatively high, and if we drink more, we will find that the child will be irritable or drowsy. This is actually poisonous in the children’s alcohol.

Misunderstanding 4: Eat meat every day without vegetables and fruits

In some places, you can only eat meat after the birth of the birth, you ca n’t eat vegetables, and eat fruits. It is said that vegetables and fruits are too cold, which is not conducive to postpartum recovery. It is said that when eating vegetables, children are green.

In fact, if you do n’t eat vegetables after dating, it is easy to constipation if you do n’t eat vegetables. Once constipation, it will make it difficult for weight to fall.

In addition, if the mother always eats meat, the vitamin in the body is insufficient, and the serious ones even cause the mother’s milk in the lack of milk, causing the baby’s brain bleeding.

Previously, the Children’s Hospital of Qingyuan City had been diagnosed with two babies who had just been born for dozens of days, and finally found that it was because the mother never ate green vegetables during confinement.

Therefore, the mother is having a lot of harm to eat in confinement, and the right to eat can make the mother better recover after giving birth, and the complexion will become better.good.

Generally, the baby is born until the full moon. It takes two pounds for a month and a height of 5 cm. This is premise that the mother is eaten right.

If eating is slow to grow slowly, it is likely to affect the baby’s physique, the baby’s brain development, and the height of the baby in the future, so confinement meals are very important.

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